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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2018

What sort of Creatures?

by: Albert S Rosales

Location: Alvsbyn, Norrbotten, Sweden
Date: October 1 1947
Time: 22:00

11-year old Bernt Enstrom was on his way home after staying at a friend’s house. He was walking along what is today Route 94 to Lulea at the edge of a bridge that he had to cross to go to his family’s house. It was clear and snowy, and there were few street lights. At about 10-meters before arriving at the bridge, Bernt looked up and saw several shiny “rings” that were flying towards the nearby village of Hundberget. These rings pulsed and twisted, emitting all the colors “of the rainbow”. According to Bernt these rings resembled “loops with a hole in the middle”. The colors were very bright.

After awhile these rings seemed to descend at an angle of about 150-meters from Bernt’s home and disappeared behind the neighbor’s outhouse. He thinks they might have landed. Bernt believes he saw these spinning loops for about 10 seconds. He described them as three circles stacked in a row over each other, spinning very fast. The center one was slower, while the lower one wasn't at all. All three gave off multicolored lights. He then saw the circles or loops now apparently over the village of Hundeberget. Bernt continued over the bridge and as he walked over a field close to his home, he was astonished to see a round, transparent ball or bubble with a small man-like person sitting inside come floating near him about 20 cm from the ground. He could see a woodpecker flying slightly ahead which the transparent ball eventually caught up with. Two identical transparent “bubbles” came behind the first, each one occupied by a small man-like figure. The first one had passed about 10-meters from his position. The figures inside were quite small, maybe one and a half meters tall, and human looking except for long floppy ears. The creatures sat on some kind of seat inside the bubbles, and all three seemed to be propelling the bubbles right above the ground by using a kind of rod-like instrument which protruded out of the bubble. How the rods protruded out of the bubble he could not see. However, the occupants of the bubble seemed to have no problem using them.

Astonished as to what he was seeing, Bernt watched as the last two bubbles almost collided with each other and saw the creatures inside gesture and apparently say something, that he was not able to hear. He stood about 30-meters away watching, and saw the creatures turn towards him and apparently laugh at him, but he could not hear any sound. He thinks they had come from the neighbor’s field. All three bubbles slid slowly towards the rear of the neighbor’s outbuilding, frantically propelling themselves as if in “some sort of race”. All three vanished behind the outhouse, in the same area where the colored hoops had originally disappeared. Bernt ran behind the outhouse but the bubbles and the creatures had already disappeared. The bubbles were transparent like a gel, but not completely see-through and were about 1.20 meters in diameter.

At the time the young Enstrom had never heard of UFOs or flying saucers. What was the connection with the multicolored hoops and these transparent bubbles?

Source: Clas Svahn in UFO Aktuellt Nr. 4 2015 pp. 4-6

Comments: What sort of creatures are we talking about in this incident? Gnomes? Extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, inter-dimensionals? I don’t know.

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