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Classic Mysteries

The Strange Flying Cube and the Floating Dog

Back in 1977, in a newsletter entitled Gold Sector 1, edited by the late Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a reader named Daniel Wayne Sartin of Pennsylvania wrote:

“In the summer, I was out in the mountains with my dog, Wob. He ran ahead of me and all of a sudden I heard this frantic barking and howling. I thought he had been hurt or maybe had been attacked by some wild animal. I ran as fast as I could and broke into a small clearing. I could hear him whining softly, but he was not anywhere in sight. Then I looked up, and I know this may be hard to believe, but he was floating in the air a good 20 feet above my head. I couldn’t believe it, so called to him. He didn’t make any sound now. Didn’t know what to do so just stared up at him, and then he slowly floated to the ground. He seemed alright and I kneeled beside him, petting him. Suddenly I began to notice the ground was vibrating. This time something seemed to almost grab my head and pulled it up, and then from nowhere, and I mean nowhere, this big cube just pops into view. It is revolving end over end and at the same time it is spinning clockwise at a slow rate of speed. It doesn’t actually move around though, just spins in the same spot. It is so bright that I have trouble looking at it at first. Then I try to look away, but can’t move. Now there is this great deep voice, and the impression I get is that it is being shot down to the ground, where it bounced up and then I hear it. This voice said that Earth would soon be change, that man was not growing properly and that we would be cut down to make room for another superior race or crop. I found I could move my head and looked at my dog. He seemed to be asleep. I tried to call him, but could not speak. Then before my eyes the cube just seemed to get farther and farther away without actually moving and then it was gone. I took my dog and went home. That night he ran off and I guess he must be dead ‘cause I never saw him after that. Funny as it may seem, I go to that spot often. There is a kind of power there. I’ve seen and heard and felt many strange things there.”

Sunday, March 03, 2024