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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2022

Ancient Breakaway Civilization - A Source Study

by: Hakan Blomqvist

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Some months ago, I reread The Descendants, a fascinating novel by my good friend and research colleague Tony Brunt. The story revolves around a young boy, Tim Baker, who while hiking in the New Zealand mountains saves a woman stuck in a crevasse. He gets a real surprise when she leads him to a hidden saucer-shaped craft, in which she leaves. The woman belongs to an ancient, highly advanced civilization, called the Descendants. Numbering tens of thousands they live, unknown to mankind, in large subterranean bases. Because Tim Baker has saved the life of a Descendant his family becomes involved in the secret work this group is undertaking above ground. A work involving undercover observers keeping a watchful eye detecting threats to the planet and to the hidden community.

In a mail conversation about The Descendants May 16, 2021 Tony remarked that although it is a fictional story based on various contactee books: ” have no doubt that there are others living in a more advanced state in hidden places on the planet.” This theory has been advanced in different ways by researchers for many years. In their discussion of theories in The Edge of Reality, Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee used the term earth-bound aliens for this group of visitors. Mac Tonnies called them Cryptoterrestrials in his book, published in 2010.

”They have hidden behind the extraterrestrial myth” writes John Keel in a letter to my AFU colleague Anders Liljegren, August 10, 1982. And Keel continues: ”Forget the flying saucer propaganda. We are dealing with something very close to home.” During my many years of investigations of contactee cases I have now and then pondered whether this could actually be the answer to some of the very physical contact experiences reported worldwide. If we are partly dealing with one or more groups of earth-based and undiscovered aliens we are faced with an even greater enigma than extraterrestrial visitors.

In several books and blog articles, from different perspectives, I have tried to answer the question – who are these people? Human-looking visitors who obviously mingle in our society and possess an advanced technology. They are physical like us and seem to be earth-based in their activities. If this is the case, where is their hiding place on this planet? Could some specialized and covert intelligence groups have discovered who these people are, trying to deal with this delicate issue in their own way? Disclosure of such a fantastic scenario would probably not be regarded as an option by the people who have a need to know.

Having for some time gathered data from various sources on the ancient breakaway civilization theory (ABC theory) I wish to share a compilation that may be of interest to research colleagues. I have divided the sources into three sections: Case investigations, contactee statements and esoteric sources.

Case investigations


There are of course many documented encounters where earth-bound visitors appear to be a reasonable explanation. First of all, I would like to mention my own investigations of the Anna case. She and her husband were invited to dinner in Guatemala in 1959 by a visitor who bears all the hallmarks, in appearance and behavior, of belonging to this planet. His rather flippant way of asking Anna´s husband if he wanted a trip to Venus indicates a cover story. My two-part article can be found:

https://ufoarchives.blogspot.com/2015/07/we-came-in-from-east-part-1.html https://ufoarchives.blogspot.com/2015/07/we-flew-in-from-east-part-2.html

Joelle Marchemont (The Blue John Case)

There have been several cases of ”exchange of personnel” with UFOs and cars involved. John Keel, R. Perry Collins, and Ardy Sixkiller Clarke have documented such stories. The Blue John case was investigated by Timothy Good and published in his book Alien Base. After observing a landed craft with two visitors entering a car Mrs. Marchmont became closely involved with the visitors. On several occasions she cooked meals for them at her London flat. She was told that their group would intervene in the event of a nuclear catastrophe, if it threatened to destroy our planet. If the visitors were actually earth-based such a plan would be a first priority.


A case of very physical and partly normal contact with aliens is reported by a man named Leland and documented by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (Encounters With Star People, Chapter 6, They Are Among Us). Leland describes what has happened during several nights at his ranch near the Nebraska border: ”They come at night. They hover over the field. They lower automobiles to the ground. They´re filled with people. The craft goes away and when the car returns the next night, only the driver returns. They take the car and the driver on board their spacecraft and then they´re gone again.”

Richard Höglund

One of the most intriguing and complicated UFO contacts I have ever investigated is the Richard Höglund case, summarized by Timothy Good in Earth – An Alien Enterprise. Richard interacted and worked for several years with a group of visitors with doubtful motives and morals. Of special interest is his visit to their underground base in Mexico, a place that figures in several other cases.

Walter Bosley

Although not an ordinary case investigation I would like to mention the claims of Walter Bosley, using the pen name E.A.Guest in his article The Other Paradigm (Fate, April 2005). According to Bosley his father had worked for a special assignment team in the U.S. Air Force to find and retrieve crashed craft. He had inspected remains from several crashes, including human-looking aliens and was briefed at Wright-Patterson about the real nature of the craft and aliens: ”A civilization thrives underground, hidden from the surface world… These people are not extraterrestrials. Quite the contrary, they are among the oldest people on this planet… Occasionally, they come and go, emerging in their vehicles, and occasionally they crash. They are human in appearance, so much so that they can move among us with ease with just a little effort.”

