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Encounters with the Unknown

with Sharon of OK

By Brent Raynes

Back in 1984, I engaged in some correspondence with a lady named Sharon out in Oklahoma. Sharon described being psychic and had seen ghosts, a spook light, gnome-like entities, etc. It seems that her mom and dad also had their share of paranormal experiences as well.

Here are her personal accounts:

“I do indeed believe I am psychic. I have seen several ghosts and always see aura of both people and inanimate objects. Mother and I had the usual agreement of contacting the other one after death. I think she tried to do that, and then just washed her hands of me. The morning after she died, I walked through her living room and out of the corner of my eye I saw an elfin figure sitting high on a piece of furniture, waving its arms. I could not see it square on. My dad also saw this for days and it frightened him.

“Mother was a Cherokee. She sensed something funny about the backyard one night. I think she arose without turning on any lights. There in the back yard was a man-like figure covered with long white hair. He knelt and reached deep into the outside fish pond. Then he sensed mother looking. He was joined by another. Then they just disappeared. The next day the algae at the bottom of the pond had deep scratches on it. Mother thought they took water lily samples, etc.

“The white, furry men mother saw seemed to disappear in a ‘straight up’ motion.

“When I was 17, in the same town, there was a local ‘spook light.’ Most of the kids used that area for a lover’s lane. But I went down there every night and tormented that light. It grew to know me. Finally I saw it as it really was. I started up an incline to a one lane bridge. Something as tall as my car on end, with scaly wet skin was ‘looking’ at me. It was as if it had 25 light bulbs hanging at random, and blinking at me. I think they were its eyes. I thought it was time to leave. I was executing a turn about when my trusty car quit momentarily. An ordinary light followed me a ways. Then (it) faded out. Since mother had never seen me so frightened she suggested we take her car back down there after hearing what I’d seen. We did. We sat in the darkness awhile. Suddenly the world was illuminated in a large circle around us. We could feel the heat.

“The heat generated by the light over mother’s car did not cause us to sweat, but we no longer needed our sweaters. It was a pleasant warmth. I guess this lasted about three minutes.

“It was 1965. That same year, I had a terrible car wreck. A girl died in an accident I had. She was the only one I could take with me and have the spook light do its little dance, etc. It didn’t like the other kids. It liked people like myself who were loners. One night I had Mary with me and the spook light came up to the car, rested on one fender and then the other front fender. At that time we could see it was three lights in one. It looked nothing like the scaly creature. But they were somehow related.

“My friend died in that car wreck about a week after the lights laid on the hood of my car and did its little dance.”

Apparently the bridge monster encounter was two or three weeks later. “It felt evil and I’m convinced it was looking at me,” she added.

Sharon also described a haunted apartment that she lived in at one time. She wrote:

“The haunted apartment was one of four. An old woman occupied one, I another. The landlord wanted to know why no one could stay in the other two! So the old lady (jokingly) told him. I don’t think he took her seriously.

“These ghosts were mischievous midgets. None stood over three feet tall. They were brightly dressed gnomes – old men with watch fobs over their vests, and potbellies. The old ladies were pretty cute too, but they didn’t have to have their cocktail party in my bedroom! I woke up to the party already well in progress and of course the overhead light was on. I was perfectly ignored by these beings (was I looking into another dimension?). I had to get up in the morning, and not being afraid of anything I actually turned over and went back to sleep despite their noise. They left no mess, but it was not a dream.

“The old lady, in the apartment underneath, was named Gregg. She was a retired nurse. During the depression my bedroom had served as a nursery. My kitchen was an operating room.

“Gregg fell asleep in her chair one day and awoke to find one of the midgets smiling in front of her. Gregg snatched at her with her hands, and of course the specter disappeared at point of contact.

“These spirits would swipe my rings and earrings. (They kept my pearly studs over a year). They would turn on all the other lights in my apartment and all faucets, just to wake me up at odd hours. They pinched my cats.

“My first intimation of their presence came a few weeks after moving in. I was still married then. The cover had slipped off and someone slapped my bottom soundly. I nearly strangled my husband before I showed him where ‘he’d’ hit me. There was a perfect outline of a child-sized hand on my bottom!!

“This house still stands, but Gregg has died. She only saw one normal sized ghost there, obviously a former patient. I saw only midgets and none ever spoke to me, although I cursed them often – for playing with my jewelry, etc.”

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