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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, June 2022

The Science of Subtle Energy:
The Healing Power of Dark Matter
by Yury Kronn, Ph.D., with Jurriaan Kamp
Foreword by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Inner Traditions
Bear & Company
One Park Street
Rochester, Vermont 05767

May 2022, 224 pages, 6 x 9 Paperback, U.S. $18.99
48 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-64411-452-0

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

The main author of this book, Yury Kronn, Ph.D. (1935-2021), who acquired his doctorate at Russia's Gorky University and was awarded a Doctor of Sciences from Moscow's Lebedry's Institute of Physics, is regarded as a renowned scientist, inventor, and a leading theoretician in physics. He wrote more than 80 scientific articles, and the last 30 years of his life were dedicated to researching subtle energy physics. He concluded that science's nearly exclusive focus on the energies of the electromagnetic spectrum had failed to address the remaining 96% of the energies that he believed fell under the categories of "dark matter" and "dark energy.” Kronn felt that what ancients had referred to as a life force, prana, or chi, significantly touched upon truly real and very beneficial energies that modern man has largely overlooked.

Kronn described modern experiments with this subtle energy that proved to have repeatable and predictable results. As Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., noted in his Foreword: "While we are aware that electromagnetic waves become weaker over time and space, the energy in Kronn's experiments is not affected by distance and time. Consciousness is not an electromagnetic field."

Hmm. Sounds like quantum physics and its non-local reality to me!

And so, in the framework of today’s thinking and discussions we’re touching upon quantum theory, and indeed what sounds like dark matter, and of course findings also from the field of parapsychology. Kronn describes the works of such pioneering and distinguished scientists like Dean Radin., Valerie Hunt, Claude Swanson, Chinese physicists doing experiments with qi gong master Dr. Yan Win and many, many others whose research and experiments are rediscovering and redefining these subtle energies ancients called prana, chi, Qi, or what Lao-Tzu called “energy waves.” Regular scientific tools at present are described here as not well adapted to detecting these energies, but gradually acupuncture meridians, the so-called chakras, and various new methods for demonstrating and utilizing such subtle energies are emerging. Hopefully, Dr. Kronn’s extensive research has helped to lay the needed groundwork for breakthroughs in science that will greatly benefit future humankind.

Notice to our readers: Dr. Gregory L. Little’s first book on UFOs back in 1984, entitled The Archetype Experience: Resolving the UFO Mystery and the Riddle of Biblical Prophecy Using C. G. Jung’s Concept of Synchronicity, is available once again in paperback for $14.95.


This version also contains additional commentary by the author, partly relevant to the 2022 book Origins of the Gods, coauthored with Andrew Collins. First published in 1984, The Archetype Experience was the initial UFO-related book of a trilogy authored by Greg Little. The book is a follow-up to Carl Jung’s 1959 book, Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky. But the book is only partly about UFOs. It is also about the occult, spiritualism, paranormal phenomena, religion, and the belief that Armageddon is near. It is about the nature of prophecy and the conflict of good and evil.

Also Dr. Gregory L. Little’s much praised 1990 classic People of the Web, with an introduction by Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz and a Foreword by me, has just been re-released on Amazon for $44.99 as a hardcover edition and $17.95 in Paperback.

Here’s the Amazon link

This is an exact reprint of the original 1990 version of what was hailed as a "cult classic" by several reviewers. This re-release also contains added 2022 commentary by Dr. Greg Little. In this provocative book, the reader is led on an adventure through Native American sites and rituals, other sacred sites around the world, the realm of UFO abductions, paranormal phenomena, and much more. The book seeks to answer various enigmas and mysteries including archaeoastronomy, the intentions and results of ancient rituals, apparitions of the Virgin Mary, near death experiences, and the reality of the spiritual world.

In addition, also just re-released once again, Dr. Gregory Little’s very thought-provoking 1994 page-turner Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual UFO Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Sites, and Other Enigmas, has also just been re-released, with a Foreword and Afterword by me.

Here’s an Amazon link to it

Grand Illusions was initially published in 1994 as the third book on enigmas and bizarre phenomena authored by Gregory L. Little. This reissue contains the full scanned text of the original book plus extensive 2022 commentary by the author. Densely illustrated, with commissioned illustrations by artist and film Director J. Michael McCarthy, the book is an adventure covering sacred ancient sites, crashed saucers, alien abductions, and ancient reports. The books shows how abductions, apparitional phenomena, and the UFO enigma are tied together by the electromagnetic energy spectrum.

Sunday, July 03, 2022