Contactee statements

Eugene Drake

”There is an ancient civilization living underground with entrances in Mexico, and not such a great distance from Mexico City. They often come to the surface and mingle with the people, but aside from a few mystics, the people of Mexico do not know this, and they would have a difficult time, if they did, to locate the entrances to their underground cities.” (Eugene Drake, Visitors From Space (1950) p. 26).

Frank Howard

When I first read the four books by Australian contactee Frank Howard I regarded them as works of fiction. But then I found a YouTube lecture by Australian ufologist Martin Gottschall at the 1996 Australian UFO conference. Gottschall, who knew Frank Howard, found evidence that ”his home was a safe house for visiting ETs, and that he would not have wanted to attract undue interest.) The titles of his works are: A Planetary Saga Almega; Return of Alizantil; Journey in Space With Alizantil; An Extraterrestrial Message to the Nations. The books are written in a very special poetical style that can be quite exhausting to read because of the many repetitions. But buried in all this prose are some rather startling and fascinating statements. Frank Howard narrates his contacts with benevolent extraterrestrial visitors who also take him to their bases on the Moon and the Antarctic. He is also given a journey to an inner earth civilization. This is the first time I have read of visitors claiming they use deception to hide their true inner earth origin.

”Deep beneath these mountain ranges
Lie great man-made caves and tunnels

In which, priceless ancient relics
Still remain in all their splendour
Far from prying eyes of vandals;
This is still a well-kept secret
For no person is permitted
To gain entrance to these places
Then return and speak to others
Of what he had just discovered;
Yet the time will come, my brother,
When these doors again shall open
And mankind again shall see the wisdom
In their age-long preservation.”
(Return of Alizantil, p. 174)

”There are three distinctive places

As to Earthly habitation -
”Outer”, ”Inner” and ”Caverns”
Deep beneath the Planet´s surface.
Many UFO´s are sighted
Running into many thousands,
Some of which are craft and ”solid”
As to three-dimension substance;
Others are as apparitions
Non-symmetrial and hazy.”
(Journey in Space With Alizantil, p. 278)

”Many many million people
Dwell within these inner caverns
In their towns and inner cities,
In environment that has been
Artificially created
Which produces certain plant life
Relevant to their requirements
As to food and other uses.
Many thousand miles of tunnels-
Roadways one might rightly call them
Now connect these dwelling places
Through which rapid transportation
”Vehicles” I think you´d call them,
Travel deep below the oceans
And your continents and mountains.”

”There are, as we´ve said beforehand
The ”descendants of the ancients”
Living now beneath the surface
In the great labyrinth of caverns,
Then again, we have those Peoples
Of the hollow core or Centre.
Craft are used by certain Races
Of the caverns and the Centre,
Which one might indeed refer too
As ”outdated” in construction
And their methods of propulsion
Which includes the”jets” and rockets
And indeed, air-screw propellers,
None of which would take a space craft
On an interStellar journey.
(Journey in Space With Alizantil, p. 275-277)

”Could you tell, Alizantil
Whether stories we´ve been hearing
Of an ”Inner Earth” are falsehoods,
Or are scientifically
Sound, and may be backed or founded
On realities existing?
”There is certain information
We may pass on at this moment”,
Alizantil said, replying
To the question of Manelda
”For the time is drawing closer
When mankind must know the answers
To these all.important questions;
Yes, there surely is an Inner-
World, within this little Planet
And although this fact is knowledge
To selected groups and leaders
Of the outer surface dwellers,
It has been a closely guarded
Secret, right down through the Ages
For some reasons quite apparent,
And for certain other reasons
Which would give to some, advantage
over those who had no knowledge
On this all-important subject
Great activity is centered
Round this Planet´s polar regions
By most of the major nations;
Who have well established Bases
Fitted with the best equipment
To be made by modern methods:
And we know this concentration
Of activity we speak of,
Is not for the special purpose
Of the study of the penguin
And its breeding grounds and habits.”
(Journey in Space With Alizantil, p. 257)

”Then there are those many ´airships´
seen to fly in any weather
in the latter eighteen hundreds,
prior to experimental
flights by man´s own clumsy airships.
Crews who landed, spoke of ´testing´
their new airships, manufactured
in another town or country
which were, when investigated
found to be misleading statements.
Aktorelda, smiling, answered:
´this, of course is true, Manelda
and we must accept a portion
of the guilt for these excursions
to the outer world, as mentioned.

