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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2017

An Interview with Doug Skinner: A good friend of the late John A. Keel

by: Brent Raynes

Doug Skinner right and John Keel left

Doug Skinner had the good fortune to call the late John A. Keel a friend. He has contributed to "Fortean Times," "Fate," "Nickelodeon," "Weirdo," "Cabinet," and other fine magazines; Black Scat Books has published books of his cartoons, music, and short stories, as well as several translations of the French photo-Dadaist Alphonse Allais. He has written many scores for the theater, most conspicuously for Bill Irwin's show "The Regard of Flight." You can find his work archived at dougskinner.net; he maintains a site about John Keel, updated weekly (usually) with material from Keel's files, at johnkeel.com.

Brent Raynes: Shortly after John's passing in 2009, in your very nice tribute to him in the Fortean Times, you described how the two of you had met back in 1990 and how soon afterwards you became a regular attendee at his New York Fortean Society gatherings. I enjoyed reading of how you began helping him to set up some fun and entertaining events at such assemblies, like at the FortFest in Virginia where, as an accomplished ventriloquist, you did this act where you had a dummy, a dummy that had psychic powers of course, and somehow it knew, wonder of all wonders, what chair in the audience had a dollar bill taped beneath it. It sounded like the two of you had a good deal of fun.

Doug Skinner: We did have fun! He invited me to some of the FortFests held by the International Fortean Organization down in the D.C. area. I contributed some comedy bits to the program, and then started giving talks as well. John was always a magic buff, and enjoyed working a card trick into one of the skits we came up with. Those old FortFests were a blast. Where else could you party with forteans, skeptics, Christians, pagans, cryptozoologists, and occultists? I also had a good time drawing a cartoon for the cover of his booklet "The Flying Saucer Subculture," an official publication of the New York Fortean Society. John insisted there had to be a straitjacket and a propellor beanie.

Brent Raynes: Within a short time the two of you became good friends. Could you share with us some about the friendship that evolved between the two of you, what he was like and what his friendship meant to you?

Doug Skinner: I got along well with John, for some reason. I say "for some reason," because he could be rude and difficult. We often had long phone calls, and met for lunch. Meeting for lunch always required a long phone call as well. It might have helped that I was open-minded about ufology, but not active in the field myself (and therefore not engaged in the usual polemics), and that I worked in show business, where John spent much of his life. He taught me a lot about Forteana, and I kept him up to date on the miseries of auditioning.

Brent Raynes: I came across a couple articles that you had written for Fate magazine and I watched a YouTube lecture you gave at FortFest once where you were filling in for John while he was back in New York recuperating from a bad cold or something. What sort of impact I wonder did John's Fortean related interests perhaps have on your life? 

Doug Skinner: I had read Fort before I met John, and even accompanied a dance performance in San Francisco, back in the '80s (for a dance by Virginia Matthews), by reading some excerpts from Fort. John did introduce me to other Forteans and Fortean groups. I ended up writing for "Fate," "The Fortean Times," and "The Anomalist," on the Count of Saint-Germain, Richard Shaver (especially his paintings), Charles Fort himself, and other topics. I was happiest with an article I did on Tiffany Thayer for "Fortean Times," since nobody had really researched him, and he was an interesting character. I also drew some Fortean comics for "Zuzu" and "Nickelodeon," which puzzled my colleagues who were not Forteans.

Brent Raynes: I wonder if you've ever had a puzzling experience in your own life that you couldn't explain and that you always wondered about?    

Doug Skinner: Just the usual bewilderment at life on earth and human consciousness.

Brent Raynes: A number of people who had met John I understand complained that he was difficult, depressed, and negative to be around at times. While I never met him in person, we exchanged letters and spoke on the phone several times, and as with his many magazine articles and books, he consistently had what to me was a great wit and sense of humor. Of course, toward the end his health was getting very bad as he was battling diabetes and suffering anemia and heart trouble. You wrote that John insulted people, including you, and would be a bit of a trickster, that if you were going somewhere together and you were the navigator with the roadmap, you'd say something like turn left and he'd turn right. I'd say that there we're talking about the days and years before John became really ill, which certainly affected his social abilities quite severely then. 

Can you give us some perspective on the differences?

Doug Skinner: John was sometimes funny and charming and sometimes rude and negative. He suffered from money and health problems, and was often depressed and in pain. He was terrified that his diabetes might lead to kidney failure or amputation, as it often does. The Mothman movie brought him some money (it didn't pay him much, but the book was republished in several countries), which relieved some of the financial worries. In his later years, he was starting to suffer from cognitive difficulties, like problems with word retrieval and memory loss. That was hard for him to deal with too. As he used to say, "Old age is not for sissies."

