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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2017

An Interview with Bonita Luz

by: Brent Raynes

Bonita Luz is a transpersonal psychotherapist who for years led tour groups to sacred sites in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Brent Raynes: How did you become involved in living and traveling in Peru?

Bonita Luz: For years, I had been interested in subconscious processes related to healing, energy work, dream work, and meditation. I was a jeweler living in a community in the mountains of North Carolina. When I was forty years old, I went through a divorce and decided to go to graduate school in transpersonal psychology. I had been reading about shamanism – which delves into the world of non-ordinary reality – the world of the unconscious. So it synchronistically happened that in graduate school I had a professor who was from Peru and had connections with some of the shamans. So as part of my graduate school work, I lived in Peru in 1987 and did field work with shamans in the jungle and on the northern coast as well as in the Andes. It was much later, after graduate school, that I started working with the Q'ero, the Andean priests who live high up in the sacred Ausangate Mountains.

Brent Raynes: Now before you went to school you had been reading about the processes of the unconscious. Had you had any formal training at that point?

Bonita Luz: I had not had any formal training at that time, but I had been studying metaphysics and been on a spiritual path for about 30 years. I had been raised in a fundamental religion and had totally rejected it – didn't want anything to do with religion. However, one night in 1970, I was up late listening to music with headphones and out of the blue I had a vision. I have had a few strong visions that have had a profound effect on my life and this was the first one. I saw myself standing in a street with people running in total panic, fear and confusion. I had no idea what had happened – had no clue – except I received a message that “This is when your major life work will begin. You have to learn to remain centered in the midst of chaos to help people who are in fear and confusion. You will be a bridge that will help people get to the fourth dimension.” I had not a clue what the fourth dimension was. I didn't understand any of this, but it scared the hell out of me. The very next day, a friend came from out of town for a visit and brought an Edgar Cayce book called “There Is A River,” in which they spoke about prophecies and earth changes. Suddenly, my vision began to make sense and this started me on a definite path. I began reading everything I could get my hands on that spoke of prophecies. This has also led to my interest in the Inca, the Maya, and the Hopi.

Brent Raynes: You're a founding member of Jorge Luis Delgado's Brotherhood of the Solar Disc and it was through Mr. Delgado that much of this information on the Solar Disc and its history came to you?

Bonita Luz: Yes, Jorge owns a travel agency called Kontiki Tours. It's a travel agency that works with spiritual/metaphysical groups. Jorge is also a mystic, and years ago had recurrent dreams of a portal and huge rose colored stones. He thought this was the Monastery of the Seven Rays that he was looking for. He knew there was an area between Puno and the Bolivian border where there were unusual formations of rose colored stones, and he began exploring and finally ran across this portal that's now called the Doorway of Aramu Muru. There is a doorway in the the middle and on either side is a carved channel. On one side, when you're standing in it, you feel energy spiraling down and on the other side the energy goes up. The legend is that this is the place where Lord Aramu Muru, the one who brought the Golden Disc to Lake Titicaca, left the planet. A few years ago, Jorge, Mark and Andrea (Pinkham) and myself formed the Brotherhood of the Solar Disc. We all have a strong personal connection with the Disc and wanted to have a way to invite in others who have an interest in or feel a connection to the Disc.

Brent Raynes: What sort of experiences have you had at the doorway?

Bonita Luz: We have been going there for several years. Actually, before Jorge had found it, he had gone to some shamans who live around Lake Titicaca and they had told him that this was indeed a real place that he was seeing in his dreams and that he needed to go find it. After he discovered it, the shamen did a lot of ceremonial work there. Finally, the shamen gave him permission to bring spiritual pilgrims to the site. Since he has a travel agency and works with metaphysical groups, he started taking some of his groups there and from there the word spread and now it is even on the Internet. Now many people are going there. This portal is an inter-dimensional doorway, an access to the higher dimensions. We've started working here with energy. One person stands in the down spiraling chamber bringing the energy down from above and sending it into Pachamama, Morther Earth. The person standing in the other chamber brings the energy from Pachamama and sends it on up. This energy makes a circle, creating a disc. The others in the group form a semi-circle in front of the doorway, asking the guardians to complete the circle on the inside. So this makes a three dimensional energy vortex with a third person standing in the Doorway being in the center of this energy – in the portal. The group is toning.

