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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2023

A Paranormal Investigator encounters the “gliding apparition of a girl”

by: Brent Raynes

Soon after meeting noted ufologist Donald Worley at his home in Connersville, Indiana in September 1975, I discovered that he had definite Fortean leanings too. His interests were widespread and covered many other anomalous subjects besides ufology, including a wide variety of psychic phenomena, alien abductions, the Men in Black, Bigfoot, and even cattle mutilations. There was one story he could speak about with very deep personal conviction, and that was his own encounter with a ghostly apparition.

Worley had investigated a number of intriguing, haunted locations in Indiana, and for years had also been a field investigator for the Psychical Research Foundation out of Durham, North Carolina. He admits that while on a stake out one “shocking night,” at a local location where some seven people had previously described seeing the apparition, he and a nephew observed the specter of the “gliding apparition of a girl.”

“It takes guts to ghost-watch in the silent darkness, even sitting in an auto,” Worley wrote in a report published in his local Connersville News-Examiner (October 31, 1991). “It was my nephew who first felt her brief gentle touch in his right outside ear canal. Of course, I thought he was imagining things. A little later the same thing happened to me. We were disturbed and puzzled, but we didn’t leave. This unforgettable touch awakens one to how things are in the spirit realm. There she was inside the car in unseeable disembodied form and thankfully, we couldn’t see her. Think how it could have been had she not stayed in this state. A glowing specter suddenly appears next to you in a car. If not fatal it would scare the very bejabbers out of you. Later, when she appeared on the iron bridge (she) then began to move in our direction. I thought she would glide right by us like she did one other couple. Your pulse shoots up and you go into a frozen awe state. She passed diagonally in front of us and there was that plaid skirt and white blouse that other witnesses had reported.”

Sunday, June 16, 2024