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A Tribute to the Memory of Nicholas A. Reiter
(08/07/1962 to 11/19/2013)

by: Brent Raynes

A lifelong resident of northern Ohio, Nicholas Reiter died of cancer. He left behind a spouse, three sons, a granddaughter, a sister, and his mother. Plus many, many friends.

Nick was an author, a serious investigator and researcher of the unexplained, and a scientist. Nick, with friend and colleague Lori Schillig, together wrote one helluva great and thought-provoking book that touched upon virtually everything I myself hold near and dear to my idiosyncratic little heart (i.e., UFOs, alien abductions, the paranormal, healings, shamanism, etc.). His book and many articles had a way of further igniting and inspiring my own sense of curiosity, wonder and awe about this planet’s many unsolved mysteries, and obviously did the same for many others.

Published in 2005, entitled The Bridges of Avalon: Science, Spirit, and the Quest for Unity, it chronicled both Nick and Lori’s separate life journeys and quests for answers to life’s many unresolved but tantalizing enigmas, moving forward in their lives to investigations, research and explorations that they shared together in their fervent attempts to resolve, solve, and, at the least, better understand the many mysteries that seem to lurk and linger on the very edges of our known reality.

In 1996 and 1998, Alternate Perceptions was proud to publish (at that time a print publication) at least five separate articles by Nick (two with Lori as co-author). Around the time their book came out I did an interview with them for this magazine.

Nick wasn’t your average UFO or paranormal student. He was actually employed as a scientist in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, with a professional background in electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering technology. I thoroughly enjoyed periodically chatting with him on the phone and picking his brain on so many different technical topics, and again and again he would fire back with intriguing and useful ideas and information. He took a look at some fused silica I had acquired from Maine, recovered from a possible UFO encounter site. He had an electronic microscope at a lab where he worked and could provide all sorts of helpful technical assistance in a wide variety of areas. I found out a few years ago how he worked as a consultant for Nancy Talbott’s BLT Research Team, the organization that investigates crop circles. He checked alleged alien implants, helped analyze an apparent EVP recording, tried to study anomalous magnetic events in connection with alien experiencers, investigated haunted places, etc.

His Facebook page is still receiving numerous emails from his many friends, sharing their heartfelt sorrow at his passing, essentially crying on each other’s shoulders, while posting interesting new links that would have interested Nick, and sharing and discussing them with Nick’s many mutual friends this side of the veil.

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