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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2023

More News from Arizona's Sedona and the Bradshaw Ranch: UFOs, Cloaking Bigfoots, Time Anomalies, and Shadow People?

by: Brent Raynes

There is a human-shaped shadow entity that we've seen numerous times with the naked eye, in the main house, and the old adobe. I caught it in one photograph as it emerged from the north door of the old adobe. - Jeremiah Horstman

Walking distance from the Bradshaw Ranch is a pictograph panel. The panel depicts a special event to the Anasazi/Pueblo People who inhabited these canyons more than 750 years ago. In the panel, one sees a line of tradition dancers, including the famous Horned Priests, and behind them, two spectators watch, as if they are the honored guests of the celebration. One, a very tall praying mantis or ant like being with red eyes, wearing a robe with vertical decoration (this being came to our attention very early in our investigation, and is a story in itself). The second being is a tall stocky figure, that was painted all except a small rectangular space where a gap in the fur for eyes might be, a white furred Bigfoot creature. The profound meaning of this pictograph panel cannot be overlooked, for it appears to show that these two beings which have been witnessed recently, were seen regularly enough by the Anasazi to be committed to the wall for posterity for centuries to come. - Jeremiah Horstman

------------------------------ "There is so much happening on this planet, Brent. I do not talk about it much on Facebook. A little bit at a time. Much of it I do not think people are ready for. I have never been a flat-out skeptic with anything, but I always maintained a healthy bit of it until I validated it for myself. Then there are all of the experiences since I moved here near Sedona 24 years ago. Some areas in the outback I avoid. I trust my gut feeling a lot about a place. If it does not feel right, I leave. In all my years I think good and evil is a universal concept. Not just limited to earth. But in all honesty, I fear humans more than any dimensional being or any extraterrestrial. They have learned to work with energies while we are still in our infancy. When you are at places like the ranch you feel entities or beings all around you. It is not a bad feeling. Just a bit unnerving until you get used to them seeing you, but you not being able to see them. Unless they want you to. It is a humbling experience."

-Email from Benjamin Lonetree, electrical engineer [October 4, 2023]

Meanwhile, back on the subject of the Bradshaw Ranch, Jeremiah Horstman continues to bring me up to speed on this site and its numerous mysteries. For example, Bigfoot. He explains to me how Bigfoot seems to be one of the main areas of interest to visitors to the ranch and how years ago the late Linda Bradshaw and her son Victor "witnessed a 9-foot creature, covered in white fur."

"Another researcher went door to door. At one ranch within three miles of Bradshaw Ranch, he asked his standard question of the man who peeked through the door, 'Have you encountered anything strange out here on your property?' The apprehensive ranch owner paused and replied, 'Strange...like what?' The researcher said, 'Just anything out of the normal.' The ranch owner said, 'You must be referring to that big white furry thing that goes through my trash can at night.' Another Sedona woman had a short visit with her son who was visiting home from the Army. After his visit, she drove him out of town to get him to Phoenix for his red eye flight. After driving past Sedona Pines, they turned the bend to go over the bridge over Dry Creek. Both saw what they thought was a big man in a baggy winter parka jogging west in their lane ahead of them. The mother hit the brakes, realizing that this was not a man out for a midnight jog in the winter, but a very large bipedal creature, covered in white fur. Illuminated fully in her headlights, the creature turned south and jumped over the side, sliding down the cliff. Clouds of dust rose from where it jumped. The mother and son rolled their windows down. Both could hear the heavy foot falls of this creature as it continued its flight down the stony dry creek bed."

"The investigation that Alexandra and I have done over a decade, has made a believer out of me, and added a much larger respect for the unknown. The phenomena here also seem to have a collective consciousness. It knows what the intentions of an individual are before they are spoken out loud. As bizarre as that sounds, there is something here that observes and listens, and it takes an active interest in some people, whereas others it ignores in silence, perhaps with contempt. I think many of these interdimensional beings can cloak themselves at will. The Bigfoot creatures, I have come to believe, are sentinels, around when the ionic activity peaks, and the portal sites are active. My theory is that they watch for an 'all clear' for other beings to pass through these ionic voids, which they seem to be able to control at will."

