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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2020

Spectral Intrusions Revisited:
The Geomagnetic Energy Theory of UFO Phenomena

by: Dr. Greg Little

Some 27 years ago (1993) I started a long series of articles in Alternate Perceptions detailing what I called “The Geomagnetic Energy Theory of UFO Phenomena.” Alternate Perceptions was then a printed magazine sold on newsstands across the country and it also had a fair number of mail subscribers. Things have changed, of course, and everything about magazines, books, and print materials has changed.

I used a consistent subtitle for the article series on Geomagnetic Energy entitled “Spectral Intrusions.” It was meant to imply that the UFO phenomenon—as well as a host of related paranormal phenomena—represents an intrusion from the electromagnetic energy spectrum that interacts with human witnesses. I won’t take the time here to fully explain the electromagnetic energy spectrum (EMS), but will give only the briefest of explanations. The EMS is the scientific scale of “light” or energy waves that has at its far upper range cosmic rays. On the lowest end of the spectrum are radio waves. Visible light, found toward the middle of the EMS field, comprises less than 5% of the spectrum. Ultraviolet light is on the higher side of visible light and infrared on the lower side. The idea of it being “Geomagnetic” refers to geological forces in and on the Earth being involved with the generation of electromagnetic fields that are associated with plasma formations. If your ideas about “plasma” come from early skeptics of UFOs, you should understand that plasma physics has come a long, long way from the 1950s and 60s.

The Geomagnetic Energy theory that I discussed in the article series was gradually developed and put forth in three of my earlier books: The Archetype Experience (1984); People of the Web (1990); and Grand Illusions (1994). I can take no credit (or responsibility) whatsoever for the basic idea. The earliest (somewhat scientific) formulations of the spectral intrusion idea, as far as I know, came from Carl Jung and John Keel, both whom reached the same conclusions—while coming from radically different perspectives. Few people back in the 60s and 70s understood what John Keel stated about UFOs and the paranormal, and many of those who studied the phenomena have simply refused to consider Keel’s ideas. In brief, those who insist that UFOs are “nuts and bolts” craft from non-terrestrial assert Keel’s ideas don’t apply to UFOs. Even fewer understood what Jung theorized about UFOs and some related phenomena. Almost everyone who has written about what Jung “said or wrote” seem to conclude that Jung asserted it’s all psychological and a myth—with no basis in reality. The ways in which Jung and Keel were interpreted by the UFO field some four decades ago are essentially the same way they are interpreted today. The primary theorists who today take Keel and Jung’s speculations and ideas seriously are found in the field of paranormal investigation rather than UFOs.

Lest some skeptics decide to attack the idea that Jung and Keel were the first to propose the ideas, let me add the following. I am well aware that many earlier individuals (occultists, psychics, and others) believed that changes in vibrational frequencies were responsible for psychic manifestations of many kinds. However, while the Geomagnetic Theory does focus on “vibrational frequencies,” it is about frequencies on the EMS.

In brief, the Geomagnetic Energy Theory suggests that highly charged plasma fields are formed from certain tectonic and geological events. They occur frequently in certain areas that have unique geologic characteristics. There are configurations of rock, fault lines, water movement, and aspects of earthen formations involved. There are also several weather conditions involved, all of which can, when combined, create what are typically called window areas. These are areas where paranormal or UFO events frequently occur. The plasma formations have powerful electromagnetic fields associated with them. The plasmas interact in very exotic ways with those who witness them and the effect is related to the proximity of the observer to the field and the field’s relative strength. There are also certain hereditary/biological factors in the observers that have an influence on the resulting manifestation and experience. The interaction between the plasma and the observer can result in every type of paranormal event known. (This will be detailed in later articles.) The plasmas can take on a physical shape that is partly determined by the observer and other factors. (These unmentioned “other factors” are more related to Jung’s speculations.) Physical and observable manifestations occur when a plasma energy field exists and alters its frequency to the range of visible light. That is what “spectral intrusion” means. However, this is much, much more than a natural energy phenomenon. The theory also asserts that the plasmas, for lack of a better term, have a real intelligence and purpose. In the article series from decades ago I made several summary lists of the theory and its propositions. Here are 10 of those propositions made in the Winter 1996 issue of Alternate Perceptions.

1. The phenomenon has been with us for all recorded history. Manifestations have been variously called angels, fairies, Jinn, gods, and related terms. Shaman and medicine people have interacted with the phenomenon and learned to merge with it over centuries of practice and trial and error.
2. The phenomenon adjusts to the culture in which it manifests. The expectations and beliefs of the observers influence the form the manifesting energy takes.
3. The phenomenon is directly tied to electromagnetic energy (EM) generated by plasmas through earth energies and processes.
4. Experiments focusing electromagnetic fields on human subjects have proven that paranormal experiences and UFO experiences can be induced by focusing specific EM frequencies on specific brain structures.
5. Many legitimate UFO and abduction experiences appear to be directly related to geologically-created plasmas that are sustained in certain frequencies and energy ranges. As the frequencies change, the color, shape, and visibility of the “objects” that appear will change.
6. The vast majority of genuine UFO reports are anomalous lights. Nearly all of these legitimate “unknowns” are plasma-based EM phenomena. Many other sightings of “saucer-shapes,” orbs, and humanoid beings are plasma-based EM phenomena.
7. Witnesses who are within proximity to the EM fields emitted by the plasmas have their brain chemistry altered resulting in a host of possible paranormal phenomena. This is also the mechanism in which an interaction occurs between the witnesses and the plasma manifestation.
8. Some people are more able to perceive and interact with the EM forces due, quite simply, to either the amount of magnetite present in the brain or due to subtle neurotransmitter/receptor site differences in individuals. In brief, some people are susceptible to interacting with EM energy and others are not. Genetics may determine one’s experiences and beliefs about the paranormal and some people are not at all affected by EM fields.
9. EM manifestation experiences are created by a complex interaction between the percipients’ cultural expectations (and other psychological factors) with the specific “purpose” of the EM field. That is, the plasma’s form and its effects can be modified and affected by the expectations of the observers. What this means is that the paranormal manifestation adapts to the observer.
10. The EM manifestations have an intelligence and purpose of their own. Keel mentioned this aspect without giving definitive answers. However, Jung gave very deep answers to the purpose. The purpose may exceed human understanding. However, the phenomenon of synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) is often initiated and put into motion by interacting with EM manifestations.

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