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February 2015

Issue 203

Buckaloons, Pennsylvania Burial Mounds & Seneca Village
by: Dr. Greg Little

Alternate Perceptions Audio Interviews
with Rosemary Ellen Guiley & John Zaffis
hosted by: Brent & Chandra

Reality Checking
Exclusive: Startling New Insights into the Betty and Barney Hill case with Kathleen Marden
by: Brent Raynes

Encounters with the Unknown
JENNIE THE LAKE MONSTER: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
by: Mary Sutherland

The Remarkable Life and Times of ESP author and researcher Harold Sherman
by: Brent Raynes

The Philadelphia Experiment: A UFO Legend That Will Never Die
by: Brad Steiger

UFO Close Encounter/Entity Experiencer Questionnaire Survey Form
by: Brent Raynes

TEDx, Giants, David & Goliath, & Contradictory “Facts” in Archaeology
by: Dr. Greg Little

Classic Mysteries
Did a young New Hampshire housewife and mother experience an Alien Abduction in 1973?
by: Brent Raynes

An Interview
An Interview with Jeffery Pritchett,
the host of The Church of Mabus radio,
and an Experiencer himself
by: Brent Raynes

New Book Reviews
by: Brent Raynes

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Path of Souls Video Released

Whitley Strieber's Interview with Greg Little—Path of Souls

Burial mound in Kazakhstan yields gold artifacts

St. Louis Archaeological Group in Antiquities sells Egyptian artifacts, lands in hot water

Mirrors found in Arizona links to ancient Mexico

Antikythera Device studied

Maize entered ancient America 4100 years ago from Mexico

Tomb of Osiris found

Giant Predecessors in America?

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