Brent Raynes: In the end, though others had been helping to care for an aging and very ill John Keel, you ended up alone with him, hovering at his bedside in the hospital as he was about to take his last breath. As he laid there before you in an unconscious state, you spoke to him of how he'd be missed and promised that we'd keep reading his "crazy books." 

Doug Skinner: At the end, Larry Sloman and I were his medical proxies. We saw him a couple of days before he died, and he was in bad shape. I got a call from the hospital telling me that he had died and been resuscitated, and that Larry and I needed to decide if he should be kept alive with a respirator. So, he had already taken his last breath the last time I saw him. We gave the final directive. Larry was out of town, so I was left to say the last goodbye, although I'm sure John didn't know. I had to do it anyway.

Brent Raynes: John Keel had become a Fortean and ufological legend. Whether you agreed with him or disagreed, he had made his mark in those fields. A big, very big mark. He is known by researchers and readers all over the world. Hopefully, my little book about him, which is currently being considered for publication, will help to further preserve his memory and encourage future generations to continue to read his "crazy books" because he was a very unique individual with many thought-provoking and original, pioneering insights, ideas and information that just may contain some overlooked and neglected clues that just might one day help us to eventually solve some of this world's greatest mysteries. 

Maybe his books weren't all that "crazy." 

Doug Skinner: Crazy is good! I meant it, of course, in the sense of "wild," not "insane." John's books were surprising and iconoclastic, crazy in the best sense of the word.

Brent Raynes: Thank you Doug for being there for John, and for the website you maintain with monthly postings of letters that he had written and received, along with reports, photos, clippings, and articles, all posted at: http://www.johnkeel.com

Doug Skinner: Anthony Matt and I set up the site for John's fans; I hope they enjoy it. I think the best part may be the bibliography. I post weekly, not monthly, by the way. I'm currently posting the notes he kept in 1967, which he eventually turned into "The Mothman Prophecies."

Brent Raynes: Doug, is there anything you'd like or care to add? 

Doug Skinner: No, I'm just glad to hear he still has fans. Best of luck with the book!
Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2017

Valerie Schultz A good friend of the late John A. Keel
On UFOs, John Keel, and MUFON

by: Brent Raynes

Valerie Schultz: My husband and I had gone to a UFO Seminar at a high school in the village and John Keel was a guest speaker. John Keel had said he had decided to create a new Fortean Society and it was around the 40th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sighting in 1947. We became Charter Members on September 19th, 1987. The monthly meetings were held in Manhattan at 7 East 30th Street. Some of his guests were Whitley Strieber, Antonio Huneeus, Zacharia Sitchin and Timothy Beckley. The meetings were always excellent and very informative! We even won a raffle where we took home a print by Norris Hall. It was a caricature of Carl Sagan on the telephone looking out at the night sky. The caption said: “We’ve been over this billions and billions of times: There is not one shred of evidence of UFO’s.” Meanwhile behind him and out another window we see a cow being captured and beamed up to a flying saucer. A helicopter with the letters USA written on it is pursuing several other flying saucers and grey entities are laughing. It’s a great print! After the meetings we used to join Mr. Keel at a local deli to continue the discussions. Those were really fun days!

Brent Raynes: Definitely sounds like it was indeed fun times. So you lived in New York City at the time? Were you and your husband interested in the UFO subject prior to this?

Valerie Schultz: Yes, we lived in New York City at the time. In fact, I was born in New York City and lived there until the 1990’s. Both my husband and I have always been interested in all Fortean subjects; all things paranormal or out of the ordinary. As far as the UFO subject, my interest goes all the way back to reading Frank Edwards’ books such as “Flying Saucers - Serious Business” along with Erich von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods? Mysteries of the Past.”

Brent Raynes: Did you get to personally talk with John Keel very much? Any pictures? What kinds of information did you take away from your interactions with him and others that you met who had gathered at these meetings, and at the deli, that had perhaps the greatest impact on you?

