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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2023

A Simple Method to Make Contact With the Phenomenon at Mound Sites—Part 1

by: Dr. Greg Little

Native American mound sites are found almost everywhere around the United States and many people visit the sites to both see them and immerse themselves into whatever spiritual or mystical forces that may be there. I'm often asked what to do at the sites that might enhance experiences. So here is the first installment of a few recommendations I have. And it's a pretty simple—but very effective—starting point to making contact.

First, be sure to follow the rules at the sites. Take nothing and leave nothing, with one possible exception. And be respectful. Take along a small bit of tobacco, even if it is just one small pinch of leaf from a cigarette.

If you have to take your cell phone, turn it off when you start walking the site. Don't play or listen to music. Don't have bluetooth earphones in your ears. Have anything that's electronic on you turned off. Be as quiet as you can. If you are with others, don't talk much.

As you walk around such sites find a place where you would feel comfortable sitting for 5-15 minutes. Make it a place where you aren't likely to be disturbed by others. Silently drop the small bit of tobacco and mentally visualize that it's a gift to the spirit of the site. You don't need to make a spectacle of it, nor do you need to say anything out loud. (That's for the "experts.")

Then sit down and make yourself as comfortable as possible. You can sit or lie on a bench or the ground. You can lean against a tree if you like. Ideally, some part of your body, a hand or a foot should be grounded. That means it needs to touch bare earth, not grass, but bare earth. If this isn't possible in the situation, that's okay. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Then, close your eyes and "clear your mind" by mentally focusing on one thing. That one thing is sound. Just listen. Focus on the sounds at the site. Do this for at least 5 minutes, but 15 minutes is better. You'll know when to stop.

If you can hear the wind, mentally try to focus on the location and movement of the wind sounds. Try to imagine yourself as the wind. If you hear a bird, that's a good thing. Try to locate the bird by listening and imagining its position. Then, try to imagine you are the bird. The key to this is to mentally visualize a part the site from the perspective of what you will hear. The more you focus on just the sounds at the site, the more effective this simple method is. If the method works for you, you'll know it.

If you can, let me know if this works for you. Next time I'll explain a bit about why you are grounding yourself and how electromagnetic forces are involved.

Saturday, June 15, 2024