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Classic Mysteries

Young Woman attacked by Mysterious Sea Creature? Report by Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

by: Albert Rosales



Location: Kalamata, Peloponissos, Greece
Date: August 2009
Time: 22:00

14-year old Niki Stavrianopoulos (involved in other encounters) had recently become best friends with a girl whose parents owned a restaurant near the sea. It was around eight p.m. and the restaurant was hosting a birthday party for a friend of her brother’s, so naturally she tagged along to meet up with her friend. Around ten p.m., Niki and her friend were swimming in the sea and had grown tired. Her friend sat on the shore as she sat on the surf, a little before where the waves crashed to the shore. The water came up to her torso while she sat. Suddenly she started noticing ripples in the water. She pointed them out to her friend and they both confirmed that there wasn’t any wind blowing. From the corner of her eye she saw a shape, like the upper half of a chubby man rising from the water. When she turned she saw it sinking below the surf. Her friend saw it too but they thought that it was someone else swimming at night also. Besides, they were next to a well-lit area, with a nearby restaurant, and a few others were swimming to their right (thought quite a ways away). For a moment they though nothing of it but then Niki felt something clamp around her ankle. She remembers there were fingers and a thumb, long and slender with something like webbing in between them. She hadn’t comprehended at the moment that it was “something else”, thinking it was her friend playing a trick on her. She felt the sand scraping her knees and hands and it suddenly struck her that she was being dragged underwater. Her hands clawed at the sand/pebbles under her, but they didn’t really support her weight. Her body kept on bobbing between the surface and the water, so she couldn’t get a proper scream out (her first instinct was to figure out the pattern so she would know when to hold her breath/inhale).

Part of her wanted to believe it was a joke, that a trick by someone was being played on her and they’d eventually let go. She remembers her friend was paralyzed on the beach, staring at her in shock. She told Niki later that she wanted to scream and to help but she couldn’t bring herself to move. Somehow in all her jumbled thoughts she realized, “This person won’t let go….they want to drown me”. In the spur of the moment she began thrashing around and kicking her free foot. At first she couldn’t feel anything and she kept thinking, “Let go! Let go!” trying to give herself the proper push to get away. At one point (by now she was underwater and her hair was clouding her vision so she couldn’t see anything), her foot smacked with something smooth. It felt like a cheek…the area under the cheekbone and over the jaw. The moment her foot made contact the hand released her and she swam to the surface to breathe. She began swimming as fast as she could toward the shore and even felt the fingers reaching for her again. She is sure she kicked them on several occasions. She didn’t stop until she was out of the water and lying on her back. Her friend was still staring out at the water and it took some time before she turned and rushed towards Niki. The sole of Niki’s foot had scratches on it and some even had blood coming out. She also had a scratch on her ankle that was bleeding. Needless to say, after that encounter, they rarely went swimming at night and she had to explain to her mom that she had scraped herself on some rocks.

HC addendum
Source: Direct from the witness

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