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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2023

The Mysterious Albino Boy


There’s a very nice, well-educated, and very intelligent and charming woman I’ve known for a few years now, who lives up in Illinois, near Chicago. Her name is Mary Kerfoot. Retired, in her early 80s, her mind is as sharp as ever. She has an M.S. in experimental psychology and also has a degree in mathematics, which she used in her working life, first developing algorithms and a computer code for game theory applications and later business applications for another job. She enjoys spending her time in reading, gardening, teaching, studying quantum physics and UFOs. And, alas, as for the latter part there’s good reason for that interest as she’s seen UFOs herself, in addition to the beings!

Back in early September, she shared yet another unique experience from back in her early childhood, and I just had to share this one too. In this latest account, which she encountered with her mom and two brothers, it involved the mysterious and unexpected appearance of an albino boy, at their home then in Ottumwa, Iowa.

“We happened to look out the window of the back door and saw him already in the swing set,” she recalled. “My brother wanted to go out to play with him. Mom warned him to be nice because this was a very special person. The process from first noticing him until he simply wasn’t there took a couple of minutes. There was no communication with him, either verbal or mental. However, I’ve always suspected that the little boy mentally knew the intentions of my brother – that he would be teased or possibly even harmed by my brother. I knew that my brother would at least want to touch him.”

“The interesting thing about this incident is that the little albino boy closely resembled my grandmother’s albino brother pictured in a family photograph taken in Norway when my grandmother was about 12 years old. Her albino brother was the youngest in the family and was about 3 years old at the time. He looked very frail and sickly and may have died shortly after the photo was taken. The albino boy on the swing set was probably about 6 or 7 years old.” “My mother, both brothers, and I saw him vanish into thin air (dematerialize). In less than the blink of an eye he was no longer there. It is quite an amazing thing to witness something that instantaneous. There was no transition phase. That was the one and only time we ever saw him.”

Writing now to get permission to add this story to this issue, Mary shared even more interesting details: “There are also a couple of UFO-related accounts dealing with albino entity types that may interest you. The first is when I visited Jim Marrs at his ‘ranchette,’ as he called it, in Texas along with several remote viewers in March or April 1997. Jim was talking about his latest book which was being published that year titled ‘Alien Agenda.’ He told us about some of the entity types visiting Earth who were walking among us. One of these was the albino being whom he considered to be on a higher-dimensional plane. I hadn’t told him about my albino relative.”

I came across the second instance when I was researching the lives of Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli for the book I’ve been perpetually writing titled ‘Subtle Realms: The Jung-Pauli Search for the Nature of Reality.’ The second instance of the albino type was documented by Wolfgang Pauli in one of his dreams which he described in a letter to Aniela Jaffe, an analyst and coworker of Jung who recorded and edited Jung’s notes for his book, ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections.’ Here is what Pauli wrote describing his dream:

‘I suddenly discovered two children, one a boy and one a girl, both blond. They are very similar to one another – as if only a short time ago they had been one and the same – and both say to me, “We have been here already for 3 days. We find it very nice here; but nobody has noticed us.” Excitedly, I call my wife, knowing that she will relate to the children; because of her the children will stay.’

“I found this account of Pauli’s dream in the book ‘Pauli and Jung: The Meeting of Two Great Minds’ by David Lindorff, Ph.D., an electrical engineer and Jungian analyst. It’s important to note that Pauli did not describe the children in his dream as being alien; just that they suddenly appeared.”

“I was fascinated by Pauli’s dream because it so closely resembled my encounter with a number of human-looking adults and children who emerged from a liberty bell-shaped craft and told me my mission was to integrate them into human society. I was about 52 years old when this encounter occurred. (1) What’s even stranger is that when I was about 5 years old, I noticed a boy and girl who were always walking together in our neighborhood. They frightened me because of their flat affect and that they seemed like one and the same person. I was so afraid that I could end up like these children. And doubly stranger is that when Carlos and I met in person for the first time in Vincennes, Indiana, I strongly felt that we were the same person even though he is four years older than I. I mentioned this to Carlos but he may have forgotten about my impression.”

Carlos just mentioned above is the same James Edward Carlos, another UFO/alien experiencer, whose articles frequently appear in Alternate Perceptions.

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Sunday, June 16, 2024