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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2022

Those TARDIS type UFOs

by: Brent Raynes

It was sometime back around 1994, when Mary Kerfoot of Schaumburg, Illinois, and her husband, Bob, were at the kitchen sink when they looked out the window and noticed a three-foot-wide “bronze bell-shaped craft” waft down from the sky like a leaf in a gentle breeze and settle in the backyard. The wafting motion of the craft made it seem almost weightless. They saw “at least three fairly tall adults, about six foot tall, and perhaps five children, the same size as human children ages 4 to 7,” emerge from the bell. Mary was very excited and wanted to talk to the visitors. Bob chose to remain in the kitchen while Mary ran down the deck stairs to introduce herself to the newcomers. They approached her and communicated that her “mission” was to help integrate them into society.

“They had mentioned something about how wonderful their home planet was and I told them if it was so great, please go back home,” Mary recalled. “I was trying to figure out what to feed them and concluded that mashed potatoes and Log Cabin syrup might do the trick because these were things I loved to eat. Then the next thing I know I’m walking back up the deck stairs to the kitchen and Bob’s starting to move about.”

“The sense of responsibility I felt for the care of these people was overwhelming, almost debilitating. This crushing feeling plagued me for over a year. I thought at the time the task they had given me was almost impossible to complete because even though they looked human, they didn’t act human. They lacked human affect and I knew no employer would want to hire them. I didn’t bother finding out what skills they may have possessed that would make them employable. The children, too, seemed bereft of human emotion and would probably be bullied in school.”

Mary told Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s colleague Mark Rodeghier, who in 1986 (the year Hynek passed away) became the president and scientific director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, about the incident. “He told me about ‘transition’ events, as I call them, when he was studying personalities of ‘abductees,’” Mary recalled. “First, he asked if there were ever a time I was consciously aware of crossing over the boundary separating the interior of a craft from the outside world. I had to admit that I couldn’t recall that exact moment. He said he hadn’t found anyone else who could remember that either. It’s that line between the inside and outside of a craft that I call a transition event.”

“The people walking out of the liberty bell were crossing a transition line which I just can’t recall seeing. They weren’t walking out in single file; they were more like one entity, a single mass. After they were away from the craft, they scattered about a bit. It wasn’t until you asked the question about how they got out of the craft that it occurred to me to wonder how they got back in. I didn’t see that part at all. I was just trying to get away as quickly as possible without offending them. The anxiety over the responsibility they had thrust upon me was becoming unbearable. When I got back to the kitchen they were gone and Bob was busy eating something.” “The encounter did not seem to last long, maybe 15 minutes, on a sunny spring morning,” Mary noted. She didn’t remember feeding them though. There seemed to be a gap in her memory. I asked her about how human they looked. “They looked perfectly human,” she replied. “But they didn’t act human, as I mentioned. Even though they did not return, I often wondered if the children of some of the experiencers in the support group I facilitated may have been hybrids. The children attended meetings with their parents at my house and were witness to some of the strange events that took place here. I fed and mentored these children from toddler age up till they started college. They were all intelligent, delightful children.” [Mary has an MS in experimental psychology]

Mary concluded, “Like the Tardis, I think this craft may have been a portal which stretched dimensions, allowing an external dimension to be embedded within our normal 3-dimensional reality.”

Coral and Jim Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), who were about as mainstream “nuts and bolts” ET ufology as one can be, mentioned two Tardis type cases in their 1977 book Abducted! Confrontations with Beings from Outer Space. One was the well-known Carl Higdon case from October 25, 1974, which happened as he was elk-hunting alone at about 4 p.m. on the north boundary of the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. He claimed that he walked over a hill and observed five elk, whereupon he raised his rife and fired. However, in his own words, “the bullet only went about fifty feet and dropped.” He then walked over and retrieved the bullet, placing it in a fold in his canteen pouch. “I heard a noise like a twig snapping and looked over to my right and there in the shadow of the trees was this sort of man standing there,” he stated. The figure stood an estimated 6 ft. 2 in. tall, looked to be about 180 pounds, dressed in a black suit and shoes, wearing a belt with a star in the middle of it with a yellow emblem below it. He was further described as quite bow-legged, had a slanted head with no chin, and thin hair that stood straight up on his head. He communicated with Higdon, asking him if he was hungry, to which Higdon replied that he was, whereupon the “man” tossed him four pills. He took one, which upon reflection later seemed odd to him that he did that, as he ordinarily doesn’t even like to take an aspirin. The being identified himself as Ausso and asked Higdon if he’d like to go with him, which he replied that he guessed so. Then, in short order, Higdon suddenly found himself onboard a transparent cubicle with Ausso.

