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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2023

In regards to the intriguing, thought-provoking Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt case involving impressive anomalous UFO and alien appearing super 8mm footage, described in the previous June issue of this magazine, Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s associate Mark Rodeghier recently wrote:

Hi Brent,
Sorry for the late reply to your note.
I agree that the case of Dorothy is fascinating, and she was certainly genuine and sincere in reporting what she experienced and photographed. There is little that I can add to what Hynek or Beckman said or thought about the case. I did see still photos of the footage that Allen showed a few people at his home, and talked a bit about what mundane phenomenon could have caused this. But Beckman, the photo expert, was typically reticent to talk much about his analyses, of any of his work, including this case. And I’m not even certain he was around when Hynek showed me and others the images.
I can say, as you already know, that Hynek was interested broadly in the paranormal, and especially in areas of the paranormal where one could do investigations with a chance of gathering physical evidence. (As an aside, I don’t recall him ever expressing interest in cryptozoology, but he was interested in reports of ghosts and hauntings, although only in passing).
In summary, Hynek and I didn’t engage in any lengthy discussions of Dorothy’s photography, probably in part because I was much more focused on ‘standard’ UFO cases, not what seemed more peripheral to that. But I know he was intrigued, was convinced that no hoax was involved, and that she was photographing ‘something,’ even if only mental projections from her own mind (which was one hypothesis).
We couldn’t have discussed it more than a couple of times, and nothing ever came of it, as I’m sure that it became just another odd set of events in the massive stream of data that came to his attention.
Sorry I couldn’t be more informative.

Mark Rodeghier


Hi Brent,
I was surprised to see the Peter Jordan and Chris O`Brien video the other night. I was about to go to bed but of course had to watch the whole thing. Ha ha, what else can you do when two veterans just bounce off of each other on this fascinating subject. Just kick back and let them run with it, I guess that´s what was on your mind as well when they just kept going.
Anyways, great video and looking forward to new material there. By the way, I´ve bought a copy of "People of the Web" in the meantime and am planning to read it shortly.
By sheer "coincidence" I saw that it had also been on offer in the book section of Mark Chorvinsky´s "Strange Magazine" of which I have a few copies flying around here and I guess that´s why I was oddly familiar with the title to begin with.
Hopefully you can do another round there.
Sven Freller

Sunday, June 16, 2024