Brent Raynes: I hadn't thought of that. I knew that you said one (chamber) went down and the other went up, but I didn't think of it like spinning around.

Bonita Luz: Well, we didn't either until recently. Before, the way we were working was mainly with individuals experiencing the energy in the center doorway as well as on either side chamber. We used toning and meditation because my sense of it is that sound – toning – has something to do with opening the Doorway. However, I have never had the same kind of experience as I had when we started working with intentionally moving the energy. I was standing in the center Doorway and had a feeling of a fluidity. It felt like this wave of energy that turns into a fluid that could move you right through the Doorway. I have been through the Doorway in meditation, but this is a whole different feeling. This is a physical feeling like you can move right through it. We just started working with the energy in this way with this last group. We were on a time constraint since we had to get to the Bolivian border before it closed so I am really looking forward to going back with another group where we have more time.

Brent Raynes: The others have felt the same as you're describing, the fluidity?

Bonita Luz: Yes, some people in that group did.

Brent Raynes: Has anybody been able to partially go through it or felt that they did?

Bonita Luz: Other people have gone through it in their meditations, and when I've been through to the other side, there is a crystal city, an inter-dimensional city.

Brent Raynes: Now you told me once that some of the locals called this place the Devil's Doorway?

Bonita Luz: Yes, some of the locals call this place the Devil's Doorway, and the story is that years ago there was a group of musicians that went up there one night – after they had been playing in the local community – and that they disappeared through the Doorway and no one ever saw them again. Jorge says that he thinks the Spanish started calling it the Devil's Doorway. There is a little community near the Doorway and the man who is like the mayor of the community told Jorge and me last year that his mother had seen a woman come out of there with her hands in a prayer position.

Brent Raynes: She was just an ordinary woman?

Bonita Luz: Now that I don't know. I didn't ask that and I wish I had because I started thinking later about whether she was a physical woman or was an ethereal form.

Brent Raynes: How many times have you been yourself to the Doorway?

Bonita Luz: Oh gosh. I don't know. Twenty? Twenty-five? Thirty? I have been there many times alone and with groups of various size. My sense is that it takes more than one person – that it takes a group effort and that if you get the right kind of group – one that knows how to work energy – that it could be extremely powerful.

Brent Raynes: I remember hearing that at one time it was believed that the Doorway was covered in gold.

Bonita Luz: That was the story that the mayor told us. It's a little hard for me to believe this, but I'm not saying it's not true. He said in the early 1900's it still had gold on it and that some of the missionaries took it away. I guess it's possible that the Spanish never found it.

Brent Raynes: And as I'm looking at it in a picture I'm looking at a mountainside like and this is carved into it, right?

Bonita Luz: This area is off the highway to Bolivia and is pretty sparse and then, all of a sudden, you come into a section of these huge mysterious rock formations. Some have faces and other shapes on them. There's a huge serpent, a whale and a hippopotamus.

Brent Raynes: And these are supposedly just natural formations?

Bonita Luz: Yes. You can see on top of the Doorway, it looks like a woman lying on her back. You can see her face and body.

Brent Raynes: Yeah, above the Doorway.

Bonita Luz: All the rocks in the area are very organic and then it's just this flat wall with the Doorway and chambers carved out.

Brent Raynes: Now the Q'ero were the direct descendants of the Incans. There are only 600 or so left and they came down from the mountains just a few years ago.

Bonita Luz: In the early 90's.

Brent Raynes: Because they saw signs like the condor was dying?

Bonita Luz: The condors are dying, the alpaca are dying, the Q'ero saw in their visions the rivers becoming polluted – the environment – that these were signs that it was time for them to come down and begin sharing their prophecies and teachings.