The Lorenzen’s noted, “Mr. Higdon was very unclear about the size of the cubicle. He said there was a mirror on the upper right in which he would see the reflection of the five elk which seemed to be behind him in a cage or corral. They were still, not moving, just as they had been when he first spotted them before he encountered Ausso. He thought the cubicle was about seven feet by seven feet and he couldn’t account for the elk being there.” There was even another humanoid being on the craft.

The other case involved a decorated USAF veteran of the Vietnam conflict named Sergeant Charles L. Moody who claimed that on August 13, 1975, he had driven out into the desert shortly after midnight to observe a meteor shower in an uninhabited area that was a sufficient distance outside of Alamogordo, New Mexico, to allow for good visibility. He was sitting on the left front fender of his car, smoking a cigarette, when a minute or two after checking the time on his watch, which read 1:15 a.m., he observed something quite unexpected. It was metallic looking, a somewhat luminous disc-shaped craft dropping down from the sky, stopping a short distance away. He got down off the fender and got in his car, unsuccessfully trying to start it, despite having installed a new battery just a month earlier. Then he noticed an unusual high-pitched noise, that reminded him of a high-speed dentist’s drill. Then the noise ceased followed by a numbness that was coming over him. Then the next thing he knew he was watching the craft head off back into the sky, disappearing from sight within a few seconds. At that point he checked the ignition again, and that time the car started right up. He rushed home and discovered that he was unable to account for about an hour and a half of time. Over the weeks that followed Moody claims he began to remember what happened during that missing time. He had been onboard the craft. He told the Lorenzen’s, “The beings were about five feet tall and very much like us except their heads were larger and hairless, their ears very small, eyes a little larger than ours, nose small and the mouth had very thin lips. …They have speech, but their lips did not move. Their type of clothing was skintight.”

The Lorenzen’s again were puzzled by this so-called Tardis type effect. “Moody was later very perplexed about this because the first room was as large as the second, and he didn’t see how the two would fit into the craft as he observed it from the outside.”

Researcher Albert S. Rosales shared with me a case from Sao Paolo, Brazil, back one night in December 1979, when a man named Dino, age 50, who had been laying in bed when he had an inexplicable urge to step outside. He was accompanied by his 12-year-old daughter Deise. Once outside they both saw a small bell-shaped craft hovering very low over the ground. The object was transparent, and they could see two beings inside. The beings, who wore white overalls, stood about 1.50m tall, and had similar faces to ours, invited the two onboard, but seemingly Dino and Deise didn’t feel there was room for them, though the beings insisted there was.

Next Rosales’ report reads: “With great difficulty he followed the instructions of the two occupants and introduced Deise through a hole in the upper part of the craft, and then he was pulled inside by the two occupants. Surprisingly, he suddenly found himself in a very spacious round room, without furniture and with a vaulted ceiling, completely transparent, like glass.”

In another report that Rosales shared with me, from back in August 1950 a man in Peloponnese, Greece, claimed he saw a “woman dressed in black” approaching him. “When the distance between them was approximately 6m, the woman suddenly shrunk, until she was as tall as a 10-year-old child. After that, she made a 90 degree turn to the left and entered the tall vegetation of a nearby crop. The witness was astonished and terrified.”

Where the Footprints End, Volume 1, by Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner, describe a number of very odd dimensional anomalies of perception. Here’s a couple examples involving entities and anomalous size changes that makes me think of the Tardis effect, although I’m treading on uncertain ground where I’m not even sure what I’m talking about. Definitely strange stuff though! “In 1975, a Puerto Rican woman watched a tall, shaggy creature with glowing eyes perched in her garden shrink and transform into a basketball-sized orb of light before floating away. A similar story from a Malaysian UFO flap five years later described a young witness who “saw a big hairy creature” shrink to “a few inches tall.” Jacques Vallee describes two cases in his book Confrontations (1990) that he came upon also wherein experiencers described how the UFO they encountered “was much larger inside than outside.” Vallee speculated: “If there are more than four dimensions, as many theoretical physicists now suspect, it may be interesting to speculate: a hypercraft capable of topological inversion into our spacetime continuum could indeed be larger on the inside than on the outside.”

Yeah, what Vallee said! I recognize the importance of finding science-based solutions to our problems and puzzles, though with ufology the puzzles are deeply puzzling. I struggle with: is it an artifact of consciousness? Physics? Technology? A combination of all three? And, of course, the words of Arthur C. Clarke come to mind: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magicl” Or is that Magick, with a K?

Ever get the feeling that there is a rather cunning and confusing trickster-type intelligence at play here that is deliberately spoon feeding these high-strangeness scenarios to us, in a way, to communicate the fact that our understanding and knowledge base remains, at this time, incomplete in comprehending the full nature and understanding of our reality and the reality behind these anomalistic manifestations?

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