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An Interview with Deborah “Starborn” Hewins

An Exclusive Interview with Deborah “Starborn” Hewins:
UFO Contactee and Starborn Support co-organizer

by: Brent Raynes

Debbie Starborn (R) and sister Audrey (L)

Deborah “Starborn” Hewins of Maine’s Starborn Support, along with her sister Audrey, are both attempting to provide help to confused, frightened and traumatized UFO experiencers, as well as educate therapists and others as to the reality of the contactee/abductee syndrome. Both ladies, twin sisters, already know the reality of the phenomenon from recurrent personal experiences since childhood. They have also formed an annual conference called Experiencers Speak that meets in Maine. For more information, go to the following links:


Deborah “Starborn” Hewins: My twin sister and I have been going through abductions since we can remember. It’s been great having each other but we still felt alone. Then when the internet came along I came across a website about the Bridgewater Triangle. That’s an area in Massachusetts that consists of Bridgewater and a few other towns in that area. We grew up in that area. I started reading this website, which belonged to a Chris Pittman, and I started reading about UFO encounters there and I got excited as I had a lot of my experiences there. So I wrote this guy and I told him about myself and my twin sister, and he got back to me. He got me in touch with MUFON. I went for a hypnotherapy session at an investigator’s house and was hypnotized, and it was me and my best friend Doreen, her friend, and Chris Pittman. The session went well, I remembered a lot of things, but the thing that was really the traumatizing part was that I was laying on the couch facing the back of the couch, and when I turned around, as they were waking me up, everybody started screaming. Apparently I turned color. I was gray when I turned around and everybody got really freaked out. They told me to go over to the mirror and so I went and looked in the mirror and when I got there I could see the gray fading away and then I was a normal color again. Well, I didn’t know what to do after that. The MUFON people were good. They worked with me a little bit but I didn’t have support after an experience like that.

My sister also had a hypnotherapy session with the same man. It brings up some issues that are very hard to deal with by ourselves. Audrey and I are lucky to have had each other our whole lives to fall back on.

After awhile there was a man that my sister and I both met on a spaceship about ten years before. We walked into this business and there he was. We remembered each other. Well, he just happened to work for Budd Hopkins and so I started working with Budd Hopkins and he started hypnotizing me and Matt separately. That was exciting. That also started kicking in a little bit of my psychic ability and I was seeing things before they happened. So I really started getting freaked out. My sister and I went down the wrong path in another direction for awhile and then we moved to Maine and started transforming our lives for the better.

In 2006, my sister called me up and wanted me to come on over and she said, “I had an experience last night and the ET’s told me to start a group and call it Starborn Support.” The internet is a wonderful tool to network and to get in touch with other people and to start it. It’s growing very, very rapidly. Especially in the last couple of years.

Then there is Experiencers Speak. My sister had another experience and said that we had to do a conference. It was May of 2012 that we got this fantastic idea of having a conference and inviting people to speak and tell their stories. We got this conference whipped together in about four months. It wasn’t easy but we did it. We had a lot of bumps in the road but we overcame them. It was the most wonderful experience that we ever had in being around so many people like ourselves and being able to feel not crazy and feel awesome – the energies that fly around when there’s a lot of us together is just phenomenal. So we decided to have it every year. This is going to be year three for Experiencers Speak and we’ve got quite the speakers list this year. We always had that, but this year our biggest issue has been who to headline because we’ve got so many good people.

We don’t do it for money, that’s for sure. We’re in the hole for a lot of money for keeping it alive. Hopefully this year it will start paying for itself.

Brent Raynes: I hope so. Nobody in their right mind gets in this field to make money, that’s for sure.

Deborah: I know (laughs). But we’re making things happen. We’re helping a lot of people, including myself, so it’s worth it. I don’t regret it at all. I wish we’d started it sooner.

Brent: It sounds like there has been a really positive element to this for you. There’s a lot of abductees who express that it’s been very traumatic and everything.

Deborah: Oh yeah, that’s why we started it. We were very, very traumatized and we just started feeling so alone. What do we do? There’s nobody to go to. Why don’t we make somewhere to go. We’ve always had each other. I can’t imagine being alone in this. My experiences have had their positives but there has been the negative too. I’m one of the fortunate ones to have had both, the negative and the positive encounters. It’s a lot to deal with when this stuff is happening, especially lately. It’s been since December 10, 2008, when I started getting full blown telepathic kinds of contact, through automatic writng the first time. I sat down to do a report for college and it was like someone else was controlling my ink pen. The first message it gave me was “Eleven eleven is the number of the journey to oneness. Sleep.” I didn’t understand that and whoever was controlling my pen kept writing that. It was in the middle of the night. I didn’t pay attention to what time it was but I thought to myself do they want me to lie down, close my eyes and sleep, and the pen wrote yes. So I laid down on the couch, shut my eyes, and started to relax and later there was a flash, like someone had put a camera flash to my face. That startled me and I kind of glanced at my computer just to see what time it was and it was 11:11, turning to 11:12 right when I sat up. I started getting real freaked out with that, but I was very intrigued too.

