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Archaeotrek—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2016

The Anasazi Towers

by: Jeanne Gripp

(Hovenweep Tower)

The disappearance of the ancient Anasazi is but one of the mysteries found in the American Southwest. This land is filled with enigmas and one of those puzzles are the round tower kivas whose ruins can be seen stark against the landscape. The Anasazi built massive complexes consisting of pueblos and kivas, many complete with astronomical observatories. But they didn't stop there. Tucked away under the overhang of cliff edges, more pueblos can be seen, cliff dwellings they are called. Their stark emptiness a haunting legacy of an unknown people.

The remains of many smaller pueblos, called pueblitos, are found scattered throughout the mesas and arroyos of this desolate area. Often these smaller pueblitos only consisted of a few rooms. Perhaps they were way-stations, 'bed and breakfasts' of a sort, for those who traveled to and from the populous center of Chaco Canyon.

But another type of ruin is also seen here, some on mesa tops, others scatter on valley floors. They are the Towers built by the Anasazi. They're often referred to as Tower Kivas. But their true purpose and intent is unknown. Most people in the archaeological community are of the belief that these towers served as vantage points from which to observe the landscape and possible hostile adversaries. Evidence of warfare and aggression have been found at other Chacoan sites. Other researchers summarize that the towers were part of a signaling system like the one used between Chimney Rock, Colorado and Mesa Verde, Colorado and Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Most often the towers are square and stand alone. Very little evidence of outlying buildings can be found near these towers. Actual kivas are almost always round and often built next to a pueblo, if not having had the pueblo built around it. These square towers are most noticeably found near a water source, the head of canyon or in an area that looks like it could have sustained farming. Hovenweep National Monument, which straddles the Colorado/Utah border near Mesa Verde, contains a large number of these towers. The rock work in the construction of these towers is more advanced than that found at Mesa Verde or Chaco Canyon leading many researchers to believe that a more advanced people constructed them.

The Towers of the Anasazi are all mostly in ruins now. Rubble can be found strewn around them. But is there more rubble on the ground than what is needed for the construction of the tower? Hard to say. Later peoples to this territory could have used some of the stones for their own construction purposes, further compounding the mystery of the towers and their purpose. Seeing these towers stand stark and lonely against the landscape, another image is brought to mind. The Round Towers of Ireland who also stand as solitary sentinels guarding their secrets. The round towers of Ireland are theorized to have been built to enhance the agricultural aspect of the surrounding countryside. (Read my article on the Round Towers of Ireland in the February issue of AP magazine HERE) Could the towers of the Anasazi have been built for the same reason?

The location of the Anasazi towers is almost always near a water source or what might have been a water source hundreds of years ago. There are theories that taller pyramidal type structures (round towers with a pointed roof would fall into that category) bring forth enriching energies from the earth. Were these towers built to bring fertility to a semi-arid land? Were the crops grown here a food source for the people of Chaco Canyon and its outlying areas? If the towers did enhance the arability of the land, why were they abandoned? Was the climate change too severe and the towers could no longer help? Did hostile intruders drive the people away? Or was ancient knowledge lost? We may never know the real answers to some of these questions. But with an open mind and a desire to delve deeper, we may someday have an answer.









Image Source:

National Park Service Photo by Andrew Kuhn

Jeanne Gripp is a freelance writer, dowser and subtle energy worker who lives in the shadow of Pikes Peak. A Colorado native, Jeanne explores the connection between unknown lights, strange creatures, ancient legends, and earth energy lines. Jeanne has spent a lifetime of searching for answers. Only to find more questions. Her articles and books are an attempt to compile and explain the relationship between many of the anomalies that she has seen and experienced over time.
Archaeotrek—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2016

Was the Path of Souls Ritual a Worldwide Phenomenon?

