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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2020

UFO presence haunted family in Indonesia

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Bogor, Indonesia
Date: February 2017
Time: afternoon

The witness identified only as Mbak X had just returned home from work on her motorbike. It was a hot, sunny, and slightly cloudy day. Her house was located close to an Air Force Base, so she was used to seeing helicopters and the like. When she arrived home, she suddenly noticed a strange light moving in the sky that suddenly comes to a stop. Mbak turns off her motorbike and stares at the light which now moves in a zigzagging motion and then suddenly stops again. The light then descends at high speed and seems to become larger. Being alone she decides to go into her home, but later that night something strange occurred. As they were getting ready to go to bed her husband suddenly sees a bright orange light outside the window which illuminates the bedroom. Not knowing why, Mbak became very frightened and attempted to hide, her heart pounding loudly. She then heard a buzzing sound, like the sound of an exceptionally large bee and suddenly a glowing ball appears inside the bedroom. The glowing ball radiated heat, was very dazzling and appeared to be throbbing, seemingly “scanning” the couple. Mbak felt as if the ball was “doing something to her head”. Soon the ball disappears, and her next memory is of waking up in the morning feeling very dizzy.

Days later Mbak and her son reported experiencing memory loses, waking up late not knowing when she had gone to sleep. Her son also reported several moving shadows in the kitchen, and some objects in the house were found in different locations from where they were originally. On several occasions, her soon woke up sleeping on the floor after having gone to bed on the mattress the night before. Even stranger, Mbak reportedly received a message from the visitors that explained that the moon did not belong to Earth, and they had a specific purpose on Earth, and that every race or species had a specific purpose, or goals/interests greater than can be understood by humans. They mentioned the “Tree of Life” that is where everything begins.

Source: https://betaufoindonesia.blogspot.com/search/label/encounters

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