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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2018

Bigfoot, Beyond Bigfoot, and a bit into the Twilights Zone?

by: By Albert S Rosales

Location. Red Canyon, Sedona, Arizona
Date: Summer 1989
Time: daytime

A man touring property under construction in a sparsely populated area encountered something that looked like a portal or window suspended in mid-air. Near the portal stood several nine-foot tall hairy Bigfoot type creatures that appeared to be standing guard. The witness did not hang around and left the area.

Credit: Tom Dongo, Alien Tide

I found the following case from a Russian Book on a Website, which almost mimics the exact details of the Pennsylvania case!! What do you think?

A book published in Moscow in 2012, translated (roughly) to "Communication with the invisible," written by a guy named Gennady Ivanovich Kizilov, talks about a definite connection between UFOs and Almas (as they are called in the Russian Federation).  Chapter three of the book is called (again translated) "The Snowman is a UFO passenger.” He does mention Stan Gordon, and talks about October 25 1973 when a UFO was seen in a field and Bigfoot creatures nearby, but does not mention the case with the light ball and the UFO. He only mentions this hitherto unknown Russian case. He also mentions Ivan Sanderson. He arrived at the conclusion that there was a definite connection between UFOs and the wildman or Bigfoot, and that the Bigfoot had the ability to become invisible at any time and is able to communicate telepathically. Here is the case:


Location: Pamirs Mountains ,  Kyrgyzstan  ( USSR )
Date: August 8-9 1981   Time: midnight

During an expedition to this remote region while camping several witnesses watched a tall hairy humanoid creature carrying a luminous glowing ball in his hands that walked silently next to the camp totally ignoring the stunned witnesses. The strange creature quietly disappeared into the darkness. No other information.

In the same area a few years earlier a group of geologists observed a procession of eight strange figures late in the evening. At first they thought the figures were ‘monks wearing hoods’ who had come from a nearby cliff. These figures were also carrying luminous balls in their hands, which the confused geologists thought were candles. As they descended the slope the figures suddenly vanished in plain sight


Location: Near Kharkov, Saratov region, Ukraine
Date: September 21 1989, evening

At a local fruit grove three watchmen were performing their duties when one of them noticed the figure of an “intruder” among the bushes. One of the watchmen ran after the figure and soon cornered it among the brushwood. To his surprise he saw a strange human like figure completely covered with short fur. The intruder had a human face with a large mouth and large yellow teeth. The creature suddenly grabbed the watchman and held him tight against his chest. The watchman attempted to struggle and free himself but was unsuccessful and was surprised at the powerful strength of the hairy intruder. While holding the watchman the humanoid did not bite or attempt any other hostile action against the witness. Finally the other two guards arrived and grabbed the humanoid by its arms tying him with a rope. The creature weakly resisted, emitting strange grunting sounds. The three watchmen then jostled the “prisoner” into the passenger seat of their “Zhiguli” vehicle and shut the door. The creature then began to struggle inside the vehicle rocking it violently back and forth. One of the men then decided to make sure the lock was on securely and as he did the humanoid violently forced the door open and jumped out of the car; it had apparently untied the rope knot also and freed itself. It then ran to the apple grove and disappeared from sight.  

Comments: Bizarre reaction from a pseudo-Bigfoot type creature. I wonder if it had been captured would the world have known of it.


Location: Near Tillamook Oregon
Date: September 27, 1989, time: 1620

Alerted by her young granddaughter to something unusual outside, a woman confronted a disc hovering just above the ground near her farmhouse. Perhaps 20-30 feet in diameter, its shape was later drawn as an inverted toy top and the surface described as “almost transparent.” A bright yellow-white light shone at two opposing points along the flat bottom. As the woman approached to within 30 feet, a doorway opened, revealing a human-like being of average height, with blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, dressed in a silver coverall. At a window next to the door was a “Bigfoot” creature, seemingly seated and visible from the chest up. For the next few minutes, the woman stared at the two, gaining the impression that the “human” was attempting (unsuccessfully) to communicate. Then the vehicle and beings vanished instantly (i.e. without accelerating beyond viewing range). The woman is a psychic, and claims to have had periodic encounters with UFOs and “Bigfoot” creatures throughout her life.

Source:  Gene Elliot, Mufon Journal # 264, April 1990               


Location: Uintah Basin, Utah
Date: December 1 1991, late night

The witness again woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and as she came back to bed and lay down she felt something moving across the bed. She then saw two large hairy hands moving beneath her. She was then lifted from bed by a huge hairy “Bigfoot” type creature that then stepped back a few feet and rose straight up with her, apparently carrying her through floors and ceiling. She closed her eyes and felt rising up. She does not recall what happened. The next thing she knew she was being deposited back in her bed. The being again held her hard and apparently became angry when she removed his hand and jumped on top of her but without any apparent harm to her.  

Source: James L. Thompson, “Aliens and UFOs”    


 Location: Preston, Lancashire, England
Date: 1992, 2:00 a.m.

