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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2018

Interesting letter from another time.....May 2, 1986 to be exact.

From my long time friend and colleague Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz, M.D., who was a frequent contributor to Alternate Perceptions, and helped line up quite a few intriguing interview subjects for our magazine. A psychiatrist, parapsychologist, and a UFO investigator and researcher as well.

Here's an interesting excerpt regarding a psychic medium named Katie who lived in Florida near where he was living in Vero Beach:

“Really exciting, incredible stuff. For example, I rushed out to the house yesterday because, in reference to the session where there might have been some programmed suggestions, an apport allegedly occurred on the palm of her hand. It was a golden Chinese fan charm. I took her outside with the charm in her palm and photographed it and, while looking at it, before my very eyes – I know this is hard to believe – designs of birds and the tree of life appeared on the fan. I rubbed my eyes and cannot believe it. Knowing her now quite well, I had examined her ears, mouth, nose, etc. and yet she still was complaining of pain in her left ear and was rubbing it. I was 8 inches away from her and there could have been no sleight of hand or anything else when a multi-faceted fake diamond ring apparently, allegedly or whatever popped out of her left ear. This is particularly fascinating in view of some of the programming done earlier in the day. That one collects a whole series of things gives some validity to one's observations. Even though the world might disagree, that is of no consequence.”

Here's another dated May 22, 1985 from Dr. Schwarz:

“The researches with Katie continue and most recently, under videotape, there was an apport of a Roman Catholic sterling silver metal. When one of the the guests put it in Katie's hand, she recoiled and developed, under the lens of the camera, a blister at the point of contact. As a control, I picked it up with no harmful effects and briefly touched her forearm where she also developed a wide, red, swollen area with a central blister. This is just the tip of the iceberg with all the interdigitating matters. How can one be interested or pretend to study UFOs, or at least close contact cases, without getting into this part of the equation.”

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