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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2019


Creation, Entropy, & Destiny in Freedom To Change

by: Dr. Greg Little

Ancient Native American cultures believed that each of us came into this world with a destiny. In addition, they believed that there were some guidelines handed down to us about how to conduct our lives and interact with others. If you followed the road your destiny presented to you, and you conformed your behavior to the guidelines, you were on your True Path.

These old concepts and spiritual ideas are relevant today, perhaps even more so given the multitude of possibilities modern life presents to us. What we tried to do in the book “Freedom To Change” (2019; Little, Prachniak, & Prachniak) was take these ancient concepts and blend them into a modern self-help book with practical and usable advice. In truth, it is more of a coaching book, or more specifically, a self-coaching or “self-mentoring” book. The concept behind self-coaching is that you model your decisions and actions based on what the person you are trying to become would do. In the book we have a list of important characteristics that a mentor probably should display; things like honesty, awareness, and many other attributes, but here the focus is on something more ancient.

One of the most interesting ancient concepts incorporated into “Freedom To Change” is the idea that there are two opposing forces always at work in life and that they are mostly (or always) in balance. These are the processes of creation and entropy. The idea of entropy is that all of nature has a type of predictable chaos and that the moment something comes into being, it begins to degrade and break down—that is entropy. Modern physics tells us that everything has a basic lifespan before it degrades. In essence, everything changes, and unless active efforts are made to maintain whatever a person creates in life, it will eventually break down because of entropy. On the other hand, from the result of entropy, new creation emerges.

These two seemingly opposite forces (entropy and creation) apply to everything. They apply to buildings and structures of all kinds, objects, businesses of all kinds, jobs, relationships, and anything else you can think of. Whatever a person creates in life, at the moment of its creation the process of entropy begins. You can prolong the functions and the essence of whatever you create through adjusting to changes, doing constant maintenance, and staying aware and responsive, but eventually, all things change.

In sum, in Freedom To Change, we referenced three truths that have been mentioned in many other places. These are: You were born, you are going to die, and in between those events, things will change. That is, you were created, entropy will eventually catch up with you, and along the way a lot of things are going to change. Understanding and accepting those truths is important, but taking responsibility and control over how you respond to the changes is what the book is primarily about.

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