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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2021

Hosted by Brent Raynes

Pamela Nance is an archaeologist and anthropologist by degree, with minor degrees in religion & sociology and recently retired from Wake Forest University School of Medicine following a 30 year career in the field of public health and biostatistical sciences in clinical trial research. Pamela is a seasoned investigator in the survival of consciousness after death, a trained healing touch practitioner, past life regressionist & hypnotherapist, and a trained shaman utilizing Michael Harner’s method “Way of the Shaman.”

Pamela has a keen interest in the paranormal after experiencing unexplained ET and spirit phenomena throughout her life, an OBE as a teen and an NDE in her early 30s. She formalized her interests in the field twelve years ago when she and Ashley Field began investigating historic sites as paranormal investigators. During those investigations, it became apparent the team was not communicating with disincarnates who chose to remain in the Earth’s astral plane due to unresolved issues and were therefore trapped as ghosts. What the team encountered was an intelligent, interactive population that is not dead but REAL energy beings who want to be known and heard. These beings actually exist in another dimension of space/time that we are unable to see. A few years into their work as paranormal investigators, they began to ask the beings ‘where are you?’ and received ‘portal and wormhole’, and it was those responses that moved them onto the path of quantum theory study.

Pamela has presented her research and evidence to dozens of professional & student groups, including The Rhine Research Center & Institute for Parapsychology at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. She appeared on The Discovery Channel, A&E and the Travel Channel, and co-produced a 2014 documentary film entitled “Dead History.” Pamela has appeared in a number of radio & TV engagements, as well as numerous newspaper articles. Her current work includes a movie-podcast, radio & podcasts interviews and a potential film project in 2021.


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