by: Dr. Greg Little

It was in the late 1990s and early 2000s that two Irish researchers began to unravel the mystery of Newgrange, a famous Neolithic tomb mound with stone chambers accessed through a long, narrow, stone-lined passageway. Newgrange is dated to around 3000 BC. The entrance to the interior chambers is aligned to the Winter Solstice sunrise, but it was the unusual, cross-shaped interior passage and chambers that intrigued the researchers, Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore. Through a series of studies done at the site, they concluded that the interior chamber was built to mimic the constellation of Cygnus. They also found that another Neolithic stone chamber mound, found about 9 miles to the southeast, was on the Winter Solstice azimuth from Newgrange. That mound, called Fourknocks, was also constructed around 3000 BC. Using computer software, the researchers found that the entrance of Fourknocks was designed to view Deneb, the brightest star of Cygnus, on the night of the Winter Solstice in 3000 BC. I was privileged to meet with Murphy in the mid-2000s and was impressed with his meticulous research, which can be accessed here.

The Cygnus Mystery

Just a few years later, in 2003, Andrew Collins made his first visit to the ancient Turkey site of Gobekli Tepe. Collins immediately began issuing a series of articles on the 11,000-12,000 year-old complex of stone temples at Gobekli Tepe, which alerted the alternative history community to its significance. Presently, Gobekli Tepe is the oldest known megalithic site in the world, however, it is believed that there are similar ancient structures buried in the same general area of southeastern Turkey. In his 2006 book, “The Cygnus Mystery,” Collins asserted that the massive stone chambers at Gobekli Tepe had been built to target Cygnus, especially the star Deneb. In 2014, Collins’ book, “Gobekli Tepe,” presented convincing evidence that the stone temples at Gobekli Tepe were erected to allow sightlines to Deneb through openings in carefully placed stones. In 2015, two Italian academic mathematicians published a peer-reviewed archaeology journal article confirming that several of the stone temple pillars at Gobekli Tepe were, indeed, aligned to Cygnus. However, in 2006 Collins also asserted that various sites in the Americas were aligned to Cygnus. These included sites in South, Central, and North America. It was the possibility that Native American mounds, which first appeared around 5700-years-ago, showed alignments to Cygnus that were most intriguing to me.

A subsequent series of studies, conducted by the present author with Collins’ assistance, found that several Native American mound builder sites in Ohio, including the Newark earthworks, the Portsmouth earthworks, and the Marietta mound complex, showed definite alignments to Cygnus and Orion at the Winter Solstice. These were sightlines made from the tops of key mounds across other mounds that showed the rising and set point of Orion and the setting of Cygnus. More research showed that other mound sites in America showed the same alignments. These include mound complexes at Winterville and Anna in Mississippi, at Moundville, Alabama, at Angel Mounds, Indiana, and at three mound complexes in Louisiana. All of the details can be found here.

Path of Souls

The sightline alignments to Orion and Cygnus were key features in the Path of Souls’ ritual, a ceremony performed to send deceased souls to the stars. The Path of Souls was perhaps the most important belief system held by America’s ancient mound builders and it partially explains the geometric earthworks and large mound complexes constructed by a sequence of native cultures. The earliest evidence (currently) known for the belief system in America is from the Adena Culture circa 1000 BC. The beliefs became more complex during the Hopewell period and peaked during the Mississippian era, lasting until the decimation of Native American tribes with the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s.

The ritual took place on the Winter Solstice and began at sunset. The idea was to target Orion’s Nebula (Messier-42) and assist the souls to leap to that precise spot in the sky— an ogee—a portal to the Milky Way. From there, the soul made its way to Cygnus and Deneb where it entered another portal and made its way out of the sky world. The ritual involved the cremation of remains, the manipulation of symbolic objects, the use of ritualistic music and rhythmic movements, various mind-altering substances, and the controlled movement of groups of participants through carefully designed earthworks throughout the entire night. It ended at dawn, just after the setting of Orion, which occurred just before sunrise.

Why Cygnus?

It has been speculated by Collins and Murphy & Moore that Cygnus gained its importance as long ago as 16,000 BC when Deneb was the Pole Star. Evidence for this was found in caves in Lascaux, France on cave paintings dated to that early time period. Was this the time when the ideas about the Path of Souls developed? If so, how did the idea find its way to the Americas?