I mentioned to Jeremiah how what he had shared with me about all of this reminded me of what many others are describing as trickster-type elements being noticed at many of these locations of anomalous activity. "The phenomena at Bradshaw Ranch is most definitely the trickster," he replied. "It has a sense of humor and enjoys playing games."

Bigfoot Jeremiah mentioned and shared some photos of large three toed tracks he and others had encountered around the Bradshaw Ranch. I remarked on my visit in 1975 with Stan Gordon of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, a long-time UFO and Bigfoot investigator who showed me a cast of a three-toed creature in his collection. It was at this point I learned why Jeremiah no doubt felt these beings could cloak themselves. He described how he was only 13 years old back in 1991, with two of Gordon's researchers, when they had a most extraordinary experience. "I was standing beside them on September 21, 1991, when two 9-foot black fur covered Bigfoot creatures jumped out of a tree line right in front of us. The creatures had their shoulders turned to look away from us. When everyone hit these two creatures with their flashlights at the command, the creature behind the first one turned its shoulders (it didn't appear to have a neck) to look at us. I remember big round green eyes, wide set, glowering at us as they ran. That trailing creature bolted faster and bumped into the one in the lead. The lead creature then turned its shoulders to look at us. As they ran from our right to left, they began to fade out into a transparent form and in seconds disappeared from sight. One of those men, a chemist from the university, knelt down, put his hand on my shoulders, and told me the rare numerical statistic of what we all had witnessed that night. He said, 'You will never forget what you just saw tonight!' It has driven me on to more investigating."

"At that time, there were few people who went on the record about Bigfoot creatures cloaking themselves or having some ability to transcend into another dimension when in peril."

Lo and behold, I discovered that two of Gordon's investigators, Paul Johnson and Joan Jeffers, who I had met back in 1976, had written a book, entitled Pennsylvania Bigfoot, and while it's out of print, Bigfoot researcher Brian Seech and his wife Theresa managed to copy Jeremiah's story from that book for me. "Joan, a very nice lady, came out to stake-out that same property with Paul Johnson in that period as well," Jeremiah recalled. "I recall sitting on a bench with her leaning on her cane on one side, and Paul on the other. Two incredible investigators with impeccable instincts. Paul went down there one night by himself. It had rained on a summer night and was extremely muggy. Clouds of mosquitoes were everywhere. He had his cap on, and his tall cup of gas station coffee. He walked to the tree line which had a tall thick belt of briars, berry bushes and undergrowth below it. He suddenly caught a wave of the overpowering odor that at times (not always) accompanied the creatures. He bent over to smell the foliage to see if perhaps the creatures had pushed through at that point and left their odor on the foliage. As he bent down, the whole bush seemed to rise in an instant. A large hairy arm brushed upwards over his nose, knocking his cap off of his head. He stumbled backward, trying to compose himself from the shock. He told me that it sounded like a bulldozer rolling through the forest as he had startled the creature that was so near."

Unexplained Patches of Light

"A few days ago, Alexandra and I were at Bradshaw Ranch with two people who had never been there," Jeremiah messaged on October 9th. "After dark, we witnessed a phenomena that has occurred there four times previous in front of us. Square patches of land being illuminated with light from an unseen source above. As if scanning the land. A patch would light up, about 50 feet square, wink out, then another patch just to the north of that. It would wink out and the pattern continued to the north. When it started, everyone shouted, 'Look, look, look!' It was the fifth time in all these years that Alexandra and I had witnessed this at the ranch." "Melinda Leslie witnessed it with her tour group of 12 people on September 27th. We returned to our folding chairs near to the front gate and continued our stake-out. Approximately one hour later we witnessed another patch light up, just once. It was a perfect triangle on the west hill. It occurred to me later, that you, Ben Lonetree and I had been discussing triangles just before. I believe that collective consciousness that resides there was demonstrating its power by showing us that it 'listens' to our conversations and wanted us to know it by showing us the subject of which we communicated here in messages. A perfect triangle, all by itself for just over one second."