Valerie Schultz: At those wonderful Fortean Society meetings we always found John Keel to be very approachable and easy to talk with. We felt he was very receptive to questions and comments and was a very nice and kind man. We were part of group discussions with John Keel and didn’t know him personally outside of the meetings or deli visits. I remember the meeting room was very small and was always packed – probably around 30 – 40 people attended the meetings. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos. Looking back, I certainly wish I had taken some at the time. They would be wonderful to look at now all these years later! However, we still have our original membership cards! My card reads: Member The New York Fortean Society
P.O. Box 20024
NYC, NY 10025
Member No.( David is member A and Valerie is B)
As Qualified member of the scholastic community and being in good standing in this society Valerie Schultz is authorized to investigate anomalistic events, collect samples, and interview witnesses
Expiration Date: June ‘94
President: John A. Keel

Mr. Keel had a great sense of humor at the meetings and he was always cracking jokes. He signed my copy of “Disneyland of the Gods” this way – “For Valerie – Fortean extraordinary and discriminating book buyer. All the best.” He signed his book “Strange Creatures from Time and Space” for my husband. He said: “For David- friend, scholar, gentleman Best regards.”

We loved listening to John Keel discuss his world travels and investigations. I was fascinated by John Keel’s theory that UFO’s, psychic and Fortean phenomena are related! He used the word “Ultraterrestrials” to describe what we would now say are entities or extraterrestrials and felt that they have been interacting with us on this planet for a long time and keeping watch on us. However, he didn’t feel they came from other planets but were more related to the earth itself and to mankind.

Brent Raynes: Today you live in Maine, where I was born and raised. You're the Maine state director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) there. How much influence was Keel and the Fortean Society in this development?

Valerie Schultz: Being a member of John Keel’s Fortean Society in New York City opened my eyes to all things unusual! It taught me to have an open mind and think outside of the box. Listening to Whitley Streiber discuss his unearthly and very scary encounters and Antonio Huneeus and Tim Beckley discuss UFO sightings and investigations inspired me to learn more. In later years, I discovered and followed Stanton Friedman and studied his works. That led me on a direct path to MUFON.

As a MUFON Investigator and State Director of Maine and New Hampshire, it has been an honor to be a part of the world’s largest organization dedicated to researching and investigating UFO sightings. MUFON began in 1969 and continues to be a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers who collectively are searching for the truth on the UFO phenomenon. Our mission is “the scientific study of UFO’s for the benefit of humanity.”

Brent Raynes: Investigate any interesting cases you'd care to share?

Valerie Schultz: Maine and New Hampshire MUFON receive a steady stream of sighting reports every month with many anomalous craft being observed. On October 31, 2017 a football sized triangular craft was seen moving silently in slow motion East to West over Sawyer Lake in Gilmanton, N.H. According to testimony in MUFON Case # 87753, the craft had a red light on each corner and a purple/ white light underneath. It seemed to be smoky or foggy. The witness reported that “it gave the effect of an escalator running along the bottom middle minus the steps.” In October of 2015, a witness observed a black disc shaped craft 60-65’ in diameter travelling silently from West to East over Milan, N.H. According to MUFON Case # 92057 there were 5 slits on the bottom of the craft that revealed an electric type blue glow making the witness feel there was a high amount of voltage and a lot of energy within. The craft moved at 30 mph making the witness question how it could move so slowly and not fall from the sky! That is a question I have heard so many times from witnesses! These slow moving craft are always at very low altitudes.

In MUFON Case #90967 a witness reported a silent, hovering, triangular craft with red lights on each corner and a pink middle light over Raymond, Maine in February 2015. After hovering about four minutes, the craft then followed the car she was in paralleling her motion at treetop level. The witness has theorized that her area of western Maine has many sightings because it is rich in natural resources such as uranium, quartz and tourmaline which could be used for technology, along with the fresh water reserves in her location.

A very compelling case was recently reported about an event that took place at Dow Air Force Base in Bangor, Maine during 1963 or 1964. In MUFON Case # 76253 an airman was stationed as a K-9 Sentry guarding B-52 bombers loaded with nuclear weapons. At 11 P.M. the guard dog broke position and pulled the airman towards the Dow Air Force Base runway. It was at this point that the witness observed three pulsating spheres of light slowly coming down the runway from the opposite end. When the orbs reached the middle of the runway, they paused and the whole base lit up brighter than daylight! As the witness reached for his radio to report the orbs, there was a great deal of static on it. When he looked up from his radio, “the three orbs, which were each about 30’ in diameter, shot up at a 90 degree angle, turned many colors and were gone in seconds.” The three orbs were reddish-orange and appeared transparent. The colors reminded the witness of volcanic lava as it moved on the outside of the spheres. The witness thought there was a cloaking device being used. The orbs had been tracked on radar and two F-101’s attempted to follow the orbs to no avail.

