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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2022

Origins of the Gods & More

by: Dr. Greg Little

It has been quite a while since I wrote an article for Alternate Perceptions, but there are good reasons for my absence. I spent 2015 to 2021, at least for a considerable amount of my time, attending to my 96-year-old father. Of course, there was and is the pandemic and all the restrictions that accompanied it… plus all kinds of disruptions in my profession from the pandemic. In addition, I worked on a new book entitled “Origins of the Gods,” which I coauthored with Andrew Collins. That book was completed and sent to the publisher in 2020, but supply chain issues and all the other problems from the pandemic delayed the publication until mid-2022. It is now available everywhere in the US in eBook, audio, and paper formats. However, the physical copies of the book aren’t available in the UK until June. Since the book’s release in the US, the book has been a #1 bestseller in several Amazon categories including “Unexplained Mysteries,” “Shamanism,” and “Native American Religion.”

Because my earlier three books on UFOs, plus an Introduction I authored in another book, were heavily featured in this new book, we reissued the earlier books with new commentary. Used copies of these early books are hard to find and quite expensive. The books, their original year of issue, and links to the updated versions can be found below.

The Archetype Experience (1984)

People of the Web (1990)

Grand Illusions (1994)

LightQuest (2012)

Origins of the Gods

This new book can be viewed in several ways. It’s about UFOs, ancient aliens, shamanism, and the paranormal. Or it’s about archaeology and physics. Or it’s about religious rituals, incredible relics, and beliefs. Or abductions, contactees, and psychics. Or all of it. The book covers the entire range of the paranormal and it has something in it that will probably irritate everyone and anyone. It is different, and it tries to account for everything we know.

I have done about 20 or so “podcasts” and radio shows on this new book and Andrew Collins has done at least as many, if not more. It’s odd to say this, but nearly everything discussed in these many podcasts is pretty unique and different. Below is a list of just some of these:

Mysterious Universe (Greg Little)

Mind Escape (Andrew Collins)

Ancient Aliens Worldwide (Andrew Collins)

Dr. Pat Radio Show (Greg Little)

Paranormal IRL (Greg Little)

Forbidden Knowledge Network (Greg Little)

Gralien Report (Greg Little)

Sunday, July 03, 2022