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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2023

Own Your Life and Make Life Your Own

by: Stan Prachniak, MBA

Most of us experience a structure in our lives from the time we are born all the way up to the time we graduate from high school. We don’t have much control over what we do from day to day as we are guided through the process of learning how to make it in this world on our own. After that, we have more say about what we are going to do with our lives. In most cases, it becomes our responsibility to survive in this world. Some of us accept this responsibility and begin the process of taking control, while others struggle with this process and just kind of let life take them where it may. We can choose to let things happen to us or we can take ownership of our lives and make things happen for us.

Taking ownership of your life allows you to accept the fact that you are responsible for what you do in this life. You are responsible for choosing what you do and who you will become. Of course, there are things that will happen in life you cannot control and can affect you in major ways. When you own your life you not only control what you do and how you act each day, you also decide how you will respond to unexpected circumstances. Practicing mindful decision making is an important step in taking ownership of your life.

One of the many benefits of taking responsibility for your life is that you give yourself the opportunity to make life your own. You are the one who creates goals for yourself and chooses to achieve them. You are the one who decides what the best version of you looks like and how you will act in accordance of that version of you. When you accept responsibility for yourself you begin the process of owning your life and making life your own.

"Freedom To Change" offers a way for you to take ownership of your life, and begin planning to make life your own. For more information on the Freedom To Change materials, visit www.freedom2change.org.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024