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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2020

Hosted by Brent Raynes

Rob Capsopoulos was born in Chicago, IL and raised in both Illinois and Alabama. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Political Science at the University of North Alabama after moving permanently to Alabama around the age of 24. He currently works in security with the Federal Government, but in his spare time enjoys sketching, music, and repairing frequent water leaks in his current home.

Loren Peters Capsopoulos was born in Florence, AL, but raised in Alabama, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. She attended the University of North Alabama, earning degrees in History, Sociology, and Counseling. She currently works as the Director of the Marion Forensic Unit, which is in Hamilton, AL. In her spare time, she has interests in animal rights, has studied herbs, world religions, magical beings, and archeology. She writes children’s books as a side hobby. Rob and Loren live in an old farm house on 12 acres of wooded land in Northwest Alabama, which has an interesting past and paranormal activities. They are the authors/illustrators of IzHe – Adventures of a Southern Dog, Izhe Goes West, and are completing the 3rd book of the series, IzHe Meets Cathy Ann. The books are available on Amazon.

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