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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2022

UFOs, the Paranormal, and the Level Beyond Our Existence

by: Diane Tessman

There is a new hypothesis currently making waves in the UFO/UAP field. It postulates that Earth is being visited by a "level of existence beyond our own," in which there are future humans as well as extraterrestrials from other advanced planets.

Galactic and universal civilizations probably have various levels of progress. The more advanced civilizations form contact with each other, establish alliances, and possibly even find adversaries, all based on having the same level of achievement in science and technology. In the same way, the most important of the United States’ interactions, are with Russia and China.

The Kardashev Scale offers an idea of this concept, but this new theory is not based on Kardashev specifically. If the scientific/technical requirements of the Kardashev Scale are applied, we are probably being visited by UFO occupants from Level 2 or Level 3 Civilizations.

The Kardashev Scale currently rates Earth on a Level 0.7 in scientific advancement. Dr. Michio Kaku postulates that in 100 to 300 years, we will reach Level 1. As the future stretches before us, we will eventually reach Level 2, if we don’t become extinct.

The new theory assumes humans or post-humans are part of this “level beyond” our own which may have thousands of evolved universal civilizations; on the other hand, if there are not any advanced aliens out there, then future humans alone have reached Level 2 or 3, similar to the Kardashev Scale. In that case, only time traveling humans account for the source of UFOs and UAPs.

The advanced civilizations which visit us travel through wormholes which they probably create themselves. They may also utilize the warping of space-time. These technologies take so much power to achieve, that we do theorize they are from the higher levels beyond, such as Level Two or Three. Their technology seems like magic to us, just as advanced tech usually seems like magic to those on a lower level of technology.

The possibility that UFOs and UAPs are from these higher levels of existence is explored in a new book called BEINGS FROM BEYOND by Diane Tessman, available from Amazon/Kindle. THE PARANORMAL AND UFOS: Paranormal energies and events are often experienced after a UFO encounter. Why? Possibly “beings from beyond” summon paranormal energies and entities because their minds are more powerful than ours. After all, human mediums and psychics have communicated with the paranormal for centuries. Even today, we all have some amount of psychic ability, so it makes sense that as we evolve and eventually travel space and time, our minds might also develop greater, more powerful psi abilities.

BEINGS FROM BEYOND also explores why the scientists who research Skinwalker Ranch using high tech instruments, end up with paranormal occurrences such as “hitchhiking entities” who follow them across country to their homes. A possibly is that the Level Beyond Our Existence (“It”) has found a way to make contact, to work with, or to harness the paranormal world.

Today, we are not sure where or what the paranormal world is, but when future humans encounter aliens and their cultures, we may also accomplish contact with Earth’s own paranormal world. If extraterrestrials from other planets are also a part of the UFO beings who visit Earth, then they too have contacted many other worlds and may have a way to communicate with Earth’s paranormal entities. Think STAR TREK: the universal translator has a spot on its dial for “Link to Earth’s Paranormal World. Connect here.” Does the Level Beyond work in unison with the paranormal world? It may be true. Strange new worlds await us as we continue to develop our own science and technology, which is growing by leaps and bounds. It is the golden age of science/tech progress. We will soon be on a “level beyond” ourselves! Onward!

BEINGS FROM BEYOND is available on Amazon, paperback and kindle, with many 5 star reviews.

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