The Malta Temples

Until the discovery of Gobekli Tepe, the oldest known megalithic temples were on the small islands of Malta. Malta is about 50 miles south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea and the islands cover about 120 square miles. The oldest stone temples on Malta date to about 3800 BC. Several of the temples have been shown by archaeologists to have astronomical alignments to the solstices. However, there is little agreement on any stellar alignments, although some have been suspected and proposed. The temples are often on high points along the sea giving a vast and unobstructed view of the horizon.

Using the computer software Starry Night Pro and the precise GPS of several temple sites in Malta, the azimuth setting points and movements of Cygnus and Orion were calculated for several of the temple complexes. Two of the results are described below.


The temple complex of Ggantija is on the small Malta island of Gozo. (The illustration, by Hamelin de Guettelet, shows the orientations of the Ggantija temples.) The oldest temple at the site is dated to 3600 BC. The structures were built from massive stone blocks and were once covered by a roof. The entrances are found on the southeast and lead to various interior chambers. Computer simulations by Starry Night Pro revealed that the orientation of the chambers pointed to the northwest and the setting of Cygnus on the Winter Solstice in 3400-3000 BC. The shapes of the interior chambers are also somewhat similar to the interior shape of Newgrange in Scotland.

Another massive temple complex is Mnajdra, located on the southern coast of the main Malta island. (See the illustration below by Hamelin de Guettelet.) The entrance of Temple “B” is oriented to the southeast, however, the entrance and inner chambers also align to the setting of Cygnus on the Winter Solstice in 3000 BC. From the interior of the temple looking out the entrance, the rise of Orion would have been visible shortly after dusk. Of greater interest is Temple “C,” which has its entrance facing east. Inside this temple, on the northeast end, is an “ocular orifice,” (labeled “2”) an opening from which one can view to the outside. From the interior (labeled “1”) it was possible for the setting of Deneb to have been viewed on the Winter Solstice through this orifice at 10:00 PM in 3000 BC.

If these alignments are correct, there is reason to suggest that the ideas behind the Path of Souls ritual, clearly present in the Americas by at least 1000 BC, comprised a worldwide belief system.
Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2016

On the road with the “Cosmic Ray,”:
Tales of Life and Adventures on Venus

by: Ariel Crawford

Recently I shared a ride with Dr. Raymond A. Keller, more commonly known as the “Cosmic Ray” in the extraterrestrial community, to attend an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) conference in the Parkersburg area, sponsored by Volunteer West Virginia. Unbeknownst to me, an avid paranormal connoisseur, I am in the presence of Dr. Keller; the author of numerous articles and books about flying saucers and life on Venus. His latest book, “Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet,” was published this year by Headline Books in Terra Alta, West Virginia. It has already won two prestigious awards in the “wild card” category- at the Southern California Festival of Books in Hollywood and the London Book Festival in the United Kingdom.

On the one and a half hour ride from Morgantown, West Virginia, I discovered that he is a retired professor of literature and history. The Cosmic Ray, who speaks Spanish fluently and is conversant in several other languages, earned both of his advanced degrees from West Virginia University at Morgantown, his M.A. in Latin American Literature with an emphasis on “magic realism” (2004) and his Ph.D. in African History with a dissertation focused on the diaspora of certain Imbangala warriors of Angola, in Africa, to western Venezuela. They were brought there in 1722 by the Basque pirate Captain Juan de Chourio to help protect Spanish settlements from invasion by roving bands of the Motilones Indians (2011). However, his lifelong passion has been UFO research. During his youth, he experienced a close encounter with a flying saucer in an Ohio state park. The Cosmic Ray has been writing about flying saucers ever since he was a teenager and a reporter for the Bedford Times-Register, in the suburbs of Cleveland.

The professor has since lived and worked in 44 different countries. These were mostly associated with military duties while serving honorably in both the Navy as a yeoman and in the Army as a voice intercept operator in the Spanish language. In 2013, however, he returned from China where he taught at an international high school in Wuxi, a city some 40 kilometers to the west of Shanghai. He had some interesting encounters with UFOs there that he writes about in the Venus book.