Brent Raynes: And it was through them that the legend of the 12 Incan families and a candidate from each – that became known to you directly from having talked with Prado?

Bonita Luz: Yes, that came to me from Juan Nuez del Prado, who was an anthropologist at the University of Cuzco, and has worked with the Q'ero for years. His father, Oscar Nuez del Prado, discovered them back in the 1950s, and they think very highly of him. So because they really revere his father so much they have taught him and this is the legend he shared with me. The Q'ero speak Quechua. I have to have a translator since I only speak a few words. So some of the things I have gotten had to come through translators. So you ask if it is directly from them? Well, yes it is – and it's through a translator.

Brent Raynes: Well it was fascinating to me how that seemed to correspond with what Dove was telling me came through with her memories [visions], which she associated with Machu Picchu.

Bonita Luz: This legend is associated really with the Temple of Viracocha at Rachi.

Brent Raynes: Which still stands.

Bonita Luz: Yes.

Brent Raynes: And they believe there will be a new generation – that 12 more?

Bonita Luz: That has already started actually. The first one was supposed to rise up at Qoillar Riti August 1st of 1998. When the 12 will all come together is not really known. There's some who feel like it will be by 2002 – for sure by 2012 – but nobody knows for sure.

Brent Raynes: And there will be like several days of some sort of competition?

Bonita Luz: Yes. At least, that's the way it was in the past and that's what they expect to happen now.

Brent Raynes: And then the winner at the end of the ceremonies, the one who is chosen, begins to glow a white light?

Bonita Luz: All of the twelve that come toether, there's six men and six women, and they're from all over the world, not just from Peru, and they meet and come together in Peru, and they're all what's called the 5th level priests – which means that they have the ability to heal with their hands without fail. They can go into a hospital and clear the hospital out. The 6th level priest, or the “Sapa Inca,” are the two, the man and the woman, that come out of this being the new Incas and they will actually glow. That's how they knew who the old Inca was because they actually shined.

Brent Raynes: Did you tell me that it was in 1995 that you found this out yourself?

Bonita Luz: Yes, about 1994-95.

Brent Raynes: The Q'ero – did they have a legend about the three days of darkness?

Bonita Luz: Well, I don't know that they have a legend about that. Don Martin Quispi, who is the Altomesayo that I work with, told me this is what he foresees in the next few years. You know, in the Q'ero there is the Pampamesayo who works with the herbs and healing. The Altomesayo is really the one that works with the supernatural world. He works directly with the Apus, the Spirits of the mountains. I would say they're more like a medium. They get information from the Apus in a ceremony at night – where the Apus come in and speak through him. According to Gregg Braden in his book, Awakening to Zero Point, this has happened before.

Brent Raynes: You have talked about the 26,000 year cycle. Science has this in terms of the earth on its axis.

Bonita Luz: It's called the Precession of the Equinox. The Earth is tilted on its axis and it takes 26,000 years to cycle from one point back to the same point. It also takes 26,000 years for our solar system to rotate around Alyceon – which is the central sun of our solar system and it's the central sun of the Pleiades, so we really rotate around the Pleiades. This corresponds to the 26,000 year cycle of the Mayans.

Brent Raynes: They have the 26,000 year cycle also and that's what's coming to a new phase by..?

Bonita Luz: It's by December 20, 2012. It's from the Tzolkin, the rotations of the Tzolkin, which is the sacred calendar for the Mayan.

Brent Raynes: And it seems that Braden feels that the regular vibration of the earth is also increasing?

Bonita Luz: What he says is that there are two different forces that are real important – one is the magnetics of the earth and the other is the base resonant frequency, the Shumann Effect. The magnetics are measured on a scale of one to ten and are determined by how fast the earth is rotating. The faster the rotation, the stronger the magnetics. Our strongest magnetics were about 2000 years ago when they were a ten. We are now at a 1 to 1.5 and losing them rapidly. Earth is now experiencing what scientists call the “Wobble Effect” because as the earth slows down in rotation it begins to wobble. The other important force is called the base resonant frequency, the heartbeat of the Earth. It is based on the hertz rate per second and it was thought to be a constant at 7.8 hertz rate per second. However, in 1987, it started going up, and from 7.8 the highest is 13, and the last that I heard it was about 11 or 11.5. I can't guarantee that. That's just what I heard.

