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By Brent Raynes

Zak Bagans vs Praga Khan
$8.99, eleven tracks, 2012
MP3 Music
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Reviewed by: Chandra Harrison

Since mankind first attempted to beat a drum to summon the spirits of the past there has been a vibe from our world reaching into the next. Now Zak Bagans from the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures has taken that step with hard beating bass and a rocking soul. Really a rocking soul! Zak has taken spirit box communication to a new height. Holding his hand in this venture is none other than the Lords of Acid’s Praga Khan. For over 20 years, the Lords of Acid have raised the vibration in night clubs across the world with their hit music. This is the most unique blend of music I have ever listened to. However, beware! When listening to the music for the first time a shadow person showed up in the dining room. Perhaps just to take a listen to this astonishing music or perhaps there was something there that called out to him. Either way this music raises the bar to the other side. If you have a pulse you will enjoy this music. And if you don’t have a pulse you still might enjoy this music or could be featured in the next album. It is truly a special blend of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) and techno music that any paranormal enthuses will enjoy. There is no one else that could blend as well as Zak Bagans and Praga Khan’s collaboration of talents has. And if I have a choice on this album my favorite goes to Demonator. Perhaps it is because not much scares me on a paranormal investigation but this song gave me a good little chill down my spine. Also a great addition is Poor Pearl with a feature of Bobby Mackey. All there is to say is awesome! It is available on amazon along with a few more albums. Do give it a listen to. If one wanted they can sample a brief version before you purchase or go ahead and splurge on the album.


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