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Encounters with the Unknown

Witness is never seen again after encountering bizarre giant humanoid

by: Albert Rosales

Location. Near Banbury, Oxford, England
Date: September 27, 1971
Time: night

Len Delman, a lorry driver, saw what he took to be a man in a white suit in the road directly ahead of his lorry. He hit the brakes, coming to a halt, believing he may have hit the man. He jumped out and went behind his lorry, but found no one. Coming around front he saw, in the headlights, a “spaceman” 7-8 ft tall, with big, staring eyes 8-12” apart and extending to the sides of the head, and a pack on his back from which two tubes led to the head. When he sounded his horn repeatedly, the “thing” jumped 3 feet in the air, ran across the road, and leapt over the hedge. With two other lorry drivers who came upon the scene, Delman watched a disc-shaped object take off from the field where the figure had disappeared.

According to researcher Vivvy Westwood, the original witness lorry driver Len Delman disappeared and police attempted to find him to no avail…his flat was left with everything in it and his lorry was parked in the company bay with his personal items still in it.

He was never seen again and his family reckoned he was taken away by the aliens!.

Humcat 1971-26
Source: J. D. Llewellyn, FSR Vol. 18 # 1

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