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Encounters with the Unknown

Strange Abduction from Morocco

by: Albert Rosales

Location: Oujda, Morocco
Date: December 15 2011
Time: late night

The 23-year old witness (himself and family members involved in other encounters) had on December 4, 2011, at around 15:30, had seen whirling in the sky four diamond-shaped lights moving quickly from east to west. He was able to capture the luminous phenomenon with the game console since a camera is integrated with the system. On the above date the witness woke up in the middle of the night and felt a presence in the room. After about 10 minutes he hears a low scintillating sound “tic tac ….accc” resembling “the buttons of the fax machine being operated,” and then a faint red light floats towards him. As the light approaches he sees within the light a short robotic silhouette. In fact, he realizes that there are two robotic figures standing near his bed. Soon the figures approach the witness and grab him by the wrists telling him, “Come with us quietly,” and then immediately repeat. “Come with us outside without making a sound”. It’s too dark for him to see their feet, while his clip-shaped hands are metallic and cold. Even though there are eight other people in the house he is unable to scream while they drag him down the main corridor of the house. He is then surprised to see the front door of the house already wide opened. This frightens him. Upon leaving the house he sees a black diamond-shaped vessel sitting on a vacant lot next to the house. The vessel is supported on four leg-like supports. As they approached the object he sees a lighted row of portholes and a row of bright yellow glowing lights. He also sees strange symbols on the craft, one which he describes as resembling “L7”. The vessel seems larger than when he first saw it and he estimates it to have been about 24 meters wide and 30 meters high. However, once inside the craft the witness somehow realizes that it was much larger inside than outside (this strange displacement affect has been noted on numerous occasions).

His next memory is of lying strapped on what appeared to be an operating table. When the witness woke up on the table he noticed an abnormal environment surrounding him. All the walls and furniture were gray or black in color, comparable to the size of the two small robot-like creatures that initially kidnapped him. His hands and feet are hurting. Suddenly a door opens and four ‘people’ enter the room. One of them is larger than the others and is wearing a different (uniform). He presents himself as the ‘leader’. He points at one of the others who was apparently now standing guard at the entrance of the door holding what appeared to be some sort of ‘weapon’ and tells the witness to calm down since ‘there was no escape’. The leader then reassures the witness that everything was going to be alright. There appears to be some sort of device attached to the leader’s head which seems to act as a translation device. Shortly after other individuals speak to him, and these appear to wear shoulder borne translation devices. He also sees the entities communicate among themselves using some sort of murmur with some discernible syllables. The communication with the witness is described as both telepathic and spoken.

The leader then presses a button on a console next to the table which releases the witness’ straps. He sits up and then stands upright. The floor feels soft and he is wearing some sort of slippers. He is then asked to move to the corner of the room where a ‘screen’ appears. He is guided there by his arm by one of the entities. Passing by a yellow window on the floor he sees numerous other similar beings apparently busy at some sort of warehouse facility, some using equipment which resembles backhoes, etc. They then ask him to put on a pair of “glasses” so he could ‘understand’ the presentation that he was about to watch. These glasses reflect the unknown language he sees on the screen, they translate into Arabic, the language of the witness. In the half hour or hour that followed, the abductee witnessed some sort of film presentation. The leader also explains that their ‘race’ is called “Cytrommes” and (supposedly) come from the planet Kepler-22b (in Cygnus) and they had been on Earth since 2002. The Cytrommes are amphibian humanoids from a cold climate.

After this very interesting presentation the witness is led out of the “examination room” (as he called it) and taken through what seemed to be a central corridor where there were a lot of doors. At that time the witness was able to observe closely the mechanism used to close the doors. He also notices that despite the fact that all the walls were gray and black in color, and the furniture and even the uniforms of the aliens were also black and gray, he was given him the impression that they lived in a “world without colors.” There was still a strong luminosity coming from the instruments. He went in another door where a guard stood in another room much larger than the “examination room,” which appeared to be the “control room” of the vessel in which he saw a large ‘star chart’. The two entities there belong to ‘another unit’ and were distinguished by their blue suits (he was told that there were 18 units of social or functional categories in the society of the Cytrommes). The entity at the controls explained to the witness that on the screen directly above them they could see the location of “allied ships and enemy ships”. They showed him on the screen two blue dots which indicated the presence of two allied vessels which were hovering near the airport north of Oujda. After this visit to the “control room”, the two ‘robots’ grabbed him again and brought him to a gateway. The leader then stood on the threshold and said, “See you on February 15, 2020, in the forest of Sidi Maafa (south of Oujda).” Surprised he asked how was this possible, the leader then explained that they will build a new base that would be undetectable to humans since it would be in “another dimension” (!).

The robot-like humanoids then returned him to the threshold of the door of his house, returned him his slippers (which seemed cleaner than ever), and returned to the vessel. The door closed and the vessel rose slowly, letting out a faint smell of smoke. The next day he told his family what had happened and was told that it had been just a dream (despite their previous experiences).

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