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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2015

The Collins Elite

by: Dr. Greg Little

I have been asked about the Collins Elite by a couple people who are aware of various issues I wrote about in four books and a series of articles (partly about UFOs), which I began writing about in 1984. I had never heard the term "Collins Elite" before reading about it in several recent blogs and articles. Nick Redfern's "Final Events" (2010) seems to have been the first venue where the Collins Elite, the term for a supposed secret government group, was publicly mentioned. Of course, I might be wrong about that. Redfern relates that Ray Boeche, a priest and former MUFON State Director (Nebraska), was the initial person who informed him about the Collins Elite. I knew Boeche's name and that Boeche was in the UFO field in the 1980s, but I don’t think I ever met him. I did know Walt Andrus, who was the prime mover in MUFON, and I was a member of APRO in the late 70s. Andrus, of course, was more than a staunch believer and advocator of the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Andrus quickly showed his dislike for any theory other than the ET one—and MUFON often reflected his view.

The key assertion is that this secret group (the Collins Elite) supposedly believes that UFOs and aliens are demons and fallen angels. It allegedly stems back to the occultist practitioner Aleister Crowley's ritualistic opening of a portal in the Mojave Desert in 1946 and the involvement of Jack Parsons, an early rocket engineer, in reopening the portal. Parsons became enthralled with Crowley after he started attending Gnostic masses and was introduced to various Theosophical figures and people involved with Crowley's blend of occult practices. Parsons was also involved with L. Ron Hubbard and came to believe in higher intelligences that influenced humans in various ways ranging from intuitions to physical manifestations. That's an abbreviated and somewhat accurate summary. Of course, UFOs and all of its related phenomena have a much longer relationship to the occult and spiritualistic practices going back to the 1600s.

Supposedly, after Parsons and Hubbard opened the portal to the spiritual world, UFOs began appearing (think Roswell) and the government soon entered the picture because of Parson's government contracts. A secret governmental working group was formed to create an alliance with the "alien" intelligence manifesting as UFOs, which is, according to the allegations, demonic in nature. The aim of the secret group was to preserve human life and actually find ways to control the forces these entities utilized for military purposes. In essence, the government supposedly formed an agreement with these demonic forces, which are also described as fallen angels. It all gets rather dark and murky at that point. But I have no doubt that there were and still are quite a few people who believe that demonic forces are the root of the UFO mystery. And many of these people are well educated and highly successful. There is also no doubt that bad things happened to a lot of people who became involved with UFOs. So attributing UFOs and related phenomena to demonic forces is an easy step for many people. Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the UFO field has had a rather intimate relationship with the occult.

When I first became very actively involved in UFO-related research, I was deeply influenced by two people. These were Carl Jung and John Keel. Of course, this influence came after I was first immersed in many extraterrestrial UFO-theory books. When I soon realized that the extraterrestrial explanation was not and could not the solution to UFOs, that's when I really looked into Keel and Jung. Keel, of course, dabbled into the "dark-side" of ufology and became convinced that there were non-human, intelligent energy forms that influenced humans. These non-human energies caused the ruination of people who became too deeply involved. Keel theorized that these intelligences worked through (and were) invisible waves in the electromagnetic energy spectrum. He likened humans as radio antennae walking around and immersed in a constant sea of this energy. Some of us were tuned to “right” frequencies of the energies, others were not. The more “tuned” an individual’s brain was, the more experiences the person would have. According to Keel, these intelligences are neither good nor evil, their motives defy human understanding. The more enmeshed a person got in the UFO phenomenon, the weirder things got—because the connection (the tuning to those frequencies) became stronger and stronger the more one paid attention to it. These “forces,” which Keel sometimes called “ultraterrestrials,” were also associated with disasters, madness, obsessions, and unusual coincidences.

Jung actually viewed the UFO phenomenon in a similar way, but with a more reasoned and complicated psychological view. Jung’s beliefs were often masked in his particular terminology, which is impenetrable to all but those who have mastered his theory. Archetypes, Jung believed, were the source of the intelligences behind UFOs and abductions, although in his time they were referred to as “Space Brothers,” a pre-abduction term ufologists are all too familiar with. Archetypes, in fact, are not just the source of these non-human intelligences. They are the intelligences. To make this idea more clear, it was apparent to Jung that archetypes were more than just symbols. In "The Archetype Experience" (1984) I quoted several obscure statements made by Jung in his voluminous writings regarding archetypes. In essence, Jung cautiously related that archetypes exist in objective reality. They are "pure nature"—energy—described as "psychoid factors existing invisibly on the ultraviolet end of the unconscious spectrum." That is, they are usually invisible but "occasionally become a physical reality in an objective sense." It is a complicated idea and involves Jung's concept of synchronicity, an idea far beyond where this is going.