But when he is not writing or talking about the Venusians living among us or the flying saucers they pilot, the craft that we erroneously refer to as “UFOs,” Keller is serving people with disabilities, seniors and veterans in Monongalia County as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) with In Touch and Concerned. There he helps individuals in these groups to find free or affordable transportation to dental and medical appointments, or get a ride on Saturdays to a local Wal-Mart.

During the ride to Parkersburg the Cosmic Ray played Katy Perry. He noted that ever since Katy’s 2010 hit, “Extraterrestrial,” he counts himself as one of her biggest fans. He praised Katy’s and Snoop Dogg’s “California” cut in his book “Venus Rising,” and includes a commentary on her “Dark Horse” cut and video in his forthcoming Venus sequel.

“You know that Katy has come out strongly for Hillary,” said Dr. Keller, adding that, “This is important, because Hillary Clinton has advocated complete UFO disclosure on the part of the government.” The Cosmic Ray also noted that when he published a flying saucer magazine in Hilmar, California, the New Millennial Star, with a 7,500 monthly pre-Internet circulation, subscribers received a free t-shirt that proclaimed, “Flying Saucers Are Real! The Government is an Illusion!”

We laughed and then I asked the Cosmic Ray some questions about this election year.
“So the Venusians are for Hillary?”
“They are not allowed to directly interfere in human history. Let’s just say they prefer to build bridges instead of walls.” “What about current events, like restrooms in North Carolina?”
“Well, the inhabitants of Venus, that live in Dimension X, have bodies of light that are non-specific as far as gender is concerned. It only becomes an issue for them if they have to assume human form to interact with us. Then whatever spacesuit, or body they chose to wear in our atmosphere, becomes a matter they have to concern themselves with.”

During the first day of the Volunteer West Virginia conference, the AmeriCorps VISTA’s took a tour of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Parkersburg. Here the Cosmic Ray started to talk to some children outside the Teen Center, an area of the facility that included a library. Dr. Keller had the receptionist come over and unlock the Teen Center, entered it with the children and picked two books off the shelf, “A Wrinkle in Time” and “Slaughterhouse Five.” “These are great books,” he told the youngsters. “They explain everything you want to know about time and space. You’ll learn more about life on other planets in the pages of these books than by anything NASA will tell you, or most likely ever will tell you.”

“Like what?” asked a little girl.
The Cosmic Ray picked up a piece of paper off a desk and marked a small dot at the bottom of the page and another small dot at the top of the page.

“What are you doing?” the girl quizzically asked.

“You’ll see,” said the Venus author. “I’m going to show you how the writer of this book explains that the shortest route between two points isn’t always a straight line. He then folded the paper in half, matching the bottom and top dots and then pushed a pencil between them. “That’s very nice,” said the girl.

“This is how we look at time on Venus. It doesn’t go in a straight line, like here on Earth.”
“I had to write a report about the planets,” said the girl, adding that, “Venus was my favorite one!”
“It’s my favorite one, too,” said the Cosmic Ray. “It kind of reminds me of California.”
With that, the other girl wondered out loud, “What about the other book?”
“Sure,” said Cosmic Ray. “This one is about a veteran, like me, that slips in and out of time. His friends are extraterrestrials. They come from a moon of distant world on the fringes of our solar system. It’s in Dimension X and called Tralfamadore.” “I never heard of such a place,” replied the other girl.