Brent Raynes: Hmm. And, of course, 1987 was the Harmonic Convergence.

Bonita Luz: That's right. Which is very interesting. It's also the time that a shaman told me that the poles were shifting from the masculine pole in the Himalayas, which had been the active pole, to the feminine pole in Peru, more specifically at Lake Titicaca.

Brent Raynes: UFOs have been seen going in and out of Lake Titicaca? Had Delgado seen them?

Bonita Luz: He has seen them. I don't know that he's seen them go into the lake, but people that we talked to around the lake have talked about that. But what they said is they don't see them as much now as they used to. But it's interesting that they see them go into the lake because the legend of the Incan origin is that the first Incas came from the lake, and there has always been talk that there is an eternal city under the lake. Actually it's interesting that Jacque Costeau came there years ago. It was before they had all of the high tech equipment for diving, and they started diving to look for this city, and found some walls beneath the water. When they started getting deeper their lights were not strong enough to see and it was too dark for them to keep going down because it's a very deep lake. He never came back, which is too bad.

Brent Raynes: I know from your presentation a couple of nights ago, that some of the sites – I think there was a sacred circle and there was a tower-type structure?

Bonita Luz: That was Sillustani – the Chulpas. The regular anthropologists talk about this as being a cemetery and the Chulpas are burial chambers that had different levels where they buried people. What Jorge says is that it's like the Vatican. He says 300 or 3000 years from now someone may go to the Vatican and in the ruins, down under the main part, you find burial chambers and say it's a cemetery. Well, it's much more than a cemetery, and so was Sillustani – a sacred ceremonial site that had many of the high priests buried there. The Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon at Sillustani is basically not so much temples as standing stones that makes a circle around an old ancient energy vortex in the center. Jorge speaks of the eternal flame that comes from the center. It is a strong energy point. I have had a compass around the side of the chulpas, and it turns – it won't stay north and south.

Brent Raynes: It spins?

Bonita Luz: Yes, it spins.

Brent Raynes: And you had heard that in that stone circle of the eternal flame that it does that also?

Bonita Luz: Yes. I have heard that, but have never tested it personally.

Brent Raynes: So there's highly magnetic material?

Bonita Luz: There's also meteorites. You can find meteorites around that area. Sillustani is on a lake called Lake Umayo and out in the middle of Lake Umayo is an island that has a very flat surface on top, and there have been reports of UFO activity.

Brent Raynes: They would land on it?

Bonita Luz: Yes.

Brent Raynes: I remember you showed the slide and you said that used to be a part of Lake Titicaca, before the waters receded.

Bonita Luz: Lake Titicaca used to be much broader and higher than it is. To give you an example, Teohuanaco in Bolivia used to be one of the main port cities and was a very highly evolved civilization. Now it's 12 miles from the lake. The lake has receded that much.

Brent Raynes: Things have really changed. Now the Whistling Vessels were, of course, used by the Incas but they were also used by others before the Incas.

Bonita Luz: They go back many civilizations before the Incan times.

Brent Raynes: What do you believe they were used for? Were they used expressly as a consciousness tool?

Bonita Luz: It's a couple of things. The sound vibration is a tool to help put you into an altered state for ceremony and meditation. But it was also used as a way of sending up prayers – sending a tone to open a column – a gateway, so to speak, to another dimension. This column allows information to come direct from other dimensions. In addition, many shamen say that the whistling vessels were used in ceremony to call in the Space Brothers. Many say that they were used for this at Machu Picchu. Ninety percent of the remains that have been found at Machu Picchu have been women so it's pretty clear that this was a place of the chosen women and the high priests. They totally disappeared and no one has a clue where they went or what happened. One of the theories is that they were lifted up at the time the Spanish came to Peru and the whistling vessels were a tool they used to make their connection and call for help. You know that the Spanish never found Machu Picchu. It was only rediscovered in 1911 by an American, Hirham Bingham.