In the late 1980s I came to understand that plasma energies were the source of "genuine UFO reports" as well as the basis of genuine abduction—or "experiencer"—reports. Plasma was, of course, then a dirty word in ufology, because Philip Klass had used “plasmas” to “debunk” UFO reports. But when Klass used the term, very little was known about plasmas. The spontaneous, earth-generated appearances of plasma energies were, to me, the source of Jung's archetypes and what he saw as their appearance in objective reality. One such example that I cited was a series of Marian apparitions in Zeitoun, Egypt in the late 1960s. These apparitions were photographed and filmed. Few people realize that the Zeitoun events were described in several psychology journals and explained as plasma discharges that altered the consciousness of the tens of thousands of witnesses to the apparitions.

In "People of the Web" (1990) I outlined the plasma-archetype idea and heavily relied on early experimentation in neuropsychology that was being conducted with electromagnetic fields and plasmas—experiments that were done to show how human consciousness and perceptions were directly influenced by interacting with the energy fields produced in the lab. In "Grand Illusions" (1994) I provided more evidence for the idea. It was an amazing and stunning field of research with hundreds of peer-reviewed journal publications existing, even back then. But between 1990 and 1994 I also became aware of a much larger, wide-ranging mass of government-funded research that was directly investigating this topic. In 1994 I did two interviews on the topic, in "Newsspeak" and "Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader." In "Paranoia" Remy Chevalier performed an extensive interview with me (p. 36-40). I stated, "Thousands of scientists have been working on EM (electromagnetism's effects on humans) and the government probably knows that UFO phenomena are EM related. Several thousand scientists are independently working in this field ... I just received ... 3,000 article references investigating EM and frequency vibrations on behavior, physiology, and brain chemistry and it's pretty clear that there are several separate, but interrelated goals to this research. ... they are sponsored by government grants, don't publicize what they are doing, and their names are not all that important. ... Few people in ufology would ever see this research and most wouldn't understand the significance of it. The most important findings probably never see the light of day and are communicated directly."

I will add that over the years I have from time to time gone to various government repository libraries and looked through the mass of highly technical journals there, most of which are military publications, and the research continues to this day. Very few of these published studies and journals are online. The weaponization of such energies has been one focus of the research and the newer plasma weapons emerged from this research. So too have acoustic crowd control technologies, wave frequency disrupters, and various mind-control technologies. For example, it has been reliably shown that "words"—actual words—can be made to be heard in a person's head utilizing some of these technologies. Feelings, emotions, and various thoughts can also be made to appear spontaneously as can a variety of experiences that appear to be objective; that is, it appears to the subject that what is projected to them through (EM) frequency waves is actually real. This effect can be produced over some distance. It sounds incredible to most people, especially to people who don't grasp how the brain's electrochemical processes work. But it's real. The truth is, what we believe about such things doesn't alter the reality of them. If you understand the implications of these findings, it might make it understandable why some people who get completely enmeshed in the UFO field gradually deteriorate mentally.

I do find the term "Collins Elite" a curious coincidence. Britian's Andrew Collins started investigating UFOs the same time that I did—late 1970s-80s. We both reached the same conclusions at essentially the same time, but didn't become aware of it until we met in the early 2000s. Andrew did direct experimentation on "plasma" UFOs in the 1980s utilizing technology similar to that employed by Wilhelm Reich. He put out a couple books outlining his findings in the 80s-90s. His 2012 book, "LightQuest" is the most recent one where he presented his ideas. I wrote the Introduction to that book and laid out the ideas behind some of the plasma research, especially focusing on what universities found in their field research. Andrew is much more interested than me in interacting with the "intelligence" underlying the plasma energies, which are directly related to earth-generated forces. I was for some time interested in the more practical research being conducted by various scientists looking at applications of the discoveries. With the release of the British Project Condign study (1997-2007) it became completely clear that governments have long known that plasmas were the key to UFOs—and a lot more. The occult connection is just one small part of the "more."

I know nothing whatsoever about the Collins Elite as a real group. But I can say that it's a fact that various research groups have been independently studying UFOs and related phenomena as an "intelligent energy" generated from earth-based forces. It is an energy that humans have lived with since the beginning. Most people simply cannot—or don't want to—comprehend what it means.

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