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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2016

The Alien abductions of an Aerospace Engineer and a possible connection with the Hill case

by: Brent Raynes

R. L. is a retired aerospace engineer and a former instructor of physics and advanced math who resides in the Chicago area. While an alien/close encounter experience in 1963 led him to the home of Dr. J. Allen Hynek in 1983, he admitted to me on the phone recently that he had been having similar experiences since childhood. “I didn't know I had been abducted,” he explained to me. “I had never heard of that. I just knew that I was being visited by things that didn't look human.”

Here is a personal summary that R. L. provided me of the alien encounter he had that led him to Dr. Hynek's doorstep in Evanston, Illinois, and eventually to others in the UFO field.

A special word of thanks to Mary Kerfoot who formerly held abductee support group meetings at her home, who is an experiencer herself, and who thoughtfully put me in touch with R. L.

R. L.'s report read:

“The following is a brief synopsis of a close encounter which I experienced in June, 1963, My case was investigated by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS in 1983. Although hypnosis was used in the investigation, all the information in this synopsis is from my conscious memory. The incident took place in the small town of Pontiac, Illinois when I was en route to Chicago from a weekend stay in Bloomington, Illinois.”

“When I arrived in Pontiac, I stopped to get gas then headed back to the highway to continue on to Chicago. I had trouble finding the highway and eventually ended up on a small country road. I noticed two bright lights about three city blocks ahead, approaching in my direction. They resembled the headlights of a truck which caused me to think I was going in the wrong direction on a one way road. So, I turned the car around and headed in the opposite direction. After driving 100 feet or so, the engine died and the car drifted to the left side of the road. When it came to a stop, I noticed someone sitting in the back seat of the car holding an object which was pointed directly at me. I experienced extreme terror and ran away from the car, crossed the road, and ran into a farmyard. I stopped near a fence and looking up, saw an orange-colored object shaped like a light bulb about 500 feet above me moving from my right to my left. The object emitted a buzzing sound and then made a noise which sounded like two pieces of wood banging together. I ran toward a barn and hid under an opening near the barn door. A rapid strobe-light effect ensued which lit up everything around me. I heard crackling sounds and smelled an odor that was similar to that of an electrical fire.”

“When this phenomena ended, I felt myself gently pulled by the arm out of my hiding place. In my mind I heard a voice saying don’t be afraid; I became very calm and my fear immediately dissipated. There appeared a steady, white light resembling a fog that allowed me to clearly see my immediate surroundings. I saw a small being, approximately four feet tall with gray skin and large, dark, almond-shaped eyes, standing beside me. He was accompanied by three similar-looking beings with identical eyes and skin. I was lead into the farmyard where another being, dressed in tight-fitting, military attire, stood approximately twenty feet away. I looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a star-shaped pinpoint of light grow ever more brilliant as it moved rapidly toward me. A few seconds later I saw a triangular-shaped craft hovering in the distance. The craft was black but I could clearly see its outline against the dark night sky. It had blue, green, and yellow lights around the front and a series of windows through which I could clearly see beings looking out at me. It moved slowly towards me and settled directly overhead. I was brought aboard the craft into a room that was very quiet and well lit with a foggy, bright, white light. I could see no actual source of the light; it seemed to emanate from everywhere. I was placed on a table and felt paralyzed but could see several beings staring down at me. I was examined and felt a small pain in my genital area. It seemed to me that the examination lasted about an hour. After the exam was over, a human-looking, female being led me to a container that was filled with a thick, brown gas. She placed me in the container and closed the top. I felt a sense of acceleration then lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness, I was seated in a transparent bubble which traveled through a tunnel at the end of which I could see a white, dome-shaped structure. Eight or nine grey beings, dressed in blue jump suits, made low grunting sounds as they walked along beside me. The next memory I have is being seated in a room configured like an amphitheater where many other grey beings were looking down at me. The arrangement reminded me of a gallery where medical students watch as their professor demonstrates a surgical procedure. A being with a very pale, orange-colored head, whose demeanor suggested she might be female, approached and we began communicating telepathically, never verbally.”

