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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2023

A Bizarre Alien Encounter in Germany

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Lake Lintel, near Rheda Wiedenbruck, Germany
Date: mid-August 1981
Time: 06:00 a.m.

Mr. X. X. a 55-year-old Polish exile living in Germany was bicycling near the lake when he noticed an angler that appeared to be very uneasy. Suddenly above the water he noticed a gigantic UFO at a distance of about 100-150 meters and an altitude of about 15-20 meters above the lake’s surface. The UFO had no windows and was shaped like a deep upside-down saucer. He could not explain how the saucer remained floating above the waters and thought that it might fall at any moment. He looked back at the angler and noticed that the man was surrounded by 2 to 3 strange looking persons, wearing strange suits. At first, he thought that the man had been a poacher and had been arrested by police. He then walked towards the UFO and came within 100 meters from it. The craft then landed on the grass near a frame house. The craft measured 30 meters in length and 7-10 meters in height. Suddenly an older woman walking a small dog appeared from behind the UFO. The witness then thought that the craft was some type of high-tech tourist attraction (the witness kept rationalizing the event).

The witness then saw an entryway on the side of the craft and stood on a kind of platform when he heard a voice from behind him and his bicycle’s bell ringing. He looked back and saw a strangely dressed figure, similar to those he had seen before surrounding the angler. The strange figure was semi-transparent and gestured to the witness to remain where he was. Suddenly the witness sensed a strange smell of burned gum and felt dizzy. He found himself inside the craft surrounded by strange creatures and sitting on an invisible bench. He was under observation by a humanoid that stood in front of him. The humanoid stared at him, and the witness turned his head to see the angler also inside the object. The humanoid communicated telepathically ordering the witness to turn over his wallet with all his identification. He did this and noticed that at the same time the angler was removing his clothing. There was another semi-transparent humanoid standing behind the witness. As the witness tried to move, he felt very light on his feet and seemed to float above the floor. He came upon what appeared to be a table with several items on it. One of the items was the severed head of a cow, missing its left eye. Inside the cow’s mouth were some wires. He also saw kid’s boots and glasses laying on top of the table. The interior of the UFO was flooded with a pink-violet glowing light. The witness has the impression that there were a lot of transparent rooms in the UFO. An alien then ordered him to enter one of the rooms. The room was gray blue in color. He began to remove his clothing and his body then assumed a vertical position. His next memory was of being in another room filled with other aliens wearing suits, which seemed to be in a hurry and totally ignored him. At one point he put his clothes back on. Inside the UFO he saw many strange things. While inside the UFO he looked out to see huge skyscrapers and numerous distant lights. The aliens then showed him a strange strip of metal, which was 5cm wide and 25 cm in length. The piece of metal appeared to changed shape. On the strip of metal appeared symbols and marks on its surface. The symbols appeared to be in 3D. He noticed that the alien’s hands were normal with five fingers but with very short nails. Soon the witness wakes up in a field about 5km away from the lake. He suffered from headaches and felt very dizzy. His watch did not work. He further described the humanoids or aliens as being about 120-150 cm in height, thin built, and asexual in appearance. Their bodies were sometimes semi-transparent and at times quite solid, especially when they approached the witness. They wore tight-fitting one-piece suits. Their movements were similar to humans. Their heads were somewhat bigger than that of human’s and hairless; they had Asiatic facial features and large colorless eyes.

Source: Marcin Mizera, CBUFOiZA Lublin, Poland
Marcin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Comments: Robert K. Lesniakiewicz translated this very interesting report.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023