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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2018

A Very Strange “Shadow Person” Encounter

by: Brent Raynes

My friend Sandy Nichols of the Alien Research Group (ARG) out of Thompsons Station, Tennessee recently put me in touch with a man in Jefferson City, Missouri, who along with his wife, claimed a very strange, disturbing encounter.

Fearing that going public with the unusual details of their experiences could potentially cause harm to their reputations, and having children and being college educated with good jobs, they didn't wish to take any chances. Thus their identities are being withheld here, and only shared with others with whom they provide permission for doing so.

“I am going to address myself in this report only as 'Scott' and my wife only as 'A'. Even though all of us have had many experiences with lights in the sky and entities for years – mine being the longest period of time – I am only going to address mine and my wife's immediate experience. It is nothing against your magazine, but I just wish to protect our identities. I would love to share our experience here because my wife and I strongly believe that it will help others understand that they are not alone in their subsequent experiences with this thing. While this particular experience was quite unnerving for us, it was not the first time that I had experienced an entity. I hope that I cover everything here, appropriately; but by all means, feel free to share this in any capacity that you wish. I have experienced UFOs and entities my whole life, but the last three or four years have been quite intense. Because of this increase in activity, we made the decision to purchase several commercial Arlo until cameras with the hope of capturing images of the events around the house.

“My wife, 'A,' and I experienced what we have termed a 'shadow person' in the early morning hours of September 12, 2017. But a noticeable increase in strange things had been occurring in the house since we moved to Jefferson City in 2014. A month after moving to our current home, I had been awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of what appeared to be synthesized male voices humming in the room. The room was void of anything other than my wife and me. Over the course of the next three years, my wife and I had experienced growling in the room, the loud crunching of bones at the foot of our bed, smoke alarms turning on in the early morning and shutting off independently, two subsequent years in a row of a sngle bat getting into the house, and a drastic increase of lights bouncing across the sky and down close to our back deck. Amidst this activity, we decided to purchase a small dog for the family. One early morning our dog became very agitated at something next to our bedroom door, and she became so frightened that she ran from our room and up to our youngest child's room – where we found her resting at the foot of his bed with her ears plastered to her head. We have since smelled the scent of cigarettes and strong perfumes in the room in the middle of the night, which neither belong to us. In June and July 1917 respectively, both my wife and I witnessed a bright green light and something which appeared to be a black floating blob in our bathroom. Our dog witnessed this black ball and began growling at it, until it quickly flew from the bathroom. Later on the same evening of July, 'A' described what she called a man in a black cloak and hat standing in the shower when she entered into the bathroom.

“But on September 12, 2017, at exactly 4:10 a.m. (verified by camera recording) our dog suddenly began barking and snorting extremely aggressively in the direction of the bedroom door. 'A' and I both woke immediately and began to search with our eyes for what she was directing her attention at. I suddenly caught sight of a large black head peering around the corner of our opened bedroom door, and at first believed it was my oldest son coming to ask us a question (we had went to bed at 7 o'clock earlier the previous night and I immediately believed it was only 10 o'clock on the same night). I yelled our oldest son's name, thinking after a few seconds of our dog barking hysterically that he was simply aggravating her (he loves doing this kind of stuff). The entity did not make a sound, but quickly jumped back as though it was trying to stay out of my line of sight. 'A' turned toward me and witnessed what appeared to be the same black entity standing right next to my side of the bed. Neither the dog nor I witnessed anything close to my side of the bed. But my wife's attention quickly turned toward the entrance of our bedroom door, where she, too, could now see the humanoid shape of a pure black shadow person standing at its entrance. We both began yelling at the entity, still believing that it was our oldest son. Once we realized that it was not our son, we both became pretty anxious. 'A' began frantically searching for her eyeglasses and her Maglite which she normally keeps next to her side of the bed. She also began yelling for our livng room Alexa unit, hoping to turn the living room light on using voice command. The dog's frantic and incessant barking was loud and the room was absolute chaos – drowning out any hope of her activating the Alexa unit.

“Just as my wife gave a vested attempt to turn over to find her glasses, the entity suddenly moved out in front of the bedroom door, providing me with a complete view of its entire body. It was tall – approximately six foot – and was built like a muscled football running back. 'A' and I got a really good view of this entity, and both agreed later that it looked like a three-dimensional shadow with no discernable eyes that we could see. 'A' continued to scream for Alexa to activate and our dog continued to bark frantically. Suddenly, the shadow man stood straight up from its slight crouched position and faced directly at me. Much to our shock, it suddenly grew to the approximate size of nine feet tall and entered into the bedroom. As it did this, I could feel a strange sensation throbbing in my head and could visually see what appeared to be waves of energy coming toward me face. 'A' said that she felt like she was in a bubble, with the sound of our dog being drowned out by this vacuum. We learned later that the moment this book place our Arlo camera strangely shut off prematurely (it recorded only the first 20 seconds of what was supposed to be a full two-minute programmed recording time). The entity floated toward the foot of our bed and suddenly became a fully-colored figure resembling a man that 'A' and I both knew very well – he had passed away nearly ten years prior. The entity, now, appeared to have a red-checkered flannel shirt on and blue jeans. It looked as though it was wearing a very noticable rubber Halloween mask of the individual that we once knew (it even appeared to have eyeglasses on), which I could see but my wife could not. The entity, then, began to speak to me; and while 'A' heard nothing, I could distinctly hear what appeared to be a deep, dark voice which muttered something to me undiscernible.

“Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the entity floated back to the doorway and out it. It shrunk back down to a size which appeared to both of us to be a small four-foot child. Then it increased back to its original six-foot size almost instantly. 'A,' extremely agitated at the Alexa, stood up yelling angrily at the bot to turn on the livng room light. The entity broke its mental connection to me suddenly and as quick as lightning disappeared from the door and apparently vanished in our kitchen in a blinding bluish-white flash which lit up the entire hallway and closet door adjacent from our bedroom. Our dog remained extremely hostile and her barking set our Arlo camera back off again for the second time. (Note: our Arlo camera unit is motion and audio activated and was set for two-minute intervals, but the dog's barking set it off each subsequent time – not the entity.) As a result of the incident, our dog and I had a slight case of PTSD for about two months. Our dog continued to growl at something in our living room for the nest two months. I had problems sleeping at night, so my wife purchased three salt lamps: two for our bedroom and one for our living room. We now have positioned our Arlo camera inside the bedroom and three others scattered throughtout the house for obvious reasons. The entity has not returned since that night, but I have continued to see lights in the sky periodically and have had something physically touch me and shake the bed while we are sleeping. However, our dog continues to see things in our home in the daytime and she occasionally barks and chases after something in our bedroom. I cannot stay at the house by myself without leaving the bedroom, living room, and bathroom lights on – day or night.”

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