The first frame is from video footage taken of UFOs over the west hill at Bradshaw Ranch. Less than three miles away, a pictograph panel depicts much the same triangular pattern. Coincidence?

History Channel

"We have been very quiet about our investigations until just last year when the History Channel contacted Tom Dongo," Jeremiah explained. "He was not feeling too well at the time and had nearly died from a health issue. He didn't want to spend three weeks in the cold at the ranch with the film crew, so he asked us if we would help out. For Tom, our good friend, we decided to assist in the production."

My friend Peter Jordan, a long-time investigative journalist who has devoted a huge amount of his time through the years to researching and investigating a large range of anomalous phenomena, sent me a link to a History Channel segment of Beyond Skinwalker Ranch: Suspicious Military Activity at Bradshaw Ranch. It was pretty shocking. I submitted it to Jeremiah and wanted to know in his opinion how credibly done the reporting had been (and will include the link here).


Jeremiah's response was, "Yes, this show is authentic. There was no acting or staged scenarios. I worked with them in the three weeks of December that they were on location here. Episode #1 and episode #5. Tom Dongo recommended Alexandra and I to the producers as we had more time on the property investigating than anyone else he knew. 11 years as of this summer, 10 years as of when the History Channel crew came. Once, sometimes twice a week on the ranch. Our persistence paid off, as we witnessed a great deal of phenomena, and interviewed numerous other witnesses about their experiences." Time Anomalies Time anomalies was another mystery that Jeremiah shared with me. "Tom Dongo was there with a professional film crew. I think from BBC. Their gear was stacked on palates in front of the windmill and a grip stood there with a handheld radio to retrieve anything from the gear that the unit needed. Being by himself, he had to urinate. He turned to look behind him and saw bushes behind the windmill. he walked quickly up the slope and behind the bushes. While relieving himself, he heard a rush of horse hooves and whinnying horses. Thinking that to be weird, because he thought the ranch to be abandoned. Walking back down the hill, he saw one of the production team standing in his place. The man looked up with a very concerned face and exclaimed, 'Where the hell have you been?' The grip said I just went over to those bushes to pee and came right back. 'No, no you didn't. The entire crew has been looking for you for an hour!' The man developed a strange headache, and had to go back to the hotel, sickened by the experience and unexplained loss of time."

