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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2017

OBE's and a Parallel Earth

by: Sandy Nichols

The first time that I can consciously remember having an Out of Body experience (OBE), was when I was 16 years of age. I had taken a hot, soaking bath for 30 minutes after a tiring day of doing my daily, summer chores, and afterwards laid down on my bed with a towel around my waist to cool off. Within just a few seconds I was asleep, and shortly thereafter, the OBE began. I became aware and then startled that I was not lying on my bed anymore. I was directly above my bed hovering near the ceiling and looking downward. I could see and hear the music coming from my little transistor radio on the nightstand next to my bed. I could also see someone lying on my bed, and it took a minute or two to convince myself that it was actually me lying there. With this being my first OBE, and not even knowing what an OBE was, I became afraid of what I was seeing. I did not like what was happening to me, and within a microsecond of thinking that, I was body-slammed back into the me lying on the bed.

It would not be until years later that I would remember having my second OBE. Though there was a bit of fear connected to this second OBE, it was not as traumatic as my first OBE. I began to research what an OBE was, why it occurs, how it occurs, who has OBE's, and why they have OBE's. The information I found convinced me that it's something natural that happens to all of us. An OBE is a separation of our consciousness or essence, who we really are, from our physical body. Once we understand what an OBE is, we can conquer the fear and know that we can return to our physical bodies at anytime. We can then travel anywhere we so desire in the universe, and as I learned later, to other dimensions as well.

As I learned more and my fear lessened, I looked forward to experiencing an OBE. While some people can control when they "go out," I have not been able to master this fully yet. Many of my OBE's are spontaneous and very similar. I usually travel around my home, around my neighbor, and to places that I do not recognize. These OBE's however changed in nature at the beginning of Winter 2014, until mid Summer 2016. During this time frame, I experienced a series of OBE's where I would travel through a dimensional boundary and to a PE [Parallel Earth]. When first arriving in this PE, I would consciously merge into the physical body of someone who lived there. Those who I merged into were mainly males, but a few times into a female. Toward the end of this series, during one particular experience, a physical part of this other dimension merged into our Earthly dimension. I witnessed this while I was fully awake.

I did not sleep well the night before as I pulled the sheet over my shoulders. The alarm was set for a short, one hour power nap on my couch in my home office. This nap would recharge me just enough so I could finish doing the research I needed for an article I was writing for a magazine. After a wiggle or two to get more comfortable, I soon drifted off to sleep and into an OBE.

In this OBE, I somehow traversed a dimensional boundary into this Parallel Earth. I physically merged into a man in his early 30's, using a small, electric cutting tool, trimming branches off of a small tree that was overhanging his back deck. A minute or so later he arose and walked across his wooden deck and tossed some of the trimmings onto the ground below. Through his eyes I could see the whole of his back yard. At first it looked like my back yard from a previous home I had had built and lived in for ten years. I began to wonder if I had traveled back in time during this OBE, or I was just reliving in a dream a time in my past. As I continued to look around, I began to notice differences between this home and property and my previous home and property. These differences assured me that I had once again crossed the dimensional boundary.

Some of the differences between the two Earths are very noticeable, while others are very subtle and easily missed unless one is looking for them. In this experience, the yard was a bit smaller and there were more trees instead of the open area that I had. A different type of wood, lighter in color, was used in the deck construction on the Parallel Earth. Mine was redwood and much darker in color. The PE deck was rectangular in shape, whereas at my home the deck shape looked like a backwards "P" laid on its side. It was also mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and not 7 pm where my physical body was asleep on the couch.

A time anomaly was always a central theme when I crossed through the dimensional boundary. Almost every one of these experiences happened at night, Earth time, but it almost always was daytime in the PE. I feel that this boundary is like a river of time, and like any physical river on Earth, there are always areas where the current is running slower and faster for various reasons. There are also eddies of currents that flow backwards. I feel the same holds true for this river of time. Depending upon the currents, one can move forward through time either at a slower or faster pace, but if caught in an eddy, one is moved backwards in time. If one can overcome the varying currents, then one can travel forward or backward in time of their own choosing. For me, I have not the slightest clue on how I cross over or what time line I will enter or leave from. I do know this though. What seems to me to be a significant amount of time spent Out of Body in the PE, in Earth time, my alarm clock indicates I've only been gone 20 to 30 minutes during each and every OBE experience.

Before I continue sharing this particular experience, there is something else I must share of major importance. When I merge into a person in the PE, I know everything the person knows. I know every memory, and every emotion he has ever felt and experienced his entire life. While merged, if he experiences any type of physical sensation or any type of emotion, good or bad, I feel it, but it does not affect me in either a positive or negative manner. And though these experiences have been confusing at times, I have never personally felt any type of fear during these specific experiences. In truth, they have been very enlightening. Many might consider some of the things I have experienced and witnessed in the PE, somewhat Paranormal in nature. Earth scientists will claim these things are not possible so they can't be real. In the PE, these things are looked upon as normal and natural abilities gifted in some people. This includes the ability to become invisible, tolevitate and fly around whether invisible or not, the ability to manifest a touch sensation upon others while invisible, and the gifts of ESP and Telepathy.