… But perhaps of all these peoples,
those who would have greater reasons
for misleading surface humans
as to their identity and
place of domicile, we´ll call it
would be those whose homes and people
could feel threatened if invaded
by some warlike race or nation.
These, of course, include those people
who are now our hosts, Manelda,
plus the ones that live in caverns
deep beath the outer surface.”
(An Extraterrestrial Message to the Nations, (p. 358-360)

George Adamski

Including George Adamski in this list is of course controversial. During all his years as a contactee he always maintained that the visitors were from Venus and Mars etc. and had organic physical bodies like us. When ”Orthon” tried to help Adamski from getting too close to the craft during the November 20th 1952 meeting he hurt himself and his blood was as red as ours. There is also the connection between Mexico and the visitors, a country often mentioned in inner earth lore and underground bases. If Adamski´s visitors were actually from our own planet the Venus claim would be the perfect cover story.

Howard Menger

Of even greater interest when looking at the ABC theory is Timothy Good´s interview with Menger in 1978.

Howard Menger: “Well, I asked them where they came from, and they told the truth, but I believe it´s a possibility that I might have distorted that answer. You see, when they say they have just come from a planet we call Venus, that doesn´t mean they are Venusians, but I interpreted it as that…. But I think that I might have been wrong. According to what they told me, they led me to believe that there´s no life on any of the planets in this solar system – I mean such as we people.”

HM: ”I would say that it is very possible that there are civilizations that are right on this planet… that are living right here on this planet – underground. They don´t want anything to do with us, because of the radiation.

Timothy Good: So, you think that the people you met were from this planet? I´ll re-phrase that, were from a superior technology, a superior civilization on this planet?

HM: They are definitely superior spiritually, and their technology was superior, and their bodies were superior.

TG: And they had what could be construed as space vehicles?

HM: They are extra-terrestrial vehicles: they could go into outer space, yes.

TG: Yeah, but you still don´t think that that necessarily means that they came from space… Do you think they were borrowing them, or do you think they have space travel capability?

HM: There are so many theories. You see, I wish I knew one answer and one only. Wouldn´t that solve a lot of problems. But you see… this whole thing is so complex”

There is also a very cryptic statement in Howard Menger´s book From Outer Space to You. When discussing a conspiracy of ”others” operating on our planet a space woman relates to Menger: ”They use people not only from this planet… but ”Also other people of your own planet – people you don´t know about. People who live unobserved and undiscovered as yet. It is a kind of ”underground” in your popular terminology.” (p. 144)

Millen Cooke

One of the most interesting and enigmatic silent contactees is Millen Cooke. According to Australian ufologist Moira McGhee, Millen was at Palomar Gardens during George Adamski´s first contact in 1952 and knew what was to happen beforehand. In the November, 1947 issue of Ray Palmer´s magazine Fantastic Adventures she wrote an article, Son of the Sun, using the pen name Alexander Blade. It is a remarkably prophetic article written as a message from a "visitor" belonging to a secret group in possession of flying discs that sounds much more like an earth-based group than extraterrestrials:

"We are already here, among you. Some of us have always been here, with you, yet apart from, watching and occasionally guiding you whenever the opportunity arose... We have been confused with the gods of many world-religions, although we are not gods, but your own fellow creatures, as you will learn directly before many more years have passed... Some of you have seen our "advance guard" already. You have met us often in the streets of your cities and you have not noticed us. But when we flash through your skies in the ancient traditional vehicles you are amazed... These are our mechanical means of transport. Now that the art of manufacturing plastic materials has reached a certain perfection among you, perhaps you can imagine a material, almost transparent to the rays of ordinary visible light, yet strong enough to endure the stresses of extreme rapid flight."

Silent Contactee

For many years I have corresponded with an American contactee who wishes to remain anonymous. In 2015 I asked about the inner earth theory and received this answer:

X: ”At first, there were the people, who since ancient times, have lived inside our planet… I have met some of them, fine people.

Håkan: Do the people living inside our planet have saucers? Do they look like us?

X: Yes, they have craft. Yes, they look like you and me, although they have other sizes among them because of the gravity variations over the centuries I would assume.

Håkan: How do you know which people are from inside the earth and which are the friends upstairs?

X: Friends upstairs are light beings, they have one hundred percent control over light, people inside our earth, just Human. The types of craft, the methods of travel and communicating, all telling signs. Friends upstairs can go invisible at the snap of a finger, walk thru walls, levitate by thought travel.” (Email, October 21, 2015).