The witness was working a security job at Cranswick foods. His job was basically sitting in a gatehouse on a night shift and doing what most security guards do, “watching TV”. The gatehouse had large windows on all sides with a reasonably good field of vision. One morning at 2 am he had just finished his patrol and sat down with a cup of tea, turned on the TV and turned the lights out in the gatehouse as they made it hard to see outside due to reflections on the windows. As he was about to turn the TV on he saw a silhouette of a man looking through the front window. As he looked up the silhouette had gone. He focused back on the TV and the silhouette was there again and this time he saw it move away. His first thoughts was that the other security guard was messing about. As he stood up and started to walk to the window he saw the silhouette out of the corner of his eye, this time standing in front of the right window. He turned his head to the side and saw the full figure looking back at him. It moved away to the right at unnatural speed “like vampires do in Hollywood films” and stood at the rear window. He spun around and they looked at each other for no more than a second before it darted off again, this time gone for good. He had never seen anything move as fast in his life. He could not see any detail; only a blacked-out silhouette.  

Source: British Bigfoot Research Forum   


Location: Connecticut, exact location not given
Date: 1992, afternoon

A woman said that a black helicopter landed in her yard and a Bigfoot type creature jumped out, messed up the yard, and stole her clothes hanging on a line to dry. The creature then quickly climbed back into the helicopter and took off.  (!)  

Source: Phillip J. Imbrogno, Files from the Edge, p. 168            


Location: Nellis AFB, Clark County, Nevada
Date: July 1996   Time: unknown

A man reported having been stationed at “Area 51” Nellis AFB, as a security guard with a high clearance. He said that he was once called into a room where people were dissecting Bigfoot type creatures. There were several complete corpses in vats of liquid similar to formaldehyde. There were body parts, hearts, livers, and such, scattered all over the tables. Once he got to peek into another room he was passing when the door opened after a retinal scan of another guard, there he saw more vats, only containing “little white aliens with big black eyes.”  

Source: IBS Report # 2798 Comments: Date is approximate


Location: Near Sisters, Oregon
Date: July 1996
Time: afternoon

A lady was camping with her family near the area of Panther Springs Campground when all of the sudden, she smelled a god-awful smell. She walked outside her tent, and about 19 ft away, she saw a tan colored creature with its fist in the air. She said it didn’t seem threatening, more like a greeting. She said it had a peaked head, and large brown eyes, and it “looked highly intelligent.” She said that it “talked in her mind” and told her that they called themselves the “Meikoy” and that they were a race of benevolent creatures from a different dimension. They were here to study humans and to find out why we were so emotional, etc. They were apparently interested on how we humans reproduced and wanted to remain hidden and not found out. As her family returned the creature ran off into the woods.  

Source: Nathan Peak , The Western Bigfoot Society Newsletter # 64   Comments: One of the growing number of incidents describing definitely intelligent and paranormal abilities on the part of the so-called Bigfoot type creatures.


Location. Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

Date: July 13 1996                  
Time: afternoon

Hav Tranh had been hiking up a steep slope when he slipped and fell, breaking his leg, a compound fracture with the bone sticking out. He passed out, and when he regained consciousness, there were two huge hair covered creatures hovering over him. The larger one was 7-1/2 ft-8 ft, a gray white color, eyes black with no whites, large sloping forehead, and peaked head-domed, very big feet. The second creature was about the same height, sandy colored gray with a white ruff on top of its head. They were very hairy and he could not see any sex organs. They were jabbering at each other with their small mouths, but not using “words” but indistinct noises. He passed out again, and did not reawaken until his wife, Gioking, shook him awake, and said two ape-men had carried him out of the forest and deposited him near her. She said they were horribly ugly and added that they had very long hair except on the face, heads and feet. She then took her husband to a local hospital.  

HC addendum
Source: Nathan Peak, The Western Bigfoot Society Newsletter # 69


Location: Kountze, Texas
Date: October 1999                   
Time: night

The witness was driving through the town of Kountze after a night in Sour Lake and was returning to his then residence some 15 miles further on, when his ears “almost burst” when a deafening sound not unlike a swarm of bees filled the interior of the car, and “made my ears pop like when you’re on an airplane.” Disoriented and suddenly dizzy, he stopped the car at the side of the road, got out, and was amazed to suddenly see a laser-like, pencil-thin shaft of red light appear about 10 to 15 feet in front of his car. Quick as a flash, the light disappeared, as did the strange buzzing noise that had so affected him. Not only that: he suddenly heard a diabolical roar coming from the woods of the Big Thicket, that sounded like that of a large, enraged wild animal---but a type that the witness had never before encountered. He quickly jumped back into his car and fled the scene. But the story was far from over. After retiring to his bed that night, the witness had a distinctly strange dream of a truly apocalyptic nature, in which the Earth was in ruins following a planetary-wide nuclear exchange, and large, Bigfoot style entities surfaced out of the dark forests and woods to claim the Earth as their own. And all the while, strange UFOs (like giant jelly-fish) soared overhead, as the last remnants of the human race attempted to stave off extinction.  

Source: http://www.ufomystic.com

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