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Electronic Letters to the Editor

The Philadelphia Experiment and the Allende/Jessup Matter

Dear Editor,
Published in August of 2012, HOAX The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled by Phyllis J. Dowers, ISBN 9781620301807, offers a credulous synopsis to the unwary interested in the truth about what originated as the Allende/Jessup mystery and later became known as the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment.” The synopsis at www.thebookpatch.com offers “This Isn't the Same Old Song and Dance. Here's the story of the two main characters involved in that 1943 experiment and how the Navy covered its tracks. Carlos Allende was not Carl Allen. Jessup did not die in a Florida park… How many Allendes? How many Jessups?”

To the contrary, it is my position that there are two incontrovertible facts at the heart of this mystery. Carl Meredith Allen and Carlos Miguel Allende was one and the same person. Morris K. Jessup died by his own hand on April 20, 1959. FACT # 1… Carl Meredith Allen was born at 6:30 a.m. on May 31, 1925, in a house on the corner of Porter and Rosslyn in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Carl H. (later known as Harry C.) Allen and Mary Minerva Mahaffey are documented as parents. These facts were confirmed by Harry C. Allen.

Notification of Birth Registration (File Number 83480)
Photo of Springdale, Pennsylvania birthplace)

FACT # 2… On his Certificate of Seaman’s Service and his Seaman’s Certificate of Identification, Carl Meredith Allen is assigned the service number of Z-416175. www.flickr.com/photos/robert_a_goerman/5410032841/in/set-72157625960891866

FACT # 3… On January 13, 1956, Morris K. Jessup received a bizarre letter from a gentleman who listed his name as both Carlos Miguel Allende and Carl M. Allen and added his service number Z-416175 in the postscript. The return address was RD #1, Box 223, New Kensington, Pennsylvania. (During my investigation, the Allen family has confirmed that this address and property belongs to them.) This letter to Jessup has been reproduced any number of times in a number of places.

FACT # 4… In addition to Carl Meredith Allen and Carlos Miguel Allende, Carl has used other aliases including Carl Michael Allen, Colonel Carl M. Allen, Carl Christopher Allen and lastly, Senor Professor and Colonel Carlos Miguel Christofero Allende. Note Social Security number 196-20-5789 used with different names.

FACT # 5… The newspaper that published the following Carlos Allende "death bed statement" story is "THE NEWS of Colorado Centennial Country," (USPS 748-510) published weekly by Old Weldpress, Inc., 627 8th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado, 80631, John J. Dugan Jr, Editor and Publisher, Volume 2, Number 31, dated August 22nd, 1986, page 1 and page 8. Every attempt has been made to duplicate the exact spelling (including misspellings) and punctuation of the original news article. It is reprinted with the kind permission of Elva F. Dugan. Note the following statement by Carl Allen: “One thing I will say about Jessup is that he did not commit suicide. Since this is my final statement, I will tell you that I met him about two years after his supposed death. We talked all night long. He had killed the man who was sent to kill him, and taken the man's identification. That's why there was no autopsy.” This entire “confession” is typical Carl Allen nonsense!

FACT # 6… The “Carlos M. Allende” that died on Saturday, March 5, 1994, at Centennial Health Care Center in Greeley, Colorado was born Carl Meredith Allen. The Allen family has confirmed, beyond question, the identity of this man.

FACT # 7… Mary Alice Jessup revealed, in a candid moment, that her father was depressed and committed suicide. Jessup mailed straight suicide notes to several colleagues. Listed as Case Number 945-E by the Office of the Medical Examiner for Metropolitan Dade County, Morris K. Jessup died by his own hand on April 20, 1959. Any insinuation that Morris Jessup did not die on this date by self-induced carbon monoxide asphyxiation is an insult to the truth and to the Jessup family. The following three page letter from John A. Keel offers confirmation of this in addition to other tidbits.

For more information

Yours in research,
Robert A. Goerman
Nonhuman Research Agency
615 Earl Avenue
New Kensington, PA 15068-4801

Hey Brent,

Saturday night (December 29) around 5 a.m. I was outside my home walking around the pool deck smoking my last cig before going to bed. I glanced over and looked towards the backyard and saw a ball of light, about two times the size of a softball and very bright, hovering about 5 feet off of the ground, in the middle of my backyard. I saw it for about 2 to 3 seconds and thought at first it was someone walking back there using a big flashlight, but there was no beam of light shining from it.

New Year’s Eve I was once again walking around the pool deck smoking a cig around 11:15 p.m. and had stopped at the far side of the pool deck, on the sidewalk at the gate leading out to the driveway. I was looking toward the window of my wife Sherrie’s office. I then turned my head and looked toward my office, and at about the same location as Saturday night, I saw the same ball of white light, same size and brightness, again in the middle of my backyard, for about 2 to 3 seconds. The only difference was that it was hovering over the yard about 20 feet off the ground.