The next message I got from this being was, “Hi. My name is Sefferell and you will never be alone again.” I thought, you’ll never be alone again? Yeah, he wasn’t kidding. It’s been a constant telepathic bond that I have with these beings. I get spiritually taken. I get physically taken. I was really getting taken by the bad ones for awhile. I really don’t like talking about them. I was psychically possessed for about nine months of my life and then the benevolent ones started coming around and getting rid of the bad ones that were torturing and raping me and just making my life a complete hell. The good ones came and are now really transforming me. My teacher and guardian is a Pleiadian, a blond haired being named Sefferell. He’s been teaching me and told me they were going to start to activate my dormant DNA for enlightenment so that I can start developing other forms of communication. I’ve become a very gifted channel, psychic medium, stuff like that. My empathetic abilities are to the point that if I get too much negativity thrown at me it physically hurts me. So it’s hard to deal with.

I started finding out just recently that a lot of people are starting to have this form of contact and starting to develop these kinds of gifts like premonitions, remote viewing, telepathy, being able to see spirits, channeling different voices and languages. Another team member Pam and I, who is a very gifted psychic herself, started up the psychic chapter for the Starborn Support so that we can start working on this issue and helping people with this. I’ve been going through a lot for the last six years but I’m ready to help people with this.

Brent: Now the negative beings that you’ve encountered were they different in appearance?

Deborah: Yes. There’s so many different ET’s that it’s phenomenal. I’m amazed at how many different races there are. One of the most memorable negative encounters that I had was with a being that was like a grey but he wasn’t grey, he was more of a brownish, and he had a heart shaped head and giant almond eyes. That one, I thought, was going to kill me. Then there were the reptilian beings. A big reptilian was pretty much responsible for the raping and stuff. Thank God, knock on wood, I haven’t encountered them since I started working with the benevolent ones. I am now a Reiki Master Teacher, Level Three. I’ve been learning to use my abilities. I can see and feel energies. I can see, hear, and feel different beings around me. I am able to astral travel at will pretty much. I’m pretty much a multidimensional being right now.

So I am also learning to defend myself energy-wise. The energy is really the key to all of this. They all carry their different energies. It’s kind of hard to explain. The communication is very different to ours unless you are activated or they choose to let you feel or communicate like them. Some of them their energies are so bad hell is inside of you because that is what it feels like really. The good ones it’s such a strong and loving presence. It’s beautifully addictive. My life is never boring, that’s for sure.

Brent: So your twin sister is undergoing really the same experiences right now? The same beings and all?

Deborah: She’s been chosen to be more like the business person and I think I’ve been chosen to go through hell and back literally and pick up a few guests along the way and share them. I’m also able to – I’ve done it a few times – when a skeptic is around they’ll want to see the alien presence and they’ll tell me to go outside and look up in the sky and they’ll turn on their headlights for you or they’ll fly right over. I’m able to call them. It’s amazing. Also they’ll channel through others. My guardian and teacher especially because he’s the one who is usually working with me, but they will channel through others and physically touch others. It’s a phenomenal experience to watch somebody go through this. It just really opens up your brain and you say, “Wow, I’m not crazy. It’s really happening.” I’ve seen people who wanted to communicate with Sefferell do it and I’ve seen one just psychically brought to his knees by the experience.

Brent: But for your sister it’s not as spiritual and psychic?

Deborah: She does get messages, but she doesn’t have the channeling experience I do. I’ve had more than one voice come out of my mouth at one time. I’ve spoken different languages. I have a gift in mediumship too, so I can talk to spirits. She’s not that open yet.

I was the first who got hypnosis. I panicked the first few years. I thought I was going insane. A lot of people thought I was going insane. But stuff started happening and then there was proof everywhere. Yeah, I’m not crazy. Horray!

We have also started to recruit specialists. Like we have a PTSD specialist. You know, therapists and psychologists, and we want to recruit and educate these people because they need to be educated on this subject. The PTSD is huge. Most of us have it. It’s a big issue and this stuff can really mess up your life. Especially when somebody goes to somebody to talk to them about their experiences and they start telling them what’s going on, or some voice comes out of their mouth in another language. They get labeled as insane or put on medications doing more harm than good because of misdiagnosis.

