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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2021

Man claimed tour of UFO Base beneath ocean and a trip into deep space

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Frontera, El Hierro Island, Canary Islands, Spain
Date: Middle of March 1978
Time: late night

The witness, Henry (a Swede by nationality), who had been suffering from various illnesses, including stomach problems, nervous disorders and also a blood disorder, was vacationing in the Canary Islands when one evening there was a strong earthquake. Henry was reading a book when the whole house started to shake. He was afraid that the house would fall down and ran outside. He had rented a small house on the westernmost section of El Hierro Island. The house stood atop a small hill next to the dormant volcano on the island.

It was completely dark outside. The hill was about 200 meters from the sea and about thirty-five meters above sea level. While outside the house he saw three bright spots on the Atlantic Ocean a few hundred meters from the beach. They formed an equilateral triangle with about 300 meters between each “corner”. Above this triangle, on top of the cloudless sky, was a very strong circular light, whose beam was directed downwards. After a few minutes it was all over. The lights were gone, and Henry went back inside and went to sleep. He felt a little anxious but fell asleep anyway.

A few days later as he was laying down reading a book he suddenly felt as though he was being watched. He looked up and saw a luminous humanoid creature standing in the room looking at him. He was frightened, but the luminous humanoid attempted to calm him and spoke in the purest Swedish,

“I come here to help with your chronic illnesses but first I want to ask you if you noticed anything special the other night”

Henry replied, “Yes. There was an earthquake at about nine and I ran out of the house. I saw three lights in the sea that seemed to come from above. It came in the form of a beam and was directed at the center of the triangle formed by the lights of the sea. Soon after the shaking stopped on the ground.”

“It is quite true,” replied the stranger. “There was a sense that the islands would disappear into the sea then. These islands are the remnants of the sunken continent of Atlantis. But we have concluded that there are many good people on the islands right now and we went in and prevented the disaster in time. Tonight, I cannot do anything about your illness, but I’ll be back with a couple of friends to help you.”

When a few days had passed, the being returned. Like the first time Henry felt himself being watched again. This time he was ready and was not afraid, and this time there were three, who came to the bed where Henry was laying. Without a sound they began a ‘kind of healing on him’. As if by magic, it ended all his constant pains. They then asked Henry if he wanted to go with them down to their city on the ocean floor. Henry was excited and agreed to go with them, without thinking twice. It was the middle of the night and all four went down to the beach where there was a flying craft. Afterwards Henry noted that it resembled a domed bell-shaped craft “very similar to the Adamski model.” They boarded the craft and inside there were other beings who very similar to the other three. They were about 185cm in height, very similar to humans. Their eyes were friendly, and they looked very smart. Henry felt small and inferior. The ‘spacecraft’ then descended to the bottom of the ocean like an ‘elevator.’ Once at the seabed it went through what appeared to be an ‘airlock’. They then arrived at a gigantic dome made of an unknown material. Henry learned that there were at least 16,000 inhabitants within the dome. They told Henry that they had seven such stations in the waters of Earth and that their purpose was to prevent a global catastrophe of atomic character. Earth’s people’s ‘mad experiments’ with atomic power would one day blow up the whole Earth and affect the lives of several other million creatures on other planets, they said, and that was why they were here. They were here to protect their relatives on other planets as well as to prevent us from destroying ourselves. Furthermore, Henry was told that the seven underwater stations or installations were located in “strategic zones.” The largest was located under the South Pole ice masses, well sheltered from view by intrusive submarines from Earth’s superpowers. Another installation was located on the seabed between New Zealand and Australia. The third is outside the Korean coast, the fourth is located under Easter Island, the fifth is located off the coast of Thule in Greenland, the sixth (underground) installation in Mount Shasta, California and finally the seventh is located west of the Canary Islands.

Henry estimated that he had been underwater for only an hour before he was brought back to the surface. It took a couple of weeks before they came back in the same inexplicable way. This time they asked Henry if he wanted to accompany them to their home planet. He was told that their home planet was located in a galaxy 85 million light years from our Milky Way. He never got the name of their galaxy. Henry agreed, and this time the craft was much larger and shaped like a ‘Zeppelin’ without the gondola. He went onboard through an unseen doorway or entryway. Then came the next surprise. Henry felt a slight shudder in the hull and a sound that resembled an electric generator. About ten seconds later, the ship was already landing---a million light years from Earth! Once outside the craft Henry saw before him a city which he had never seen before and which no earthly science fiction writer could come close in describing. His alien friends then took him on a tour of the city. Instead of walking on the ground, they hovered or flew just above it. The material from which the streets and the dwellings were made seemed to be ‘alive.’ He saw an iridescent sheen all over it. He felt weightless. After a few hours they went back to Earth with the same breakneck speed as before. He was dropped off on the beach by the previous ‘Adamski type’ craft. They brought Henry back to his house and he entered it right through the door. Inside they bade farewell and dissolved into ‘nothingness’ in front of Henry. Then everything went black around him and he woke up many hours later. Apparently, Henry was permanently cured from his illnesses.

Source: http://galactic.no/rune/henryufocontact.htm

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