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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2018

PSI: It Is What It is
Part Seven

by: Stan Morrison

“Do Not Think It Strange”
1 Peter, 4:12”

In the Gospels and most of the New Testament, Jesus is recorded as not only performing “miracles” but fulfilling a future existence where psi and supernatural events were to become the “norm.”

Psychic phenomena shouldn't be looked at as “strange,” as Jesus pointed out. It happens every day to hundreds of thousands of people. Neither should illnesses concerning the brain, or “mental illnesses,” yet they are considered “strange” and “peculiar.”

Wouldn't it be a wonderful place where everyone understood each other, and mostly everything. This is what Jesus knew and tried to explain.

According to Desert Valley Radiology, the last MRI I had conducted, I have “a necrotic area of tissue resulting from failure of local blood suppy.” When I said previously I have a “dead zone” in the thalamus, I was not kidding. It seems that this dead and decaying tissue of the brain is a major factor, if not the factor, to the source of my internal psi and evident possession. This “dead zone” is a source or causation of the psi with which I have lived. And because it is “necrotic” and “dead” a revelation concerning its non-functions and non-location (the psi), has led me to conclude The Force is almost non-identifiable. This is part of the Universe. Do not think it strange.

Christ is quoted in saying a lot of things that make sense. There are some things with which I have trouble, of course. Jesus spoke of “Beelzelbub,” the leader or prince of the “demons.”

As a parapsychologist/psychonaut, I have no problem with the actual existence of demons, evil spirits, etc., and I don't have any problem with “names” attached to spirits. I do have a problem when it comes to human psychology and names arbitrarily attached to beings. They seem to be redundant, and these entities could say anything. I could be completely wrong. I just think if that's their names, we shouldn't have games played with us, and if that external entity, merely because it is invisible, shouldn't be accepted under multiple names; and possess the seeming powers they exhibit. Names, if they are real, shouldn't be a point of confusion.

If it is all a case of spirit beings working to deceive us as human beings, then it can make sense. But I believe it is more of a case of us deceiving ourselves. We stick to our belief systems tenaciously. Demons and evil spirits and ghosts play their role to the bitter end. Perhaps they don't have a choice.

The strangest things we are observing today may have a multiple causation. There are exceptional creatures encountered in North America, and the world. When it involves some of these phenomena (cryptoids) there may be “astounding” answers, and also a less dramatic solution.

There is one animal that I did not mention in the earlier chapters that I observed in the Chino Creek, or wash, which was anomalous.

In the early 1970s, I wanted to show a high school friend, Oscar Smith, this watery area, and how we used to dive off the cliffs and swim in the rapids and ponds created by the water flow. We lived in Baldwin Park, and Chino was a good fifty miles away.

Oscar worked full-time at Burbank Studios, and even, for a number of years, worked on the set of the Johnny Carson Show. He had followed in his father's footsteps. I was working part-time at a plastics company, and we were what you would call “best friends.”

There was a single lane, asphalt road, parallel with the creek on which we drove, until we reached the one spot where my friends and I would dive into the flowing water. I jumped out of the car and went immediately to the edge of the twenty-foot cliff. Oscar was still in the car.

As I stood and looked down, surfaced in the middle of the water was a magnificent turtle, at least 2 ½ to three feet long and a width of two feet. Its head was above water level. I instantly went back to get Oscar to see this “turtle,” but when we got back to the edge of the cliff, it was gone, submerged. I had never seen turtles at all in this creek. A turtle that large does not exist in North America, with the exception of the alligator snapping turtle. This was not one of them, which primarily exist in the South.

This looked more like an ocean turtle, or “loggerhead.” It blew my mind to see it there, in Chino.

I dove off that cliff countless times, and I had a good view of it. I was not mistaken, except maybe on the species. I was a zoology major, and I later confirmed that no such critter should have been there, especially in that “water wash” from agricultural canals. Perhaps one thing is interesting. There is a load of chemicals drained into that place.