Sherrie and I were watching our granddaughter Autumn on Monday afternoon. Sherrie was outside in the garage and I was in the den with Autumn while she played with her toys. I looked up toward the second floor and saw one of my ghosts at the rail, then he/she turned and walked down the hallway. I did not see him/her fully because he/she had begun to fade, but I saw enough of her/him to see he/she was wearing what looked like an off-white colored shirt and long pants. This was not a child but an adult.

Then last night, New Year’s Day, around 4 a.m., I got in the outside hot tub. It was raining a little but not enough to keep me from getting in the hot tub.

When Sherrie does to bed she leaves one lamp on in the den. The same lamp that was on when our friend Bret Oldham saw the ghost/spirit walking in the den that night awhile back.

Anyway, about a minute after getting in the hot tub I looked toward the big table on the back porch and saw the figure of something walking by the table. I do not believe this was one of the ghosts/spirits here. It was tall and very skinny, dark in color, and looked something like what I saw running across the street that night just up the street from my home, and then saw again on Arno Road driving home one night a few months later. The damned thing looks like a walking skeleton.

Sandy Nichols Thompson Station, TN

Editor’s Note: It’s not a coincidence that a number of Sandy’s friends and fellow paranormal investigators jokingly refer to his home as “the paranormal palace.” It’s a popular location for doing the “spirit box.”

Fireball? But what was going up!?

Dear Editor,

A friend’s car broke down so I traveled with another friend to see if we could assist. On the way two rings of light entered the car like you see in the movies. I was talking to my friend who was driving. It made me look outside to see where the source was from. The next minute (it was around 10 p.m.) it turned to like day. If I had not witnessed it myself I would not have believed that the approx. 30 km landscape I was looking at from the road we were on, coming up a rise, turned to day. People reported seeing green and blue but did not comprehend the night had turned to day.

Part of the event was caught on a security camera. However, the next event was even more bizarre. Against the sky something powered up from the ground spewing black smoke and red chemical gases. It was like a movie, like a headless snake moving up into the sky. It moved to the right and up, and then the blackness returned and it was gone. The smoke dispersed almost immediately and my vantage point disappeared as we drove along the road.

I can now understand how people are ignored as I know what I saw and it was literally as clear as day but no one has come forward witnessing the column going up. Only people mentioned seeing the bright light


This was caught about 30 km from me. The light intensity was massive, as can be seen in the clip, so the newspaper reported it was a meteor. Something about the size of a volkswagon bus, I’d say, and it would create something like a 3 km hole if it hit the ground.

The object going up the sky was about 30km north of here and the same distance west of my position there was a person who caught it on their cell and the one security camera caught it. I see they now say part of this was taken in the USA

It still leaves more questions than answers, and you can see the enormous amount of energy which everyone conveniently ignores. The smaller meteor shown in the beginning is not it.


-- Gavin Tonks, mentor and project specialist - Elective Investments 0827450055

Editor’s Note:
I replied immediately to Mr. Tonks to thank him for his report and youtube video links to watch of the event he had experienced in South Africa. I asked him if the thing that rose into the air spewing black smoke and red looking gases was going up as the meteor/fireball was coming down, and whether or not he saw it or just the flash of light.

“I saw the meteor flash and not the ball as captured on the camera,” he wrote. “I did see the very large object going up into the sky very clearly. From the distance away [approx 30 km] the object was about 2 inches across, which would be quite large.”

I wrote Mr. Tonks that it seemed to me that this remarkable "headless snake" looking apparition moving skywards would have been in the same portion of the sky as the fireball and the resulting brilliant flash and I was wondering how the trajectory compared. Did it appear to be on an interception type course? Did the driver see the same things he did? Obviously this all happened very quickly. Did the ascending object appear to be closer than the descending fireball? Did they seem to come close to one another?

He replied: “The flash had happened, I first saw two rings of light enter the car which made me turn to look out of the window. It was very star trek-like. When I looked out the night sky turned to day. The two objects would have been 30k from each other in terms of the security camera and my observation. The meteor was heading westerly but the object was going up.”

As to my question about a possible “collision or interception” he wrote “quite possibly as they were moving very fast. It happened in seconds and, of course, you are so baffled at trying to take in what is happening around you it would be very difficult to see a fast moving object in the glare.”

“My point is it was an enormous amount of energy to turn night into day. The object was traveling north to south on a shallow arc. We were too far away to experience any sound or smells. The two rings of energy I saw first were ellipsoid in shape that passed through the vehicle first.”

Sunday, March 03, 2024