“Well believe me, it’s there. And there are plenty of other inhabited worlds, too. Kurt Vonnegut wrote the book. He was really writing the truth about life in outer space but he didn’t want to alarm anybody. So he called it fiction, or make-believe. The space people are really our friends. I think you would like them, once you got to know them.” “Cool,” said the other girl.
“It’s all about magic,” said Cosmic Ray, “M.A.G.I.C.”
“What does that spell?” asked the other girl.
“What that stands for is Making A Great Impact Collectively. In other words, anything that you or your friends want to do, you can do if you put your minds together and ask yourselves at the end of every day what you have done to make it happen. That’s how we make magic on Venus. Nothing is impossible because we work together, just like the honeybees in a hive. This is how we do it! ”
“I think I get it. That’s nice to know. Can you do another trick, like you did for her?”
“OK, but stand back a little bit….”
Dr. Keller held up the books and then poof! We heard some kind of buzzing noise and there were blue spots in front of our eyes, as if looking directly at a flash bulb. The buzzing was just coming from a bee that had flown in and out of the room. The Cosmic Ray was out of sight, but not out of our minds.
When I got back to the lodge with the other VISTAs the Cosmic Ray was already there.
On the second day of the conference in the park, Dr. Keller explained a little bit about his Venus book and showed a power point presentation he had previously prepared for the Theosophical Society in Akron, Ohio, about the “Wisdom of the Ages,” important messages from Venusians brought to our planet through “avatars,” or illuminated teachers going back thousands of years. He pointed out that being volunteers in service to humanity was the most important thing we could be doing right now because the best way to affect change is through one person at a time. He taught us that a small act of kindness was more valuable than thousands of prayers. Dr. Keller recalled an old Sunday school poem that went like this: “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day. I’d rather one would walk with me than merely point the way.” He laughed and added that, “It was probably a Venusian who came up with that sage adage.”

He shared a full-page article that appeared in the National Enquirer fifty years ago detailing the close encounter with a flying saucer that he and a friend shared on the campout in an Ohio state park. He also colored in with crayons a drawing of a mystical horse and explained how it related to the Katy Perry “Dark Horse” song and video. “We shouldn’t be afraid of the dark,” said the Cosmic Ray, “because after all, without the blackness of the night, how could we ever see the beauty of the stars, or the planet Venus?” He also explained that synchronicities would mount up right before experiencing a supernatural event. He liked to call these extrasensory episodes “Dark Horse Phenomena” in honor of Katy Perry. Like Richard Dreyfus’ character with the pile of mashed potatoes in Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.” movie, the Cosmic Ray twice whispered, “This is important.”

During our ride back to Morgantown, the Cosmic Ray talked about theology. He said that he had received so many questions about angels, God and religion following the publication of the Venus book that he was starting classes at the Community of Christ Seminary at Graceland University in Independence, Missouri, in the Fall Semester. We discussed angels and aliens; and the professor said that he, like the Rev. Billy Graham, thought they were one and the same. When we finally got back to Morgantown and I got out of the Cosmic Ray’s car, he told me to look up Hebrews 13:2. When I got home, I did just that and discovered that it was all about being kind because one never knows when they are “entertaining angels unawares.”

As a student of the supernatural, I thought that Raymond, besides being a senior citizen, must be a very old soul. He told me back in Parkersburg that he was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse. I just wondered in what century. As he drove off, I noticed that he had two bumper stickers on his car, an old but completely paid-for Chevrolet: “I brake for aliens” and “A51.”
Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2016


by: Brad and Sherry Steiger

Michael Talbot, author of such books as The Holographic Universe and Mysticism and The New Physics, died of lymphocytic leukemia on May 27, 1992. He was 38, far too young to have fulfilled anywhere near his potential as a briliant author and theorist.

In his thought-provoking book, A Mile to Midsummer, Michael referred to such phenomena as UFOs, appearances of the Virgin Mary, fairies, and so forth, as "protean-psychoid." They are "protean" because they are all part of the same chameleon-like phenomenon that changes to react to the belief structures of the time. They are "psychoid" in that they are a paraphysical phenomenon and are related to the psychological state of the observer.

Talbot proposed that it is the subjective and paraphysical aspect of UFOs that sheds most light on their nature. If UFOs appeared to be totally a physical phenomenon, Talbot pointed out, it would be easier to deal with them as extra¬terrestrial or even ultra terrestrial.

"In any case,” Talbot said, “three facts remain: (1) People are experiencing UFO phenom¬ena and contacts. (2) The phenomenon strongly suggests an 'objective' nature. (3) The phenomenon also strongly suggests a 'subjective' nature.

“The fact that we have not been able to resolve the conflict between their subjective and objective nature indicates that perhaps the only conflict is in our assumptions concerning experience. Not only must UFOs be considered in both their subjective and objective light; that is, as an 'omnijective' phenome¬non, but the categories of 'real' and 'unreal' become meaningless."