According to MUFON Cases # 80969 and #80908 a huge silent craft was observed over southern Maine on December 10, 2016. Witnesses were 63 miles apart and all three of the witnesses became ill with nausea upon observing it! The first witness in E. Baldwin (#80969) observed a craft that was football stadium-sized along with two triangular escorts. They approached him from the West and travelled Northeast at 4:30 A.M. The second case, (# 80908), occurred in Windsor, Maine, 63 miles Northeast, at 4:44 A.M. – 14 minutes later. These witnesses observed a triangular shaped object similar to a carpenter’s framing square travelling Northeast. They described it as “floating with no resistance like a boat going through water.” All 3 witnesses were concerned about the health effects they felt while observing this low flying unidentified craft.

Brent Raynes: Have you reached any significant personal conclusions or have any favored pet theories of your own about the UFO phenomenon?

Valerie Schultz: I believe what I’ve heard Stanton Friedman say: that aliens are visiting Earth and that some parts of the government know and are covering it up. It seems obvious to me that if there are 200 billion stars, there must be tons of planets containing life! I believe there is all kinds of life out there. I also feel that there are entities that can possibly manipulate time and space. Perhaps they could be from other dimensions coming to Earth through portals in different locations on this planet. I also believe, like John Keel, like Erich von Daniken, that whoever they are, they have been coming here for a long time; perhaps since ancient times.

Brent Raynes: Of course, I have to ask this. Have you had any personal UFO or anomalous experiences of your own that have left you scratching your own head?

Valerie Schultz: No, I can’t say that I have had any anomalous experiences but investigating these unusual cases has been very enlightening, informative and extremely intriguing!

Brent Raynes: Are there any books you'd recommend to new comers to this field?

Valerie Schultz: I would recommend all books by John Keel and Stanton Friedman. Also to learn about Abduction Research, I recommend “The Alien Abduction Files” co-written by Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner. Kathleen Marden is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill. Both Kathleen and Denise are part of MUFON’s Abduction Research Team.

Brent Raynes: Have any advice for the new comers?

Valerie Schultz: My advice to new MUFON Field Investigators is to look at each case with an open mind while trying to figure out what the witness observed. They should be familiar with various types of natural phenomena such as fireballs, meteors, planets, bright stars, Northern Lights and weather phenomena. Investigators should know what the International Space Station (ISS) looks like as it passes overhead and observe it as much as possible so they will be aware of a possible misinterpretation of the ISS reported as a UFO by a witness. This has occurred many times. Investigators should ask witnesses questions about the sighting so as much information as possible can be obtained. This in turn will help with our research and perhaps we some day will get to know the truth about UFO’s.

Brent Raynes: Is there anything you'd like to see change about the UFO field?

Valerie Schultz: I would love to see UFO sightings reported with respect and not ridicule. The situation has improved over the years but there is still a great deal of improvement needed. MUFON receives so many sightings that took place 30, 40, even 50 years ago. Those witnesses have told me they wouldn’t have reported their sightings back when they occurred because they didn’t want to risk the embarrassment and consequences of the ridicule. MUFON is greatly helping the situation. Our investigators treat each case with respect. Each submitted case is entered into our Case Management System with a Case Number so there is a record of the event. That enables research, comparisons and trends to be discovered!

Thank you for this interview! It was great to reminisce about those wonderful Fortean Society Meetings with John Keel! He definitely had a big influence on my thinking and led me on a path to learn more about anomalous phenomena. Those Fortean Meetings really did prepare me for my work with MUFON!

Brent Raynes: Well Valerie, thank you so very much for sharing your memories and information. It has been very interesting talking with you and it has been very much appreciated.
Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2017

An Interview with Michael Grosso, Ph.D: Keel, the Big Picture, Death or Transcendence?

by: Brent Raynes

Michael Grosso, Ph.D., is a scholar, teacher, author, and painter, whose interests span psychical research, metaphysical art, the parapsychology of religion, and, primarily, philosophy. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy, and studied classical Greek, at Columbia University, and has taught at City University of New York, Marymount Manhattan College. He has published books on topics ranging from life after death to the mythologies of end time. He presently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is the author of The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation.

Michael Grosso knew John Keel and spoke at his New York Fortean Society. He will be giving a talk at the Open Center in New York City on June 22, that he tells me “will be about the big questions you ask.”