Brent Raynes: And the Pleiades is very important to Andean spirituality.

Bonita Luz: This is because they believe they came from the Pleiades, as did the Mayan and Cherokee. For them, we are all Star Beings and the Pleiades is home.

Brent Raynes: You had come across, in Peruvian spirituality, an awareness of energy centers of the body.

Bonita Luz: The Q'ero call them chunpis. There's a real diffence between the shamans in the jungle and the Q'ero. For the Q'ero, chunpis are energy belts that go all around the body and there are four major centers and three minor centers. The first one is around the area of the first and second chakras, the second chunpi is in the solar plexus region, the heart is the third and the throat is the forth. Then the eyes and the third eye make up the other three centers which together form the fifth chunpi. So they don't have the crown. The most important center is the solar plexus chunpi because it is through this center that we mediate energy with the outside world. This is the most important center to protect, except at death and then it is the heart. These chunpis don't really correspond to the chakras of the East.

Brent Raynes: It's still interesting because it's so close.

Bonita Luz: It is very close. Stones are very important to the Q'ero. They use stones in healing. The ones with the most power are from the highest mountains. These stones are called Kulyas. Each stone has different points relating to the different chunpis that they work with.

Brent Raynes: I mentioned to you the other night that I had read about George Hunt Williamson years ago saying that he was down in Peru and he was shown skulls where the third eye area had been drilled. These were ancient skulls, Incan perhaps, but it was connected, he thought, with opening the third eye. You mentioned something about that and head deformation.

Bonita Luz: Yes, they did that on purpose, deform the heads, and you'll see them in some of the museums – especially at Teohaunaco, which is older than the Inca actually. It is said that the deformation was to open up the pituitary – open up the third eye. It also strikes me, when I see these, how much they resemble the skulls of space beings.

Brent Raynes: Almost kind of triangular.

Bonita Luz: Yes, and some of them have foreheads that protrude from the deliberate deformation and others have holes drilled in the skulls. I have heard this was also to open up the pituitary and the third eye and that they learned this from the space kin.

When I first was in Peru, I was part of a group called Mission Rama. This is a whole different subject. But the shape of the heads reminded me of this because the beings that they worked with who were from Ganyamede, a moon of Jupiter, had this shape head. I was drawn to Mission Rama because before I ever went to Peru, I had seen one of these beings in my bedroom. I had just gotten into bed and turned my light out, but wasn't asleep, when all of a sudden, in the right hand corner of my room, this huge being is standing there. Tall, about 8 feet tall. I realize I couldn't move. It was like I was paralyzed and it scared me. With a thought transmission this said: 'Don't be afraid. I am not going to hurt you.' Something to that effect. It gave me a message that I still, to this day, do not understand. It said, “You have naturally what other people work a lifetime to get – the number four.”

I have researched the number four – what it means, the four directions, the four structure of numerology, the Enneagram and other things, but nothing has hit me as, Yes, that's it! This being had a head shaped like a triangle, but a soft triangle and it didn't have a mouth [eyes were large and similar to the Greys in size apparently, but more horizontal, not slanted sharp upwards..Brent Raynes] and was a tall being, and very much light coming from it and then it was gone. When I can finally move, I get up, look in the mirror, slap myself a couple of times to make sure I'm not dreaming, but I knew I wasn't asleep. It was a strange experience.

Well then years later, I went to Peru and I became involved in Mission Rama which was started by Sixto Pax Wells. A being had come to him and given him a message to go to the desert, a place called Chilea and that they would make contact. He was told to take some friends with him in order to verify the contact. He was taken up, in the physical body, to a moon of Jupiter named Ganyemede and he was given instructions to come back and begin this group called Mission Rama to bring the Christ consciousness back into the world.

