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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2022

Man claims he was levitated aboard a flying saucer

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Dzhambul, Kazakhstan, Asia
Date: November 2019
Time: evening

A resident of Namangan named Zhumanazar claims that he met with aliens and twice visited space. He had traveled to Samarkand and stayed in the Dzhambul region. As he was driving back home, he saw a disc-shaped object following his car. He stopped the car and got out. A spotlight from the object then illuminated him. He looked up but could not speak. Other cars drove by but apparently, they could not see him or the UFO. Zhumanazar then noticed a woman standing in an opening of the disc. The woman looked at him and told him to come up to her. She held out her hand and he floated up into the object. There were two men inside the object too. The aliens told him that they were planning on taking him away “forever”, but he refused, as he had done on a previous encounter (no details). The aliens then gave him a drink that supposedly could heal his entire body. He also spoke in detail on how the aliens lived. They possessed many of the same things that humans do. The aliens instructed Zhumanazar to convey to earthlings that many would suffer from various diseases.
He is currently a fortuneteller and a healer.

Source: https://kun.uz/ru/nes/2019/10/11/v-namangane-mujchina-rasskazal-o-vstreche-s-inoplanetyanami

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