"We then had our own bizarre time anomaly experience. We have a small CE5 group which we sometimes accompany to the ranch for CE5 meditations. Mostly our coworkers from the MiiAmo Spa/Enchantment resort. On one occasion, Alexandra, myself, Tom and Roseanne, Cara and her son and daughter Ruder and Tika, and Mile all went to the ranch for one of our CE5 meetings. Before dark, someone asked me where the circular paddock that the Bigfoot was seen with a pregnant mare. I told them it was not far from where our chairs were set up and would gladly take them over to see it. We walked the short distance to it and one of the girls announced that she felt a severe headache and nausea while there. All of the other girls said that they were feeling it too, though myself and Tom did not. As it was nearing complete dark, we decided to return to our chairs. On our way back, we passed by the old rodeo bleachers on the east side of the property, and I saw a round headed flashlight in the bushes to the south of us, along the fence line. As all of our group was accounted for, I told everyone that there must be someone else staking out the property just as we are. One of our group said, hang on, we would have seen anyone coming in, as they would have had to go by us. Agreeing, my curiosity was up. I told the group that I was going by the left flank, to come up to the spot where the flashlight had been to see who was there, how many, and to let them know what we were doing so as not to startle them. I turned around and faced rearward from Tom and Roseanne, and started at a jog along the tree line, passed a large bush then at an angle to the fence. I noticed Ryder, Cara's son jogging alongside me. I instinctively felt I should ask him to stay behind but said nothing as we moved swiftly along. We came up behind a patch of trees up against the fence, and sure enough, there stood silhouetted against the fence, one lone individual with arms folded, staring through the fence at the ranch house. About 15 paces away. Alexandra came over my radio and said, 'Jeremiah, something's happened. Can you come back?' I responded by asking for radio silence as we were close to someone and did not want to frighten them. Ryder turned on his flashlight and shined it on a middle-aged woman in a maroon windbreaker with reddish blond hair. She didn't even move or turn toward us. He turned it off and looked at me. I waved him to follow me as we walked a little closer. Now, less than ten paces to her right, I stopped, about to call out to her. Ryder shouted, 'Hey lady!' And he turned on his green laser pointer and shined it on her, trailing it down her from head to foot, and making circles in front of her. Again, she didn't move, didn't blink. She appeared frozen. Ryder looked at me with a puzzled expression. I told him in a whisper, 'Let's go. Whoever that is must be pissed off that we are here.' We walked along the fence line back to our group which stood waiting at the old rodeo bleachers. I was a few paces from them and just about to speak about the bizarre lady who happened to be a dead ringer for Linda Bradshaw standing at the fence, when Roseanne raised her finger and said, 'Wait, I need to tell you something.' She went on to say that when Ryder and I first jogged off, she turned for a mere second toward Tom at her right shoulder and then immediately looked front again, to see Ryder and I repeating our jog from in front of her and passed the first bush. I was confused, and I said, 'No Roseanne, we never came back. We went straight to the individual standing at the fence from here.' She said that when she saw us repeating the path, she got a headache and nausea so severe that she nearly passed out. She had to grab Alexandra's arm to keep from falling. We then noticed Mike coming toward our group. We called out to him, and he said nothing. As he came closer, we again hailed him, no response. As if in a daze, he looked very confused. We asked if something had happened, if he was okay. He nodded and affirmed that something happened but wouldn't relate just what. We stood and argued trying to make sense of a strange situation and Cara said, quick, let's go back down there and talk to this lady you both saw along the fence. We returned to the spot, and there was no one there. Again, we all pitched into arguing about the sequence of things, until Mike, having regained some of his senses, asked everyone to stop and hear him out. He said that we should say no more about it to each other lest we pollute each other's memory of the night. We should retire for the night, but each of us before going to bed, was to type up a detailed AAR (after action report) and email it to him, whereupon he would compile all of them together, then send them in an email to all of us."

"When after 24 hours I received that email, the evenings going on became truly more bizarre. It seemed that some sort of time warping wave had rippled across the ranch, caused the appearance of us repeating our course, causing a possible tear more than 25 years past to see Linda and causing severe headaches and nausea."

Thomas R. Adams

Special Note: In this issue you will find an article that highly respected researcher David Perkins of Sante Fe, New Mexico sent me early this year regarding the passing of a fellow researcher named Tom Adams of Paris, Texas, who shared his great interest and passion in the study of the cattle mutilation problem. Although it was years earlier when Tom had passed, David felt it important to provide a full record about Tom’s life and mutual interest in the “mutes” and other anomalies. His write-up had been previously quoted, but not in its entirety.

We had talked of doing an interview for the magazine, but sadly David’s declining health prevented that, and on August 20, 2023, he passed (lung cancer). I had intended to post this article in the same issue with his interview, but since that never happened, I’ll go ahead and post it now. Coincidentally, Tom Adams also passed away on August 20, in 2014. I carried on correspondence with Tom myself beginning back in 1970 when his investigations into “mutes” in the San Luis Valley of Colorado began. In fact, I wrote an article on some of the things Tom shared with me back then in this column in the January 2023 edition of AP. Here’s that link: https://www.apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1949&Itemid=53

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