Every person that I merged with, one person per experience, had these and other gifts. I feel that the gifts of ESP and Telepathy were somehow transferred to my consciousness which resulted in me knowing and feeling everything about the person. This was a very strange sensation for me to experience. It was like I was two people in one physical body with two separate consciousnesses that had melded together. The ironic thing about this was that the person I was merged with did not seem to know I was there.

Back to sharing of the story.

When the man had finished tossing the cuttings onto the ground, he returned to continue the work he had begun. The cutting tool was about the length of a wand massager and had a circular blade on the end that spun at very high velocity. There was no power cord attached to the tool. The power source was some type of elongated battery housed within the body of the tool. This battery was much more advanced, more powerful, and much longer lasting than what we use on this Earth. The weight of the tool was minimal, and did not affect his balance. About 10 minutes into the continued progression of his work, we both heard a female voice behind us. Turning toward the voice, we could see it was his wife standing in an open doorway wearing a sleeping gown. This doorway was one of two, glass doors exiting from their den onto the back deck separated by a brown, brick fireplace. The configuration of this part of their house was identical to my previous home, but the color of the brick was different. I used red brick.

His wife was not a happy camper. She was upset with the timing of his work. She spoke in a soft tone stating that the whirring noise of the cutting tool had awakened her. She reminded him of her long work week with little sleep, and that she was going to catch up on her sleep that Saturday afternoon. The man simply ignored her and resumed his work. This upset his wife. Her verbal communication got louder, and some of her words were quite colorful. A minute or so passed, and finally the man turned around and spoke. This began a back and forth between the two and soon an argument commenced. I personally thought that the man was being an asshole, and realized that though there are differences, some things are the same no matter what Earth you live on.

Whether I left on my own or my time on the PE was over, the next thing I knew I was back in my physical body and awake. Normally I would just lay there for a few minutes committing to memory the details of the experience, but not this time. I threw my legs off of the couch and sat straight up. I continued to hear the upset words of the wife coming from behind me. I turned around and to my unexpected surprise, not more than three feet from where I was sitting, part of the PE had apparently returned with me and materialized in my office. This materialization had taken the place of split curtains that I had closed, and a set of double French doors. In its place was the open doorway, part of the brick around the doorway, and the wife standing in the doorway still berating her husband. She did not seem to realize that something strange and spectacular had occurred. I watched in stark amazement for a minute, and suddenly the final chapter of this experience was over. Taken back by what I was witnessing, I completely forgot that my camera was within arm's reach of where I was sitting.


When I shared this experience a week ago with Brent Raynes, editor of Alternate Perception, and a very good friend to boot, I shared that I had not experienced anymore of these unique Out of Body experiences for nearly a year now. For reasons unknown to me they were confined to that specific 1 1/2 year time frame. That was until the night rolled around of the afternoon when Brent asked if I would write this experience up for inclusion in the next monthly issue.

As with most of these other unique experiences, I decided to take a short power nap around 8 pm. Sometime after I had fallen asleep I experienced an OBE, but this one was different. What I remember about this OBE is based on a gut feeling instead of a "knowing."
I felt like I had crossed the boundary into the Parallel Earth. I felt like I had entered a 20 something female, but the feeling of knowing who she was and what she had experienced was very vague. I could not see through her eyes, but I did feel that a 20 something male was standing in front of her and quite close. I felt that this male was either a boyfriend or a wanna-be boyfriend. I could hear his words but they were muffled. I felt he wanted to kiss her, but she was hesitant to let him. Apparently she did say yes, for the boy leaned forward to kiss her and the girl was not objecting. At this point as he leaned in closer to her, I began to have this uneasy feeling of getting ready to be suffocated. His leaning closer was in slow motion, as was the girl's movement in anticipation of the kiss. They kissed, and still in slow motion, they both began the process of lying down. Once down, the boy laid partly on top the girl. It was at this point that I really felt like I was suffocating, and I began to feel the fear of dying. I wanted nothing more of this, and so I thought..."I'm done." "I'm out of here." Within the time frame of less than a second I was back in my physical body. My breathing was normal, but I felt pressure in my head and a tingling sensation in my body. These physical sensations I had felt in the past after experiencing OBE's the first couple of times. Before I really understood the OBE experience and lost my fear of having them, I would occasionally feel too much fear, and this increased fear factor would cause me to reenter my body way too fast. It was like being slam dunked back in. It would take several minutes for the sensations to subside.

After the sensations had subsided, I was able to process the experience without distraction. It took me several hours, but I think I understood what had happened. In all of my other unique OBE's, I had fully merged with the person. As I shared earlier, I never once felt any type of fear at anytime. In this most recent experience, I believe I was not fully merged with the girl. I was half way in, and half way out. Being only half-way connected, the conveyance of her was not being fully integrated into my consciousness. The fail-safe that protects me from being affected by what others are feeling, was only effective for the half of me that was merged. This left the part of my consciousness that was still outside vulnerable to her emotions. I felt that this girl was somewhat naive in the romance department. She had never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, much less one that was lying partly on top of her. Her thoughts and emotions were in overdrive. I believe the suffocation feeling I began to experience was her wondering in a subconscious or conscious way, if she would be able to breathe very well while kissing him and also on top of her. This may seem silly to some, but to someone without any experience or knowledge of something, it is just natural for someone to wonder what they are going to experience.

Sandy Nichols Thompsons Station, TN www.alienresearchgroup.com

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