Brent Raynes: You have pointed out how pioneering researchers like John Keel, in addition to Jacques Vallee (who Keel used to joke he was a "ghost writer" for), made the controversial connection between UFOs and the paranormal, noting parallels with tales of such things as fairies, elementals, angels and demons. In reading through your thought-provoking book "Experiencing the Next World Now" and visiting your blog site "consciousnessunbound.blogspot.com", it's clear to me that you've explored a great deal of similar terrain. In addition, I read in one of Keel's newsletters for the New York Fortean Society how you gave a talk there back in May of 1988. It even stated that you described some of your own UFO sightings, personal precognitive dreams, and a haunting situation. 

Can you share with us the impact of Keel's work on your own studies and journey into the unexplained, and tell us some about your own experiences and what affects such may have had on the evolution of your own understanding and theories about what seems to be going on? 

Michael Grosso: I might begin with the first time I ever met John Keel. I came late to where John was speaking and I was immediately struck by his presence, a little bell rang in my head, announcing that here was someone entirely unique. Eventually I discovered he was in public on the grumpy, off-putting side. But I also noticed that when we spoke on the phone—and we had some long conversations—his manner was entirely relaxed and friendly. John alerted me to the complexity of the UFO experience, especially the possible religious connection, and he also injected a healthy dose of skepticism, even contrarianism, into our talks.

Here let me describe my own UFO experience.

It was April 23, 1971, about 11 PM, a perfect clear night in Greenwich Village, New York, in my apartment on the top floor (6th) at 14 Bedford Street, with my girlfriend, listening to John Coltrane’s “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.” I go to the window and see before me a cluster of dazzling lights in the sky jigging back and forth in apparent rhythm with Coltrane. Jane comes to the window, sees same; lights do their dance for us, then shoot straight to the dome of our Lady of Pompei, about three blocks north; stays motionless, pulsing light (at us, it seemed); then, bolts away north and vanishes over the Empire State building. Jane and I then went up the roof and ran into Louie, young guy interested in Coltrane—he saw what we saw, noted its noiseless character, and a pattern in the lights, pyramidal.

Three of us saw the thing. Its trajectory in space was more cartoonish and surreal than physically credible. I would call it a close encounter of a telepathic kind. It seemed to know we were listening to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and proved it by flying to the dome of Our Lady of Pompei, where it pulsed and beamed at us, and vanished. I don’t believe it was a vehicle from outer physical space, more like a tearing open of physical space and something bleeding into our reality.

Brent Raynes: Over quite a few years now you've delved into a full spectrum of controversial subjects. Like Keel, you perceived many potential interconnected aspects of such "high-strangeness" reports as out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, shamanism, poltergeists, apparitions, and you've even written a couple of books recently on levitation. And that's just a few prominent examples, and UFO close encounter and contact experiencers seem to have an unusually high percentage of many of these experiences. And there are many more categories of experience than what I've just mentioned, of course. The landscape is an immensely vast and enigmatic one. 

Would it be possible for you to take a stab at articulating an abbreviated description of the "big picture" that you perceive as existing here? 

Michael Grosso: Well, a stab it will have to be. Yes, I am interested in a wide spectrum of phenomena, in part because they seem like scattered clues suggesting some large albeit unknown dynamic—or single source. Another reason I’m curious about the spectrum of phenomena is that all my life I’ve sporadically experienced a range of events that leave me in no doubt that we inhabit a universe (multiverse?) much stranger than most of us can imagine. The percentage of dark matter and energy is analogous to the percentage of dark, unknown consciousness, in my opinion.

The essence of the big picture I would infer from the facts of my experience is the primacy of consciousness. This of course is not a fashionable view, neither for science or religion. The big picture I’m working on revolves around a taxonomy of PK, the whole ensemble of psychophysical interactions. Types of PK range from normal voluntary use of our bodies in all our activities to the abnormalities psychosomatic medicine to the supernormal realm of levitation, materialization, bilocation, projection by perfume, extraordinary healing, light phenomena, bodily incorruption, etc.

The culmination of mind over matter is mind over bodily death, and again we have a typology of survival evidence. (Here too I have some direct evidence.) In short, there is a spectrum of evidence that points collectively to the next possible step of human evolution. The evidence may also be pointing to postmortem continuity, which is at least consistent with the irreducibility of consciousness to brain process, i.e. if consciousness preexists the brain, as William James suggested once, why not postexist the brain. I’m partial to Bergson’s suggestion that the universe is a machine for the creation of gods.

