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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2018

Hosted by Brent Raynes

Bobby Lake-Thom   (aka:  Medicine Grizzly Bear)

Karuk-Seneca-Cherokee Tribal lineage and descent
Traditional Native Healer and Spiritual Teacher

(Also former professor for Native American Studies and Indian Education Programs at several different Universities). 

Author of several books that include:  Native Healer (Quest Books/Theosophical Society. Spirits of the Earth (Plume/Penquin, USA), Call To The Great Spirit (Bear/Inner Traditions)

Also author of numerous articles in magazines and some scholarly, publications including a internationally recognized publication in Teachers Magazine entitled:  "An Indian Father's Pleas".

For more information about Bobby refer to his website:  www.nativehealer.net   

Bobby Lake-Thom wanted to add the following comments that are related to the contents of our interview:

 "Remember when I said that this Mother Earth is a living breathing organism, and that it has two sides: a spiritual and physical combination?  As a consequence it definitely has a consciousness of its own, as do all the other planets in our Universe; this is a cosmic reality. Perhaps someday, Western society (and even other countries including their scientists and governments, and any related corporations, will come to learn this truth). I also believe and sense that the more spiritual human beings are aware of this reality, or at least are beginning to wake up to it.  I also mentioned the three R's: Respect, Reciprocity, and Relationship. I hope your readers or audience will take this concept seriously, and encourage others to apply it to make serious changes in their value systems, or even with some of our Native American people, tribes and nations, to bring it back into their original value systems. By the same token, however,  I also believe that there is an awareness going on with more and more people, groups, and organizations trying to make things right with the Mother Earth and All Our relations in Nature, and for this, they should be commended, encouraged to continue, and supported. Hence, with all this in mind we must also face the reality that the Mother Earth, as a living breathing organism, is struggling for survival. She has been fighting back as if under attack by a serious parasite:  Human Beings (and even some E.T.'s for that matter, that continue to exploit this Earth, pollute this Earth, and drain her of all its resources.  Remember the UFO encounter, experience and message that I was given back in 1975 (and you published a good portion of it in an earlier news letter? (This message can still be found on my website). At that time I tried to share, from the good E.T's their message and prophecy, that Man does not govern the Mother Earth or Nature, Nature governs mankind. The first time the Earth was purified was by Fire, the second time it was purified by Water, the third time it will be purified by the Earth itself.  The message went on to forewarn about Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, Snowstorms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, sicknesses and diseases (old ones coming back and new ones coming in etc. with each passing year getting worse. Unfortunately most people don't realize what is actually going on here, or refuse to understand it, or they try to make up some scientific theories about it as a means to ignore or dismiss it. But even in scientific terms, for example the Law of Physics, claims that for every action there is a reaction. In my own way of understanding, the spiritual laws and the physical laws are very similar. Another reality is this: We are being held accountable for our actions, and even innocent bystanders can or will be harmed by the Great Purification that has been, and continues to be going on.  Some of our Native American people are and have been trying to pray for the Mother Earth and All Our Relations in Nature, Seen and Unseen through their sacred dances, ceremonies, rituals, and individual prayers and actions. Although our Traditional Native American and indigenous people have consistently been identified in literature as the original Keepers Of The Earth so to speak, they cannot and should not be expected to handle it all.  Therefore, we need more Earth Healing Ceremonies and prayers (as I have termed the phrase) by more Native American people (on and off reservations), and non-American Indian people, and by other races and nationalities, religions, and cultures. We need to not only try to protect, preserve, heal and strengthen the physical side of the Earth but it is imperative that we send our Love, positive thoughts, and strong prayers for its spiritual side to be healed and strengthened. " As She continues to raise her vibratory level up higher, as part of her natural survival, hopefully ours will be raised along with it all."

Audio Interview

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