Perhaps we should realize a little bit more about this “wetland.” It ultimately expands out into marshland. It is a waterfowl santuary. During season, though, duck hunting is permitted in a few areas.

As I've said in the past in a few publications, it “seems” few cryptozoologists know much about psi, and few parapsychologists realize much about cryptozoology. Some apparitions (or materializations) manifest as solid and complete as this piece of paper. And they aren't always materializations of people. Phantasms and monstrosities range from huge monster-like beasties to small animals, tissues, blood, etc.

It indeed becomes complex and difficult, as some psi materializations retain their physicality and become a permanent piece of evidence from hauntings. Is this what we are dealing with in environments outside of the typical haunted structure? Or, as with the wise investigator the conclusion is that more than one strange action is afoot. Clearly, there are biological cryptids, whether they be caused by mutations, or the factors involved make their biological existence unknown to us.

John A. Keel used to use the term “transmogrifications” which would occur for an extended period as strange creatures. Then, when they could no longer adjust to the environment, they would literally explode! No more odd beast, their matter would absorb into the ground, environs, etc. Wow!

Now, sixty or seventy years later, I believe it can be postulated that PK in combo with another significant external force, assembles these “transmogrifications,” conscously and unconsciously (collectively). They would never have existed, if we never existed. We are crucial in their creation. The problem has always been what is that external force, and how do we connect to it, to produce monsters and scary oddities?

There have been some strange creatures observed over the years – inside and outside of haunted houses – by more than one credible witness.

One strange creature (perhaps bigfoot related) very well documented and evidenced, is the three-toed bigfoot type. Even though they seem existant primarily in the Southern United States, they have occurred throughout the country, and tracks have been cast. The infamous “Fouke Monster” in Arkansas had tracks casted and recorded. It had three toes. In this and other cases, I would put on my cryptozoology hat, and suggest these creatures are “mutations” and are the result of “inbreeding” among the bigfoot population. Digits are often the first malformation within inbreeding. One also sees deformities such as four toes and adaptations such as webbing.

To put on the parapsychology hat, I personally have no doubt our presence, perceptions, and cognition play a major role in the strange, cryptozoological experience. There is also no doubt that the basic structure of our brains play a role, especially if there are many synchroncities involved in cryptozoological experiences, or if it is a monster “flap” or “rash” of sightings. It is a real parapsychology aspect.

I once investigated the case of a woman living in northeastern Oklahoma who had several experiences with a bigfoot creature she affectionally called “big boy,” and which visited her isolated, small house and property no less than four times. On one occasion the Sheriff actually was called and not only observed the creature cross the two-lane road in front of him, but shot at it twice with a 12-gauge shotgun, as it continued its stride and leaped over a four-strand barbed wire fence into a field, and disappeared.

On another occasion, it reportedly entered her barn, and when confronted by the woman (very brave, huh?), it immediately exited the back of the barn through an opening. I personally looked at this “opening,” and hardly anything, let alone a medium-sized bigfoot, could have gotten through that small opening, which was less than a foot wide. It was a framed, window type opening.

Did it shift its shape? Or was it much, much smaller than she, and the Sheriff, estimated?

She claimed and definitely saw and heard the creature exit this opening. Sometimes the impossible is possible, especially when it concerns strange phenomena, and maybe even psi in this case. (Margie Lee and Sheriff Kenneth Tosh case, Watova, Oklahoma, 1982).

I'm not saying the creature was a psychic materialization in this instance. I did not note any psi happening during these times to those witnesses.

It has always been understood from the inception of psychical research that there is probably an X(s) factor involved. And also for some time, science has concluded, or speculated, that there is an X Force, of natural universal dimensions right in front of us, but mostly undetectable by any sort of present instrumentation. It sounds a lot like psi – there but unobtainable or verifiable.

Only its effects can be confirmed, studied, and better understood. It is just as, if not more, important in the Universe and our world as rocks, gases, liquids, planets, and stars.

And it may – once understood completely – be an equally important element in our Universe as Life itself.

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