Brent Raynes: Mainstream science continues to strongly resist any sort of serious examination of any purported claims or evidence of anything under the broad umbrella of the paranormal. I do seem to be reading more and more serious and science based speculations related to quantum physics that makes me hope that perhaps we're finally making some sort of genuine and conclusive sounding inroads into what has for so long been dismissed as fantasy and pseudoscience. 

Do you think that maybe we're finally making some real progress here, or do we still have a painfully long, long way yet to go? 

Michael Grosso: I think the ratio of the receptive to the unreceptive to supernormality is pretty much as it was since the dawn of the scientific revolution. There is always a minority at odds with the denser, more conservative mainstream. Yes, there are signs in various quarters of an awakening—the awakening to animal consciousness is also good news. But is any of it strong enough to stop the juggernaut of power-structures currently rushing us toward a triple-pronged apocalypse? I doubt it, but who am I to say what miracles might happen?

Every human psyche contains a divine spark, but unless we light a conflagration, it won’t amount to much in the form of human benefit.

Three trends are at work in the world today converging toward nuclear war, climate catastrophe, and unsustainable economic inequity. No way to stop or reverse these trends, which are interactive and accelerating: they will have to work themselves out.

In my opinion, nothing radically creative is likely to occur unless the entire system is uprooted and forced to reinvent itself. Something like the near-death experience of world civilization may be the only hope on the horizon, an idea I touch upon in The Final Choice: Death or Transcendence?

Brent Raynes: What other projects are you currently embarking upon, or preparing to pursue? 

Michael Grosso: I'd like to spend more time painting, which I think of as a form of materialization. It affords me the purest of pleasures. I also want to spend more time on what is really a new branch of science, the parapsychology of religion—especially my favorite topic, the parapsychology of apocalypse.
Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2017

Judy Carroll
An Australian contactee explains the Alien Agenda

by: Brent Raynes


Judy Carroll was born in Queensland, Australia in 1952. Her family background is Creole (South American/Spanish), English and Romany (Gypsy). She left school to pursue a career as a professional Flamenco Dancer, following in the path of her Grandmother, who was a dancer and psychic medium in the shamanic Romany tradition. Judy feels that this family background has assisted her to assimilate the off-planet contact she’s had with the Greys since early childhood. Sixty years of these ongoing and at times fully-conscious encounters has given her a deep insight into this phenomenon which is happening to thousands of people world-wide. Being born into a Romany family has also given her insight into being “different” among fellow humans and its effect on the psyche.

Full awakening to her connection with the ETs came in 1983 at age 30, with a daytime encounter during which several Greys appeared to her in full daylight and she recognized them as “family.” She was given a massive download of information and advice regarding the mission being carried out on Earth, the part she was to play in it, and further studies she needed in order to undertake this role to the best of her ability.

The Visitors advised her to meditate so as to facilitate easier telepathic communication, and to study Tai Chi and natural healing. Eight years of training in a meditation development group followed, where she learned channelling and automatic writing, and six years of Reiki training to Master/teacher level. Judy has been a qualified Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor for almost 30 years, assisting students to a deeper understanding of life-force energy. Further instruction was also provided for her on board ship at night as her human body rested.

In 1995 another encounter occurred at a sacred site in the UK where a long needle with a large crystal on the end was inserted into her brow chakra point. The purpose of this was another major download of information when she was asked by her ET family to write a book on ET/Earth human contact, but from the ET perspective. She fulfilled this mission when Human by Day, Zeta by Night, was published in 2011 (Wild Flower Press) as a docu-drama. In the year 2000 Judy was led to find the final piece to another book when Helene Kaye contacted her asking for assistance for her family which was going through full-on and initially frightening paranormal experiences. This activity turned out to be extraterrestrial contact, aimed specifically at the 2 children of the family, during which a Grey teacher made his presence known through Helene’s daughter. This “connection” led both women to understand their own deep connection and to co-author The Zeta Message: Connecting All Beings in Oneness (Wild Flower Press, 2011), which explains not only Judy’s experiences, but Helene’s and her family’s as well.

Not long after these books were released in 2011, Judy attended a meeting on an ET ship that involved a discussion on the past and present situation on Earth, including the hijacking of the planet many millennia ago. In light of this, a third book was suggested, to cover the ET history of Earth, the hijacking by a rebel force and the subsequent manipulation of scriptural accounts of events that took place in the distant past. In Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History, details are given of how this subtle manipulation of human minds continues to this day. It was at that time where Judy’s full comprehension awakened that she is a “blended” soul, which has allowed her to be consciously aware of both her human and Zeta aspects.