It really can do a number on their psyche. So a lot of them clam up and start running away from it and they turn to destructive behaviors and it’s just a nightmare. They may self-medicate themselves using sex, drugs and alcohol. When you have people who are listening to you and can relate it’s huge in the healing process of this phenomenon.

Brent Now for someone who is just entering the UFO field, what books might you recommend they read?

Deborah: Are you talking about ufologists just interested in the subject, or are you talking about somebody who thinks they might be a contactee? There is a big difference.

Brent: Okay, let’s talk about both. First the contactee and then the ufologists.

Deborah: Okay. The contactee I would recommend not getting into the subject at all, not learning anything at all on this. The less you know the better because the more you know the more it can influence what you’re going through.

For ufologists there’s so many books out there I wouldn’t even know where to start. Stanton Friedman is great. Kathleen Marden, Richard Dolan, and even Travis Walton has a good story. There are so many topics and parts to ufology that it depends on what you want to dive into like the abduction phenomenon or the crop circle phenomenon. There is such a wealth of information coming out now. Get on the internet and google and learn as much as possible. That is what I would suggest. Read everything. Don’t doubt or dismiss anything. Take it as a possibility because we have no idea what these beings are capable of.

Brent: What do you see in the current UFO movement that is positive and what do you see as negative?

Deborah: I think the positive thing is what we’re doing. We started this group to start like a domino effect. When we start talking other people are going to want to talk and wake up and whoever is trying to stop the truth from getting out – whether it’s part of the government, black ops, MIBs, or even the aliens, I don’t know. But the more of us who start talking the less able people are going to be able to sweep us under the carpet. They’re going to have to start taking this subject seriously. I think all governments should disclose any information on UFOs, alien abductions, let it out into the open. We’re getting a lot more UFO sightings and people having visitations. There is something major going on here.

Brent: Do you think that any significant breakthrough or disclosures are in the near future? For years we kept hearing that a big disclosure or a landing on the White House lawn was about to happen, and it didn’t.

Deborah: I think something big and huge is happening but our time span, if you look at it from the 1950s to now, there has been some rapid activity stepping up and everything, but it’s only a short time in the blink of God pretty much. It is happening, but I think that it’s happened before. There are the ancient stories of the Annunaki, the angels, the Nephelim, the Elohim. They’ve come here before. We’ve just mutated and forgotten and swept history under the rug for so long. They’re going to make their presence known and that’s what they’re doing. They’re doing it through people like me. I was told that I was chosen to be an ambassador and they gave me the ability to hear their own voices and their own language where I can hear it in my head in English at the same time.

The world needs to wake up. They can’t really interfere because of the laws of free will. They’ve been here our entire existence. They didn’t just show up.

Brent: Where did your first experience happen?

Deborah: We were born in Champagne, Illinois. The day or the day before we were born was the start of the UFO wave in the 1970s. It started not far from the hospital with the first sighting. We moved to Ohio when we were just babies. The first abductions that I can remember happened in Athens, Ohio. It has followed us everywhere we go. You can’t run from it. There’s no way, and some of these beings are so telepathic that they know everything about you. They can read you like a book. You can’t lie to them, that’s for sure. We’re dealing with higher beings here.

Brent: You’ll enjoy meeting Bret and Gina Oldham. They lived here in Tennessee. We got to know them real well. We spent a good four years going on investigations with them and experimenting with the spirit box.

Deborah: I’ve had experiences with the spirit box. A lot of times I’ll know they’re coming. They’re telling me that they’re getting me used to their energies while conscious in their presence. Before they come now they will turn on my radio, my cheap little radio with alarm clock, and it will be on a static station and when that happens I leave it on because I know they’re going to start communicating through this radio and they do. They’ve come through the radio static and they’ve even interrupted radio stations and said stuff. At one point, just before they started the automatic writing, I was taking a bath and I had this strong urge to communicate with these beings. So I was meditating in the bathtub and I had a central radio throughout my house, with speakers in the ceiling. It was on a radio station and I was in the bathrub meditating on communication with these ET beings. There was music playing and then the music stops and this voices cuts in – a very, very deep, very obviously unhuman voice that says, “The aliens are coming tonight.” I jumped up. The song starts playing again. I’m thinking to myself, “Did that really just happen to me?” I was arguing with myself in my head. When the song was over, the DJ was like, “Wow, did you guys hear that? There was an interruption of the song and a voice said ‘The aliens are coming tonight?’ I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to be in the lawn chair with a lemonade and look up tonight.” I almost had a heart attack! But they used the radio when they first started coming through. There was one certain song that Sefferell would play every time he would come and get me and every time he would bring me back. It was a song by a group called The Killers and the song is called Spaceman. And if you listen to the words in that song it will crack you up because it’s all about abductions and he’d play it every time he came to get me and every time he’d drop me off. It’s amazing.

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