In 1988, I was at the first international gathering of Mission Rama and we went to Chilca for four days with a group of about 500 people. On the last night, we had a late meditation. It was freezing cold – the middle of winter. I went back to the tent to get into my sleeping bag, but all of these different groups and isolated individuals went out into the desert to meditate more. In the middle of the night I woke up and saw this flashing light, and I thought I should get up and see what this is, but I was too freezing cold to get out of my sleeping bag, and I thought somebody would come get us if it's anything. Well, the next morning, I found out that all of these people had been in different groups and all of them had seen the same thing. About 75 people had seen it.

This huge ship came over, very low, and out of it came three ships – small ships that formed a triangle and one of the groups said that, when they were chanting Om, that this ship was blinking its lights in response. I said, “I thought that that was lightning,” and they said there is never lightning in the desert. But also that group – people who had experienced prior contact with the beings – described the beings as beings exactly like what I had seen in my room years before.

Brent Raynes: And that being – the eyes were the same too? The horizontal?

Bonita Luz: Well not straight horizontal. You know how the Greys have very slanted eyes – it wasn't like that at all. They were slanted, but not as severe as the Greys.

Brent Raynes: Did they have any eye color, or were they just dark?

Bonita Luz: I didn't see any eye color, but I was all the way across the room, and I was scared at first.

Brent Raynes: You said it glowed?

Bonita Luz: Well, the whole being did.

Brent Raynes: Was there any kind of color to the glow?

Bonita Luz: It would have been maybe a gray – I want to say a gray but it wasn't a gray – it was more of a white – but like an opalescent white.

Brent Raynes: Was there anything about a uniform that it had, or clothing?

Bonita Luz: This one had on a white robe with a cape also in white. The first time that I ever heard about Lemuria, I knew that I had been there. But I couldn't tell you anything about it. When I heard about the Golden Disc – the reason that it grabbed me so much – is because when I was a kid I had a dream that was one of these that just stays with you – it was so profound – and I don't know why it was so profound because it was not a big thing, except that it was just like everything was in color and I just really remembered it. In the dream I was a young kid and I was with my family and had on this white tunic kind of thing – walking down a road with a lot of other people – and it was on this gravel road, but it was like small white gravel. All of a sudden, I turned around and behind me – way behind – I saw this sled like thing being drawn with a big golden disk on it. And when I heard about the Golden Solar Disc I thought, 'Oh, my God.' But I don't have any real memories with that. I do know that the very first day I was ever in Peru I was just walking down – in Cuzco – just walking around the streets, looking around, and across from my hotel there was this cathedral and many people were going in the cathedral, so I just wandered in.

They were doing reconstruction on the cathedral because, I found out later, they had just had an earthquake the year before and it had almost totally destroyed the cathedral. I walked in and they were doing all this construction and when I get inside, I just burst into tears. I don't know what's happening to me. I sat down on the floor – that's the only place to sit – and I closed my eyes and all of a sudden, I see myself as a young girl in temple service and I'm walking down this hall with the walls all lined with gold and I just knew – I had this knowing – that I had died young and had not gotten to complete my service and the message was: That's what you're coming back here to do. And I later found out that this place where I had been – that I thought was just a cathedral – was, in fact, Coricancha, the main temple of the Incas, where the Sun Disc had been and where women had been in temple service.

So that kind of set the theme, I think, my going back all of these times have been to complete something in a lifetime that I didn't get to complete. It's also interesting that another lifetime, that I had known about before – I don't even know where this lifetime was – but it was a lifetime that I had seen when I was going through my divorce. I had a vision of this whole lifetime. The first year I was in Peru – that lifetime was not even in my consciousness at that time – but I met a man and the minute that I met him I knew exactly who he was. It was so strange. That's the first time and the only time that I've ever had that happen to me in my life.

Brent Raynes: You knew exactly who he was from a previous life?

Bonita Luz: From that previous life.

Brent Raynes: Did he have any sense of it too?

Bonita Luz: No, he didn't have any sense of it right then. Later we got to be friends and I told him all about that and from things that had happened to him in his life he could see that possibly that was true.

Editor's Note: This remarkable interview appeared previously in Alternate Perceptions back in the Winter 2000 edition, issue #49.

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