Judy’s website is www.ufogreyinfo.com and www.thezetamessage.com

Facebook page – The Zeta Message. YouTube channels – thezetamessage AND zetaguardian1

An Interview with Judy Carroll: An Australian contactee explains the Alien Agenda Brent Raynes: In your third and latest book “Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: Lessons in History you move from the role of contactee turned author to historian. What can readers expect from this book that is different from your two previous tomes “Human By Day, Zeta By Night” and “The Zeta Message”?

Judy Carroll: My third book is very different in that it’s not about my contactee/experiencer journey but rather provides an ET perspective of what has occurred in the past history of Earth to create the present situation of major upheaval and change. Suggestions are also provided to assist humanity through this “Armageddon,” which really is the ending of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. This renewal process inevitably involves clearing, healing and balancing to take place, and could be likened to the labor pains prior to child-birth.

Planet Earth was “hijacked” many millennia ago by a rebel group who wrongfully claimed ownership of the planet. A parable of this event is recorded in the Old Testament story of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels. I refer to these ones as the Repterran Controllers, but they’re also known as Archons, Anunnaki, Illuminati, Cabal, etc. What is not generally understood because of certain ‘editing’ of scriptural works such as the Bible by them, is that they’ve continued to reincarnate on Earth, controlling humanity through warfare, religious dogma, fear and superstition through covert mind control over many millennia, which continues to this day. In November, 2011, a meeting was held on board one of the motherships to discuss this hijacking and the situation it’s created, which reached a critical point at the end of World War Two with the discovery and use of nuclear weaponry. Humanity needs to be awoken to what is going on behind the scenes before the planet and everything on it is destroyed through this technology that has forged way ahead of the spiritual maturity required to handle it wisely. The contribution I was asked to make to this mission, along with a couple of other authors, was this book.  

Brent Raynes: What is your qualification for presenting this material?  

Judy Carroll: I have reincarnated into the present life with what could be called a “dual,” or “blended” soul consciousness. I touched on this very briefly in “The Zeta Message,” and go into more detail in my latest book. What this means is that I have a soul connection to both the Earth human and Zeta Grey Collective Consciousness, which enables me to consciously relate to and interact with both species. Author Suzy Hansen talks about this in her book, “The Dual Soul Connection.”

My role in the present life is to be an ambassador between these two cultures, so part of my pre-birth preparation was to connect energetically with both. In this way I’m able to live a life as an Earth human by day, then when my physical body sleeps at night, I vacate it to carry out work up on our ships as a Grey. I’m able to retain some conscious recall of this work, which enables me to understand the reasons for the ET presence on Earth and the history behind it.  

Brent Raynes: What is it about the alien eyes, which you mentioned in your book, where they are often described as very powerful and hypnotic, and that may help a contactee to evolve spiritually or mentally and/or experience a healing?  

Judy Carroll: The eyes of the Greys are very powerful in that they have a mirroring effect on the human psyche. They reflect images from the contactee’s own sub-conscious or super-conscious mind, depending upon what is required for the person’s evolution. Human evolution is about being able to access more expanded states of conscious awareness beyond the limitations of the third dimension, but this is not an easy process as it often involves multiple fear barriers which have been created over the span of many lives. These fear barriers are like a deep-seated infection that needs to be brought to conscious awareness to enable healing and release to take place. The eyes of the Greys have this effect, and is the reason why contact with them can be potentially traumatic. In some cases, however, they can also reveal to us our true soul potential that has been buried over many lives, which is an incredibly liberating process. Thus the eyes of the Greys assist in our evolution by putting us in touch with all the fears and blockages on the soul level of our psyche that are holding us back from further spiritual growth.  

Brent Raynes: What is different in your “Ancient Aliens” style of presentation and perspective than perhaps what previous authors like Erich Von Daniken presented?  

Judy Carroll: The difference in all of my books is that they are written from the ET rather than the Earth human perspective. In 1995 during a contact experience with my Grey family that took place not long after visiting a sacred site in the UK, I was taken back there in astral form and put through a procedure in which a long needle with a blue crystal on the end was inserted into my brow chakra point. This was done to enable a download of information to be brought to the conscious level of my mind, which I was asked to include in a book. Back then many contactees were complaining that the Greys would not communicate, but the fact is, communication between the two species is difficult. The Greys communicate telepathically, but a terrified human cannot accurately pick up on telepathic communication. I was asked by them to write a book on Earth human/ET contact, but from the Grey perspective, explaining who they are and why they’re here. So much information came through that one book became two. One of the Grey/Mantid Elders I work with specializes in the history of the Greys, which is closely related to the untold history of Earth. This facet is rarely covered, and needed to be explained, which I have now done in my third book. So, in this way it is vastly different from other books on the subject.  