We asked Michael to prepare an essay, "UFOs: Beyond Real and Unreal," which outlined his theory of "protean-¬psychoid" phenomena and from which we now quote selected portions:

The subjective nature of protean-psychoid phenomenon and their "mythic origins" can be summed up in seven major points. They are as follows.

1. The "perpetrators" of protean-psychoid phenomena reveal many mytho¬logical characteristics. The Men in Black bear a marked resemblance to the Brothers of the Shadow in Eastern mysticism. The Virgin of Guadalupe, which miraculously appeared upon the tilma of Juan Diego, stands on the horns of a crescent moon, just as Isis was depicted by the ancient Egyptians as standing upon the horns of a crescent.

However, the most revealing "mythic" giveaway in UFO contactee cases is the delivering of the "cosmic gospel." Many UFO entity encounters (like ap¬pearances of the Virgin) have the characteristics of divine revelation. The enti¬ties' avowed purpose for appearing to the witness is to convey a sort of heavenly message or "orgalogue." In this sense, some protean-psychoid phenomena dif¬fer insignificantly, from the Pymander of Hermes to the Ahura Mazda of Zoroaster.

2. Protean-pyschoid phenomena have been with us throughout our written history, and most assuredly before. In essence, the phenomenon is changeless--the old gods reappearing in new clothing.

Although it has been suspected by some investigators that UFOs are carry¬ing on a secret war against humanity and that they are possibly after our "orgone" or life energy, this seems unlikely. The mere fact that the ''Trojan horse" of protean-psychoid phenomena appears to have been in our midst for centuries and still hasn't revealed its long-awaited coup d’etat indicates perhaps that no coup was ever planned.

In fact, this sort of heaven-hell conflict--the devil after our souls and the aliens after our orgone--has much subtler psychological implications. If we can no longer believe in heavenly hierarchies, extraterrestrial hierarchies will suffice.

3. Protean-psychoid phenomena reveal no over-all malevolence or benevolence.

Almost every investigator will agree that UFO entities do not behave in a predictable manner. At times they seem hostile towards humanity; at times they are filled with good will. They follow the rational of an entity in a dream, and at any moment their nature can fluctuate.

4. Protean-psychoid entities are concerned with sustaining our belief.

In Apparitions and Precognition, Aniela Jaffe states, "There is a widespread German legend expressing in an image the independence and dependence of ghosts in relation to humans. The legend says that ghosts have no breath of their own, but breathe and speak with the breath of man (breath = pneuma = spirit). Therefore man himself must have 'the first and the last word;' otherwise the ghost would talk him to death. "

This same sort of dependence upon the belief or breath of man can be found in various protean-psychoid phenomena. The entities involved in the great airships of the 1890s, for instance, invariably appeared to reputable witnesses such as well-known lawyers, judges, and senators. The fact that various cosmic gospels or orgalogues are amended or changed with the times also seems to reflect this dependence/independence. All sorts of stratagems and ploys are used-automatic writing… "spirit guides", "trance communications", "Virgins and Christ figures", and "evangelizing extraterrestrials."

Whether the Virgin of Fatima is imploring her witnesses to "Pray, Pray much and believe in me," or the UFO entity is preaching the cosmic gospel, the message remains the same. Our desire to find meaning in the universe is reflected in the protean-psychoid entities' concern with sustaining our belief. 5. Protean-psychoid occurrences are filled with archetypal contents. A close study of the phenomenon reveals many "psychological leitmotifs". For instance, in Tarot iconography the angel Temperance stands with one foot on land and one foot in the water. This is interpreted as a metaphoric bridging between the symbol for consciousness, the land, and the symbol for the unconscious, the water. Interestingly, just as Leonardo da Vinci painted his Madonna and Child with St. Anne, with one foot upon land and one foot in the water, the Virgin of LaSalette appeared to the two children Maximin and Melanie with one foot upon the land and one foot in the water.

Another archetype that occurs frequently in UFO contactee cases is the "androgyne." In many ancient traditions "angelic personages" are depicted as androgynous or bisexual. The Pymander of Hermes preached that a state of spiritual bisexuality (that is, the Hermetic androgyne of alchemical texts) was necessary for contacting higher powers. UFO contactees often describe the en¬tities as being androgynous in appearance.

