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Alternate Perceptions Radio Shows

with Brent & Chandra

My co-host Chandra Harrison and I (Brent Raynes) continue to enlighten the masses on our internet based radio show Alternate Perceptions (www.liveparanormal.com) with our ever thought-provoking guests. Last month on 12/17 we interviewed award-winning former film maker, UFO experiencer/author K.T. Frankovich here and on 12/31 we interviewed Aingeal Rose O’Grady, a meditator who claims to read the Akashic Records and is author of A Time of Change. You can listen to that show by clicking here.
Stay tuned more shows to come! Our next shows are scheduled for January 14th and the 28th. I will be a guest on Rhonda Hall’s Paranormal Chronicles at 7 p.m. cst, on the 12th (liveparanormal.com) and at 9 p.m. cst January 21st I will be Erick Bee’s guest on Para-X Radio’s “Dark Sun Rising” (www.darksunradio.com).

Sunday, March 03, 2024