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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2023

Ancient stone chambers, UFOs, Aliens, and the Paranormal

by: Brent Raynes

Artistic reconstruction by Joan Carra of Harold Egeln’s alien encounter in front of ancient stone chamber.

Harold Egeln, Jr., of New York City, claims that back in the 1990s a UFO had been seen by three witnesses on an isolated road in rural Brewster, New York. “It just suddenly appeared on the road,” he explained to me. He soon noticed three “greys who wore black robes.” They were standing near an ancient Celtic style stone chamber, one of over a hundred in Putnam County. “I walked over to them in complete comfort until they quickly vanished in five minutes,” Egelin noted. “I stood next to all three. I was happy. A sharing of thoughts with the female (being).”

Egeln was friends with John Keel and he met with Keel in a coffee shop near where Keel lived in Manhattan and told him of his experience. “Residents were contacting me saying that they saw apparitions coming in and out of these chambers, balls of light, and UFOs seemed to be seen in very close proximity to them,” ufologist Phil Imbrogno told me. He had been very involved in investigating a massive number of UFO sightings in this area of the Hudson Valley in the 1980s, joined by noted astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who himself had been actively interviewing many eyewitnesses. He added that Hynek was perplexed by the many people who described craft that were larger than a football field. He said Hynek asked, “Where do you put it during the day if it just comes out at night? How do you hide something that big?” Next, Imbrogno noted that Hynek added that perhaps they needed to look for those interdimensional “window” areas that Keel mentioned back in the 1960s, which he and his team did, which was when investigators came upon these ancient stone sites.

Egeln claims that soon after reading Whitley Strieber’s Communion and Budd Hopkins’s Intruders back in 1987 he wrote to Hopkins regarding two experiences that he had already had that he suspected may have been alien abductions. Hopkins referred Egeln to psychologist Dr. Jean Mundy in July 1988. She was looking into such cases, conducting interviews and hypnosis sessions with alleged experiencers. Egeln claimed that two months prior to meeting Dr. Mundy, he began “channeling written material” from his “abductors,” who he stated called themselves the “Ze-EM Group” from the “Za-Ar system” located in Andromeda.

At the time, Dr. Mundy was an honorary Board Member for UFOCCI (UFO Contact Center International), which had voluntary experiencer support centers located all over. I operated one here in Tennessee. “She (Mundy) was a key person in my life in the late 1980s and early 1990s,” Egeln recently informed me. “We had several discussions. She was the chief psychologist at a university hospital in New York City. She passed away in 1993.” Aileen Garroutte, director of the UFOCCI out of Federal Way, Washington, had privately shared with me this letter written to her by Egeln on January 17, 1989, in which he wrote: “Through channeled material received independently by me and a friend who is a trance-medium (but not an abductee) a brief close encounter was arranged in the woods on August 14th, 1988 near Croton Falls Reservoir in Putnam County, New York. The beings, 5 or 6 of them, approached no closer than 100 feet or so. We are planning, based on channeled information, an onboard the ship meeting with the visitors within a month or two.”

Egeln informed me, “The first time I saw them in 1988 they were floating over the ground through the woods by a lake at midnight.” When Egeln wrote Aileen he would not go public in fear of losing his job. Today retired he is no longer worried about being identified by name as an experiencer. Egeln became interested in UFOs early on. In an article he wrote for a blog called Alien Jigsaw he shared, “When I was 13 and in eighth grade, I had two UFO sightings: one of a wobbling, glowing disc, and the other that appeared to be a streaking meteor until it abruptly stopped, made a sharp right angle turn and sped off to the west. …At age 16, as I walked near the Garden State Parkway in Irvington during the daytime, just by chance I saw an elongated, transparent UFO with a blue tip at its tapered front. The craft zipped through the sky at breakneck speed without making a sound. It was around that time that I joined NICAP, the National Investigation Committee for Aerial Phenomena. I began receiving their newsletters and filing my reports on NICAP forms regarding my UFO sightings.”

Egeln also had a variety of psychic experiences during his life. He described his first “ghost” sighting back in late December 1956 while with his family in a motorcade for the funeral of his paternal grandfather at which time he claims he observed a “whitish opaque female figure flying gracefully skyward from a grave.”

In 1992, Egeln founded and became the director of the Search Project for Aspects of Close Encounters (SPACE), located in New York City. It was a support and research center for experiencers and serious researchers alike and produced a monthly print newsletter. He was a professional journalist, an amateur astronomer, and going back to the late 1960s had been a peace activist. Egeln had also served as Vice President for the NYC chapter of the National Space Society.





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