6. Protean-psychoid occurences reveal collective anxieties.

For instance, the well-known "interrupted journey" of Betty and Barney Hill is one of the most convincing cases in favor of the "objective" nature of UFOs, except for the fact that the commander of the UFO was dressed like a Nazi. This and other "subjective" giveaways make little sense when the phe-nomenon is viewed in a strictly objective light.

Similarly, in the 1890's, the rash of Asians in airships was almost a precursor of the Buck Rogers comic strip projection of a world of the future in which the "Asians" and their airships take over the world. There are numerous cases of UFO contactees experiencing encounters that possess every hallmark of being extraterrestrial, except for the fact that the alleged extraterrestrials pose as Germans, Asians, Russians, and so forth. Such flaws in the totally objective explanation seem to indicate the presence of something col¬lectively psychological.

7. Protean-psychoid phenomena are dream-like.

In Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Gregory Bateson points out several aspects of dreams vs. animal behavior which bear a striking similarity to many UFO encounters. Briefly, they both deal in opposites; they both have no tenses; they both have no "not"; and they both work by metaphor.

Protean-psychoid phenomenon most strongly resembles dreams in its usage of metaphors and mythic imagery. When the Virgin of LaSalette sits with one foot on land and one foot in the water, the phenomenon is apparently dealing with a metaphor. When the Men in Black boast the insignia of the triangle with the eye (an almost universal symbol for the eye of god, the third eye, or second-sight), the phenomenon is again dealing with a metaphor.

Protean-psychoid occurences also have no tenses. They are suspended in time. much as dream reality is suspended in time… or what might be called the Rip Van Winkle effect, common in both encounters with fairies and UFO entities.

According to tradition, a few moments passed in "fairy land" might be equivalent to several hours of normal time. Betty and Barney Hill's loss of sev¬eral hours in their interrupted journey differs little from tales of a traveler faIl¬ing asleep on an elfin mound. In both visits to the fairy realm and visits aboard flying saucers, time takes on what can' only be called a dream-like sense of timelessness.

In summation, the panorama of protean-psychoid phenomena reveals a very "subjective" quality. A large portion of UFO encounters are distinctly paraphysical and related to the psychology of humanity in some strange and possibly collective sense. Many UFO orgalogues appear to be evolved by the same psychological motivations that create both myth and religion; indeed, as notables such as Carl Jung have suggested, UFOs are a modern-day myth in the making.

However, as I have indicated, UFOs also reveal a physical and "objective" aspect. This is the much-cherished structure that the UFOlogical establishment concentrates upon.

UFOs can be tracked on radar; Virgins give their witnesses "real" roses; the Men in Black make "real" telephone calls; and UFOs and their occupants leave footprints and burnt circles in deserted fields. As I have just shown, the "objective" explanation for UFOs does not explain their paraphysical nature. Similarly, the "folie d deux", or shared hallucination, simply does not explain their physical nature. A "new view" of UFOs must take both aspects into account.

Humanity's emotional need for a cohesive mythic structure, in one sense, generates the UFO phenomenon. The belief that we generate UFOs still entails the categories of real and unreal. In dealing with the concept of omnijectivity, the belief that reality is plastic or ideational must necessarily transcend this notion as well.

Beyond real and unreal, lies an absolute elsewhere that is presently being realized by the two branches of science most concerned with consciousness and reality. In the study of human behavior and quantum mechanics, three "new views" are materializing that will radically affect our position and role in the universe. These are:

*Consciousness and reality are continuum.

*UFOs are part of our "self-reference cosmology."

*All possible realities "exist" in an indefinite number of universes.

 We highly respect the work that Michael Talbot contributed before he left for “all possibilities” in an “indefinite number of universes, and we are grateful for the thoughts and research that he bequeathed to all future pilgrims who choose to join his essence on the Great Quest awaiting all those on Schoolhouse Earth. We hope that the sharing of the essence that he prepared for us will inspire others as it has inspired us.


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