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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2020

What About The “Evil” Ones?

by: Joseph Burkes, MD

From the popular UFO literature and film productions the leading races of beings that play the role of the “heavies” are the so-called Grays and Reptilians.


We are forever projecting on others the darkest fears that we harbor within. UFOs are a great mystery. The terrible uncertainty that experiencers find themselves in causes some to seek relief by accepting the wildest scenarios as explanations.


For over 20 years I did contact work, intensely from 1992 to 1997 when I was a CE-5 Working Group Coordinator and sporadically in subsequent years. On several occasions, I have been less than a mile from visual displays appearing as disks and triangles that were consistent with what one might call “ET spacecraft.” On rare occasions, I have experienced limited telepathic communication with beings that I was led to believe were probably ET in nature. On no occasion was any member of my teams ever injured, nor deliberately frightened by UAP intelligences. The dangers always came from humans. Back in the 1990s, phones of people in our contact network were tapped and we received threatening calls. There was also some pretty heavy-handed surveillance of our teams while in the field.

One individual impersonated me on the internet sending phony emails to my friends. The most frightening event was the occasion when our group was shot at while doing contact work in Mexico. This was at the base of Popocatepetl Volcano in 1993.

In my opinion, we can better get to know this otherness that experiencers now call “ET,” not by telling scary stories in the dark, but by going out in groups of our fellow humans and engaging them, physically, mentally and if possible, spiritually. To do less, I fear will doom us to be slaves of our darkest terrors.

So when it comes to stories of the “evil Reptilians” I think we should all be willing to entertain a competing narrative.


Thus, I urge all UFO truth seekers to consider engaging flying saucer intelligences in group settings, along the lines done by contact groups like Rahma originally from Peru and other networks. In my judgment, these efforts have been proven safe and effective.

These past two decades I have learned so much about the mechanisms of the contact experience. I am sure others that take on this exciting, albeit controversial volunteer work will be similarly rewarded. The challenge is that once a person has listened to so many frightening tales of alleged ET abuse, no amount of intellectual discussion or reassurances from contact activists can dissuade the fear that many veteran UFO researchers feel when contemplating such a bold plan of action as going out to meet them.

The possibility of facilitating one’s own UFO sightings is always an exciting prospect. So much so that I continue to promote the efforts of experiencers that I call the “The Contact Underground."

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