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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2017

The Secret of ET Thought-Forms: Tibetan Tulpas

by: Diane Tessman

The Tibetans describe them as phantoms; they are “nirmita” and “nirmana,” defined as beings who are built or constructed. The term "tulpa" was rendered into English, and is defined as “thought-form.”

What does this have to do with extraterrestrials? Perhaps everything or at least, it may be a piece of the enigmatic puzzle, as we explore the enormously diverse UFO phenomena.

Thought-forms which resemble humans in appearance and behavior have been created throughout the centuries by highly accomplished Buddhist monks. In Yiddish, such a manifestation is called a golem.  Both tulpas and golems are manifestations created to accomplish a certain task. Their creator is an adept who is capable of controlling paranormal energies; he or she has a powerful, disciplined mind. 

Adventurer, scholar, and author Alexandra David-Neel writes, “Once the tulpa is endowed with enough vitality to be capable of playing the part of a real being, it tends to free itself from its maker’s control.”

David-Neel continues, “Tibetan magicians also relate cases in which the tulpa is sent to fulfill a mission but does not come back and pursues its peregrinations as a half-conscious, dangerously mischievous puppet. The same thing may happen when the maker of the tulpa dies before having dissolved it." --With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet 

Do extraterrestrials have powerful enough minds to create their own thought forms? How many UFO sightings and encounters are reported to be with beings who float above the ground and glow from an internal source?

How many paranormal experiences have been reported which feature a translucent form, male or female (nirmita or nirmana), levitating over the bed? How many UFOs themselves seem to glow, shimmer, morph, and then just disappear? Could an ET race have mastered the ability to create thought-forms? Or perhaps they have had this ability for many eons on their planet or in their home dimension; perhaps evolution simply bestowed it on them.

The actual extraterrestrials could remain safely on the mothership and send out a “thought vessel” which shimmers, dances, changes form, and then de-manifests. Or a variation, ETs could be safely within their craft hovering in the vicinity, and send a thought-form in the form of a "humanoid" to encounter humans and register their reactions.

We have no way of knowing the full range of an accomplished tulpa-creator. Does the tulpa manifest for brief periods and swirl around the Tibetan holy man, or can the thought-form travel miles away from its creator if the creator has strong mind-power? The ability of ETs to create thought-forms might be superior to the ability of human monks.

Tulpas and the possibility that UFO occupants create them thus accounting for some of the bigger mysteries in the UFO field, is a subject which is neglected. Yet, who among us has not tried to levitate an item or even create a thought-form? Maybe we only fool around with trying to summon a friendly ET or create a beacon for ETs, but maybe we too have the urge to create a being with our thoughts. The principle behind tulpas is that the mind creates the world of appearances; quantum physics substantiates this spiritual concept as it tells us we not only perceive our reality, we participate in making it. Essentially, we create our perceived reality. The Jewish “golem” concept also substantiates this knowledge. In the Jewish tradition, the golem is widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator. In Hebrew, golem means “shapeless mass.” In the Talmud, Adam is called a “golem” meaning body without a soul.

Tulpas seem to be created out of quantum stem cells which reside in the universe; these stem cells are commonly known as quantum particles by theoretical physicists. The belief is that tulpas can become anything or anyone in appearance by controlling these quantum particles; for them it is like taking a wad of shapeless clay in one’s hand, and not only forming it but endowing it with a form of intelligence. The truly astounding incidents are the ones in which the tulpas manage to free themselves from their creators, having gained enough life-force to do so. Tibetan occultists say that this happens logically, just as a child is born when its body is completed and it is able to live on its own. Indeed, the quantum stem cells have then successfully formed a living being. A tulpa can be like a rebellious son; uncanny power struggles have been reported between the priests and their tulpas, creator and created.

We have to wonder if those UFO occupants who might create thought-forms also run into rebellious tulpas who do not want to de-materialize. Yes, it can get a bit silly, but the fact is, we know that any sufficiently advanced science appears as magic to less advanced beings. The subject of tulpas is a huge one, steeped in ancient spiritual beliefs and abilities. If the subject intrigues you, research the specifics, they are fascinating. It is easy for a modern westerner to be skeptical as we sit in endless traffic jams and check our e-mail. However, Tibetan holy men devote a lifetime, living in isolation and trying again and again to create thought-forms through the formidable powers of their minds. Buddhists do not believe in a God, but they believe each individual can eventually achieve the god-status of creator and near perfection. Who is to say what we westerners could accomplish if our lives were devoted to spiritual evolution?
If human priests have accomplished the creation of tulpas, it is a small step to realizing ETs could also have this ability. It would be very handy when exploring strange new worlds and would do no harm to the indigenous lifeforms, except for the fright!
However, there is another possibility: As we humans stand on the cusp of becoming a new species which has advanced perception, thus as we begin to interact with UFO occupants and their ships, a new layer of the cosmic onion is coming into view in our reality. Are tulpas which are humanoid in appearance simply a part of this newly created perception which occurs as our evolution moves forward?
Perhaps the evolving human mind actually creates some of the ETs thought-forms who fall out of our quantum egg and go a-wandering in the night. If a Buddhist holy man can do it, what about the human collective consciousness?
What do we create? Are we unaware of the possibility that our collective human mind uses the quantum stem cells of creation (also called quantum particles), and creates the entire UFO phenomenon?

This is where the subjects of UFOs and The Paranormal meet and become one.
This is part of the incomprehensibly magnificent machinery of cosmic evolution.
Whatever the answer, let’s proceed in peace with wonder, intelligence and, logic. Create your thought-form accordingly!

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