Esoteric Sources

I assume these quotes are only of interest to those rare species in the ufo research community who are connoisseurs of Esoterica or students of the Esoteric Tradition. There are of course lots of references of mixed quality to underground civilizations in occult literature, but I have selected some of special significance.

Alice Bailey

The investigator of UFO and paranormal phenomena will, in the books by Alice Bailey, find an enormous amount of data regarding various phenomena and entities. In the Esoteric Tradition as represented by a.o. Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Henry T. Laurency we find a philosophy that is consistent and rational with a profound humanism at its core. It also constitutes, in my view, the best and most interesting multiverse paradigm and theory available to explain the multitude of intriguing UFO and paranormal phenomena documented by many researchers.

Some months ago, I found a reference of interest to this source study. A reference I have never seen mentioned or explained by any esotericist. To me it indicates a hidden society of people, physical like us, in esotericism symbolized by The Rider On the White Horse.

”The point to bear in mind is that this Rider on the white horse is no extra-planetary Entity or Life, but is essentially One like unto ourselves – human and animal combined as are we all, but fused with divinity and inspired from on high… The Rider is one of humanity who has reached a pre-destined goal and who – for love and understanding of man – has remained for ages in the secret place of revelation (as it is esoterically called), waiting until his hour comes around again and He can then issue forth to lead His people to triumphant victory.” Alice Bailey, the Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 269.

Edward Bulwer Lytton

In 1871 one of the most famous classics in esoteric literature was published, The Coming Race, by Edward Bulwer Lytton. He was a member of the real and secret Rosicrucian order and obviously decided to disclose the ”secret of the ages”, but using a fictional form. I am somewhat surprised that, to my knowledge, no ufologists, nor esotericists have noticed the close resemblance between the people described in The Coming Race and some contactee experiences. It is even mentioned that the inhabitants of the inner earth travel in ”air-boats” (p. 56). Quotes are from the edition published by Wesleyan University Press, 2005. Ufologists who have made an in-depth study of contactee cases will surely associate these quotes with various observations made in another context:

”It was the face of a man, but yet of a type of man distinct from our known extant races… Its colour was peculiar, more like that of the red man than any other variety of our species, and yet different from it – a richer and a softer hue, with large black eyes, deep and brilliant… The face was beardless… They seemed as void of the lines and shadows which care and sorrow, and passion and sin, leave upon the faces of men, as are the faces of sculptured gods… I never met one person deformed or misshapen. The beauty of their countenances is not only in symmetry of feature, but in the smoothness of surface, which continues without line or wrinkle to the extreme of old age… ” (pp. 12, 14, 60)

Ferdinand Ossedowski

”You know that in the two greatest oceans of the east and the west there were formerly two continents. They disappeared under the water, but their people went into the subterranean kingdom. In underground caves there exists a peculiar light which affords growth to the grains and vegetables and long life without disease to the people. There are many different peoples and many different tribes… In cars strange and unknown to us they rush through the narrow cleavages inside our planet.” (Ossendowski, Beasts, Men and Gods, pp. 154)

Meade Layne

Founder of Borderland Sciences Research Associates (BSRA) he had a deep fascination with the inner earth enigma. During a conversation on this issue with one of the Inner Circle members on November 22, 1947. Medium Mark Probert, hearing the answers clairaudiently and relaying them to Meade:

”Yes, indeed, there are vast underground regions (caverns) that stretch from equatorial Africa to the North Pole, and also to Venezuela., where there is an opening… The opening in Venezuela is in the southern tip, in the region north of Loreto… (Q. of size of underground population) I would say several millions. Oh, yes, they are humans. Yes, there is some contact, but mainly through their secret organizations. These people as a whole are much more healthy than those of the surfaces… Yes, in some parts of the underground world people possess a high degree of culture… Yes, there are openings in Mexico, and one in the region of Alberta, Canada.” (Those Underground Regions, Round Robin, vol. 18, no. 2, March 1962, p. 17).

What I find intriguing is that there are references to an ancient breakaway civilization from contactees, esoteric sources and that ufo case investigations in several respects indicates that we are not alone on this planet. Our attitude to all this controversial data should be neither belief nor disbelief, but keeping an open mind and using the information as an alternative working hypothesis. Only further research can determine what is reality and myth in this enigma.

Finally, I have chosen the motto for this study from The Edge of Reality by Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee: ”The UFO phenomenon calls upon us to extend our imaginations as we never have before, to think things we have never dared think before – in short, to approach boldly the edge of our accepted reality and, by mentally battering at these forbidding boundaries, perhaps open up entirely new vistas. To many, such thinking is both frightening and a threat to their intellectual security.”

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