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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2021

Shape-shifting alien, Mind Tampering, Missing Time

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Portsmouth, England
Date: summer 1989
Time: 23:30

A young man called Paul, 17 years of age at the time, was walking home after an evening out with some friends at the fairground and arcade situated on the sea front. As Paul neared his home (which was just around the corner from the busy main road which he was walking down), he became aware of the familiar figure of another friend of his, just across the road from him. His friend was waving frantically, as if to gain his attention, but Paul soon realized that it was not his friend at all as the person suddenly shape-shifted into another image altogether. As he looked on, the figure suddenly levitated about 8 inches from the ground, with its feet pointing downwards in the air as if on tiptoes.

For some reason Paul felt no fear. The figure floated and fluttered across the road towards Paul, then it started to make some weird hand movements for about four minutes. It was at this time Paul became aware that everything around him was totally silent; it was only 23:30 and still relatively early for a busy seaside town such as this. The road and the paths should have been thronging with holidaymakers and traffic, but it was totally deserted. This ‘being’ held Paul’s gaze, just looking at him, as if staring right into him; then all at once he was hurled into a bush near a driveway. Paul said whatever force was used to throw him was incredible, as he is physically an extraordinarily strong person. Picking himself up, Paul looked around and began to get a better look at the figure. Clearly this was in no way human, for it was very thin with an over-sized head, skinny arms and legs and huge black almond eyes…something akin to what we know more popularly as the “Gray alien”. Paul said the next thing he experienced was the alien plunging a needle type instrument into his neck, which made him pass out.

There is no memory after this, but he woke up in the same place where he was injected, and he thought perhaps only two hours had passed. So, he quickly ran back home, just a few minutes away, and banged on the front door with all his might. A very worried and angry father greeted Paul, saying “where have you been for the last week?” to which Paul replied, “very funny!”, as he thought his dad was joking, but when Paul looked at the date on his watch, he got a further shock as he realized that indeed, 7 days had passed since he had left home. Then just as his dad was speaking, Paul heard a strange, electrostatic-type crackling sound in the air, which stopped his father in mid-sentence. His dad began to stagger and shook his head, and then he changed his emotions completely, and now became convinced that Paul had in fact only been out for the night. Paul’s mother was also convinced that Paul had been out only one night, even though he came in with a good growth of stubble on his face, which indicated he had been gone much longer. It seemed almost as if his parents had twice been programmed not to pick up on this situation, as the police had not even been informed during all that time and Paul knows full well how his parents would have gone barmy after just a few hours absence, never mind a whole week. Things just did not add up in Paul’s mind at all. Very quickly it seemed as though nothing had ever happened; as it a mind-erasing exercise had been performed on all of the family and the whole incident was quickly forgotten; until that is, Paul started getting mental “flash backs”, memories of what had really happened to him, some six months later. What he was now recalling was a brilliant white light, and in that light were four or five ‘aliens’ holding him down on some kind of bed; all Paul remembers is the smell of burning flesh, making him feel nauseous. After the abduction, Paul suffered from various levels of depression for quite some time, and to this day suffers from an intestinal disorder as well. Paul has since had a number of UFO sightings around his location; some involved other witnesses. For instance, one evening coming back from the Cosham area on the back of his friend’s motorbike, both of them saw a huge triangle coming across Portsmouth, circling over the old fort on the hill going towards Waterlooville.

Source: Hilary Porter, FSR


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