Brent Raynes: What do you see as the most persuasive and convincing evidence for a historical and perhaps ongoing aliens-are-among-us presence here on our planet?  

Judy Carroll: As far as historical evidence of the ET presence on Earth is concerned, some of the most persuasive and convincing evidence lies in ancient artifacts and artworks that have come to light, some of which are featured in my Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth book. The Australian Aboriginal people have carried their strong connection with the off-planet Creator Beings down through many generations. Their traditional drawings of the Wandjina Beings show a remarkable resemblance to present-day ET visitors, and off-planet cultures such as the Pleiadians are acknowledged as their Star Ancestors. We see similar evidence with the Dogon people of Mali, in West Africa, who had access to accurate knowledge of the Sirius star system long before this information could be confirmed by Astronomers. In my latest book, I’ve also included a photo of a Mayan artifact depicting a Grey standing beneath what is very obviously a star ship, and also two examples of  Western artwork – the 15th Century painting of “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino,” by Domenico Ghirlandaio, and “Annunciation with Saint Emideus,” by Carlo Crivelli, both feature a very clear UFO overhead.

As for present-day physical evidence that Earth humans are a product of “Intelligent Design,” in his book “Human By Design,” Gregg Braden reports that science now accepts that human DNA was edited from chimpanzee DNA in two chromosomes, 2 and 8, some 200,000 years ago. One edit enabled complex spoken language, and the other enhanced human reasoning. Braden discusses how and why, but does not ask, “Who were the editors?”

Ongoing evidence of ET contact is now being produced very effectively by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), also known as The Contact Modalities. This organization was originally founded by Reinerio Hernandez, an IRS Attorney, and it offers a comprehensive world-wide survey of people who have experienced off-planet contact. Respected researchers such as Dr. Rudy Schild (ret. Harvard Astrophysicist) and Dr. John Klimo (Transpersonal Psychologist) are on the Research committee of FREE. The late Dr. Edgar Mitchell was Patron until his death in 2016. Phase 1 and 2 research data and methodology is available at the FREE website – www.experiencer.org/ .  

Brent Raynes: What do you hope will be the impact of your book for its readers?  

Judy Carroll: The main impact I’m hoping for is to wake people up to what is really going on down here, both now and in the past, in the way of disinformation and misinterpretation of biblical texts that’s specifically aimed at keeping humanity weak and disempowered. A clearer understanding of the reasons behind the massive challenges we’re now facing as a global community may hopefully give people the impetus to take more responsibility for their own spiritual evolvement rather than relying on questionable belief systems that preach racial and religious intolerance and prejudice towards anybody who is different. This is what has created the continual state of warfare that dominates life on this planet. Earth humans are extremely protective of their free will, but the fact is, humanity has very little free will, having been subtly but effectively brain-washed and controlled over millennia. Religion has been one of the worst culprits, with major misinterpretation of scriptural writings, purposely by a few then unknowingly by many, which have led to much misunderstanding and conflict. In my book, I provide a good example illustrating the huge difference between the Lord’s Prayer directly translated from the Aramaic language spoken by Jesus and the mistranslated version taught in churches. This type of control of peoples’ beliefs, extends way beyond the physical, as it impacts deeply upon our evolution as humans, which is more to do with mind/spirit and expansion of our conscious awareness into higher dimensions through reincarnation. For example, the removal of teachings on reincarnation (which Jesus acknowledged) from Church doctrine around 550AD has created a major blockage, by replacing a conscious understanding of the natural progression of the soul between lives, with fear-based dogma of a judgemental God-figure and the possibility of hell-fire and eternal damnation awaiting a soul at the end of a single lifetime. I also quote the ex-Defense Minister of Canada, the Hon. Paul Hellyer, on the massive cover-up of the trillions of dollars poured into the military/industrial complex and the so-called “black budget” that supports the shadow (Controller) government and their ongoing creation of excuses for wars to be continually fought on the planet, as well as their denial of the ET presence. Even the President of the United States has no control over their actions and decisions. Through my book, the off-planet visitors provide suggestions to enable humans to take back their power and self-responsibility for their spiritual growth and evolution, which in turn will free the planet from covert control and disempowerment.  



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