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Encounters with the Unknown


by: Aileen Garoutte

Brent Raynes’s article inspired me to write what happened to myself in the past, which was similar.

A very long time ago I had become interested in Spiritualism, as well as UFOS.

I had met some people that lived at Angle Lake in Seattle, Washington. Both of their sons were Alaska Airline Pilots. One night their house shook and one of the pilot's dog started howling. The Mother knew immediately that something had happened to one of her sons.

Soon after that the radio would come on all by itself. The music playing would be her favorite song, "Mother". She knew this was a message from her son. She wrote to a famous medium in England asking if he would contact her son. He responded that the son had already contacted him. He made a tape for her from her son and sent it to her..

What had happened was the airplane had crashed in Alaska. There were no survivors. The airline had found no remains of her son. Her son asked her (on the tape) to start meditating and he would try to come through. Her husband, and herself, and some friends started meditating in a downstairs room with no windows. It was totally dark.

At first they observed faces in the wood grain in their family room. Since they were Catholic they asked the priest from their church to come and see what they saw. When he saw the faces he asked her not to come back to church because it would upset the parishioners if they knew what was happening to the couple. They never returned to the church but kept meditating.

When they asked new persons to come and participate (like me) they would start them out on the "table". Perhaps some of you have "table-tipped" asking yes and no questions. The table would tip and spell out words by the participants saying A - B - C - etc until it stopped on the letter of the word. The first time I went there I was NOT sitting at the table but behind those that were. All of a sudden it started spelling R O Y G A R.... The persons at the table could not figure out what it was saying. Unfortunately I started crying. It was my father's name. When you express sorrow or a negative emotion it stops the transmission. My father's name was Roy Garoutte. That was the first time something like that happened to me but not the last.

After the table tipping we would sit in a dark room and then we would hear electrical clicks spelling her son's name. That would happen after we sang some lively songs to bring the vibrations up. Her son spelled out that we were to have more people come and sit. The father was instructed to "sit" in the cabinet. It was not really a cabinet but a chair within an area made up of a curtain surrounding it. The mother unfortunately was deaf so she didn't hear what was happening to the rest of us. She was the power house that enabled what was to come next.

One of my friends was a physicist so he wanted to do some experiments with the energy in the room. He created a red light that would come on anytime the magnetic lines were broken by the spirits who came into the room. It went off so often that he had to take it out of the room.

A teacher named "Chin Lee Woo" then came into the room. He would say Woe Hine E (sp?) and that meant "Hello" in Chinese. He would talk to us in the air in a soft voice. It was everywhere in the room. The physicist started recording the sessions so we could study it more afterwards. If the Mother was not there for any reason there wasn't enough power for Chin Lee Woo to come through.

The mother's name was Madeline. She wanted to make an appointment with the Aquarian Foundation on Capital Hill in Seattle. The well known Medium there was Keith Reinhart. She asked for a materialization session with her son. Keith said for her to come back in a week and he would try to arrange it with the scientists on the other side.

Madeline and her husband went back in a week. In the inside top of her dress she had put a fresh rose. No one knew it was there. When the session started her son appeared in the ectoplasm in his Alaska Airline's Uniform. He told her, "Mother, I am going to give everyone what you have tucked into your blouse." He then went around the room and dropped a fresh white rose in their laps.

Madeline was still skeptical so she asked him if he could give her something that she knew was really from him. He said that the scientists and himself would work on it and to come back in another week.

The next week when she went back her son dropped in her lap the Rosary she had bought and had blessed by the Pope at the Vatican. She had bought two of them exactly alike as a gift for her sons.

At their house she had big pictures, 8 x 10, of her two sons. The Rosary she had been given back from the crashed airplane was hanging over her son's picture. That was the convincing evidence that it really was her son.

One time I went to the Spiritualist Church on Dravis Street in Seattle. There was a visiting medium there that would sit in session in a room especially created for seances. My previous husband went with me. Have you heard of a trumpet seance? It is like a long horn and out of it comes apports when it comes around to you. You would hold your hands out and in the dark an apport would drop into your hands. My husband received a Jade Budda. I received a topaz gem. It was hot and had creases across it and in the creases were tiny gains of sand. I still have it.

After the seance the Medium was going to read "billets". A billet is a little piece of paper that you put your initial on the outside or the initial of the one you wanted to hear from. I didn't know you were supposed to do that so mine didn't have anything on the outside. The billets were placed into a "collection" plate like you have in church. Then the Medium would choose one and hold it over his head and give the message to the one who had requested one by putting their initial on the outside of the folded paper.

Finally he came to the ones that had no initials. By this time he was getting very frustrated and said he would read no more because there was no initial on the outside. But then he said I have to read this one because there is a man standing here that is filled with so much love I have to give the message. If anyone in the audience knows a man named "Roy Garoutté raise your hand. I almost fainted. At that time all I knew was our name was pronounced plain old Garoutte. I spoke up said "Yes, that is my father but the name is pronounced wrong." He said I have pronounced it the right way. After many years one of our cousins went to France where our family originated and he found out the Medium was correct by the way he pronounced our name. Anyway, the Medium said your father wants to tell you that he has so much love for you and you are surrounded at all times by your Father's love. I was so happy. I had always been my father's favorite being the only girl. He died when I was 11 and I was the only one with him.

Periodically we would tip a little table at home. We always had the same spirit come through. His name was Rollo. He told me to look him up in a music encyclopedia and I would find his name. He was a famous violinist in Italy in the 1700's. I did and I found him. I believe he has always been with me and my daughter. He used to draw shoes that they wore back then through the planchette. We could not see what he was drawing because a pencil goes through the planchette so you cannot see what is underneath. They were very ornate shoes.

After that time I became interested in UFO Research. Just knowing my father was with me was enough to sustain me for a life time. I never went back.

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