“I asked the being three questions. My first question was: why am I here? She told me I was here because I am a seed; that there are many seeds; that seeds have to be fed; and some seeds are defective and will die. Then she said I was not a defective seed but that I must be fed. In a rapid, streaky motion, appearing to be in several places at once, she stuck something in my mouth that had a metallic taste which lasted several days.”

“My second question was: how is your ship propelled? She described a system of propulsion which I quickly forgot. My only comment was: why, that’s obvious.”

“To answer my third question: who are you and where do you come from? the being took me into a hallway and called my attention to a colorful display on the wall. The lower right-hand corner of the display contained two large circles of light resembling decorated medallions. The larger circle, which was located below the smaller circle, was a bright yellow and the smaller was a softer yellow. Approximately six faint, white lines connected the larger and smaller circles. Throughout the display were tiny yellow, orange, dark orange, blue, and white lights. Lines connected the larger circle of light to some of the tiny, colored lights; other lines connected the smaller circle of light to other tiny, colored lights.”

“After viewing the display, I was returned to the amphitheater and seated in a chair-like device. The orange-headed being raised her hand and levitated three small, brown skinned beings, who were about two feet tall with oval-shaped heads and round, dark brown eyes, over to where she was standing. I asked her how she did that and she replied that I could do the same thing and she would show me how. I tried to levitate them one at a time but failed. With her help, however, I was able to move them telepathically to my chair.”

“She told me it was time to go and that I would not remember any of this; that even if I did remember, no one would believe me. My mind went blank and the next thing I remember was driving 80 mph back on the highway. I saw a sign saying Chicago via Congress Expressway and later realized I had driven over 90 miles with no recollection. I left Bloomington at 11:30 pm and the next thing I knew it was 6:00 am. I had lost almost 7 hours of unaccounted- for time. At that point, I became extremely nauseous and violently ill, almost passing out. I pulled over and when the sickness dissipated, I began to remember what had transpired in the last seven hours. A few days after arriving home, I noticed a red, horizontal incision line on my right shoulder which wasn’t there before the encounter. It appeared to have been cauterized and was completely healed but still red. Upon further investigation, I noticed a similar mark on my back shoulder area. I still have these scars today. During the CUFOS investigation, a pathology report of the scars was done which came back 'inexplicable'”.

“If a comparison is made between my drawing of the wall display mentioned above and the Betty Hill star map, you will find that they are almost identical. My drawing of the display has never been seen by the UFO community. Budd Hopkins wanted to publish the drawing some time ago as possible proof of the reality of the UFO phenomenon and especially of close encounters when two people, who have never met, independently draw almost identical images of what they saw aboard a craft. Initially, I did not wish to have my wall display published. Now, I am open to the possibility of future publication.”

Before Dr. Hynek would initiate the investigation of R. L. he took a precautionary step by having a couple of professionals at the Psych Department of a local university have him take a battery of psychological tests, after which R. L. states he checked out perfectly normal.

As with other UFO experiencers, R. L. claims that he had a wide range of psychic experiences. “When highly emotional, I caused pictures to fly off the wall, glass to break with witnesses present,” he explained. “I had recently lost my high school graduation ring and couldn't find it; a few days later I was taking a shower and thought to myself wouldn't it be strange if my ring suddenly appeared; at that moment I heard a clink on the shower floor and looked down and there it was.” R. L. has memories of what he realizes now were “abductions” going back to his childhood, beginning anywhere from 4 to 6 years of age. Within only a couple of days after his 1963 “abduction” R. L. began to have very intense deja vu experiences for years afterwards where he could at times tell “exactly what was going to happen before it happened.”

As for how his experiences have impacted his life, R. L. states that it has been positive. “Increased awareness of the universe as a whole and a desire to explore interstellar space,” he declared. “I founded an organization called The Federation consisting of a group of engineers, physicists, and mathematicians to research the possibility of faster-than-light velocity.”

(R.L.'s illustration of 3D wall display)

(Betty Hill star map. Note Similarity)

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