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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2023

Interview with Tommy Roy Blann on UFOs and possible government secrets

by: Brent Raynes

Tommy Blann at KLAS studio, Nashville, TN. 1993.

Tommy Blann with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle (middle), Wyoming psychologist who investigated numerous UFO close encounter and contact claims, and Dr. J. Allen Hynek (right), who served as an astronomical consultant to the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book.

Tommy Blann with Gaston Thorn, who served as President of the United Nations General Assembly in 1975 and who was the 19th prime minister of Luxembourg from 1974 till 1979.

Tommy Blann with Dr. Edward Teller, famed Hungarian-American theoretical physicist.

Tommy R. Blann

Bio: Author and investigator into the UFO phenomenon for over over fifty years. Gave a number of guest appearances on radio and television talk shows throughout the United States, and lectured to universities and civic groups. Served as Deputy Director of the International UFO Bureau, Inc., State Section Director for MUFON, Director of the Texas Scientific Research Center For UFO Studies, Inc., and was a research associate to the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

Served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1965. Later served in the Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary, 2nd Lieutenant and Public Affairs Officer (PAO) between USAF officials and the civilian sector, Commander of Berry Field Composite Squadron at BNA, Nashville, TN, went on Search & Rescue (SAR) missions to locate downed aircraft, trained High School students to enter into military service and assisted them in drill competitions at a number of AF bases throughout the United States.

Attended Texas State Tech College in Waco, TX for two years studying Chemical & Nuclear Systems Technology from 1974 to 1976.

Worked in the electronic industry (Texas Instruments, Inc.) and held security positions with a number of companies. Security patrol officer in Panama City Beach, Florida under the Chief of Police and worked with the Bay County Sheriff's Office for a number of years. Consultant to a number of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), participated in the Active Shooter Program with the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office and the Fort Walton Beach Police.

Brent Raynes: You recently provided me with a digital copy of Earthprobe magazine (July 1973), which gave a very detailed article on how the director of the International UFO Bureau, Hayden Hewes, along with public relations director Dan Garcia, and yourself, the Deputy Director, were the UFO organization on the scene at Piedmont, Missouri, during its extraordinary wave of sightings in 1973. You drove up from Texas to participate in the investigative work with your colleagues and, if I recall correctly, you probably devoted a little over a week on location. Plus, while there, you even witnessed some of this activity personally. In fact, didn't you and Dan Garcia observe one that flew low over your car one night? Please give us some details.

Tommy Roy Blann: On Sunday night March 25, 1973, at approximately 7:30 PM, Daniel Garcia and I observed two UFOs while driving on road (MO-34) in Piedmont going toward Clearwater Lake. We rounded a curve and came up on this hill near the HH cutoff. As we rounded the bend, we noticed two red balls rotating very fast that glided silently through the air. No erratic movement, just a straight flight pattern. The balls themselves were not flashing, but the rotation of the balls seemed to make them look (to an observer far off) as if they were pulsating. As they passed in front of our windshield they appeared to be just above the treetops. They went down toward the lake area. They were very close to our car and were not conventional aircraft. I took photos of the objects, but when we had them developed locally, they did not turn out. In the excitement of taking the photos as they glided toward the lake at night, I may have had the wrong settings on my camera. A few of the UFOs reported in the area indicated they were going into the lake. We had a diving company that helped us search the lake, but with negative results. We also went up in a private aircraft to take aerial photos of the area to see if there were any unusual disturbances on the ground and in the vegetation, but with negative results. Dr. J. Allen Hynek came down to the area for one day.

It may be noted here that after our nearly two weeklong investigation into the area interviewing numerous witnesses to these UFOs (Earthprobe by Hayden C. Hewes, 1973), in April of that year, Dr. Harvey Rutledge, Professor and Chairman of the Physics Department at Southeast Missouri State University, did an investigation into the Piedmont UFOs. He put together a team of observers with various instrumentation: RF analyzers, low-high frequency audio detectors, telescopes, electromagnetic frequency analyzer, cameras, and a galvanometer to measure variations in the Earth's gravitational field. The final results of this project were documented in the 1981 book, “Project Identification: The First Scientific Field Study of UFO Phenomena.” BR: In an interview you gave I believe around the mid-1990s, hosted by a Michael Corbin of the Paranet Continuum, you spoke of the December 29, 1980, Cash-Landrum case near Huffman, Texas, a UFO injury case involving three witnesses who observed a UFO that appeared to be having difficulties, surrounded by some 23 helicopters identical to the double-rotor Boeing CH-47 Chinooks used by the US Army and Marines. You became personally involved in this case. Please share what you found and explain how the common portrayal of the craft was for some reason incorrectly done.

TRB: The Cash-Landrum case of December 29, 1980, near Huffman, Texas was a very interesting and sad case that Chris Lambright and I investigated. Sad by the fact that the two women and their grandson had been affected from a physical and psychological standpoint by having a close encounter with this unconventional aircraft that had flames coming out the bottom of it being surrounded by several CH-47 Chinook helicopters as if it was having mechanical problems.

We interviewed the women and went to the area where it was thought to be where the UFO had come over the treetops and had appeared to nearly land on the road in front of Vickie Landrum, Betty Cash and Colby. This case disturbed me the most because of the medical problems that allegedly resulted from the close encounter with the UFO and the way that Vickie Landrum and Betty Cash were treated by some of the locals and the outright denial by the government that such an aircraft and helicopters were even in the area.

We inquired about this incident with individuals at various locations and found out that there was some type of helicopter unit stationed nearby in the woods, that Robert Gray Field had “exercise in local area where 100 helicopters had come in from the field all at one time for effect” ( John Schuessler, Project VISIT), weather radar tapes from a nearby weather station for that time period were not recorded, the highway where the UFO had hovered over had allegedly been dug up and replaced with new concrete/asphalt by a Houston company, thermoluminescent aerial studies of the treetops near the area were affected by something. As to whether any of these things had a direct connection to the UFO is questionable.

When Chris Lambright and I visited Vickie Landrum, we were trying to get an accurate description of the object. Chris began by asking about the description John Schuessler had been presenting in his writing/research (i.e., with a ring of lights around the middle). Vickie immediately rejected that, saying there were no lights on it. When Chris showed her one of John's illustrations, she quickly said that must have come from a picture Colby had made using a “lite-brite” toy. She indicated that Colby had been so bothered by the sighting that they had gotten him this Lite-Brite to help him alleviate his stress, and apparently, he had put a row of lights in one of his toy illustrations. But she was adamant that there were no lights on the object, and that if it had not been for the bright flames coming from beneath it, they might not have noticed the object at all.


What was truly remarkable about this 1980 Cash-Landrum UFO incident was like deja vu for me, since I had personally witnessed an event in 1973 near Calvert, Texas that was almost identical to the CashLandrum case. This was discussed in Saga's 1976 UFO magazine by Timothy Beckley.

BR: Aerospace engineer John F. Schuessler, you noted, had found that during that time period more than a hundred military helicopters had become based at Gray Air Force Base in Texas. Thus, that appeared to have been the logical point of origin for the helicopter activity that the three witnesses had described. In addition, you pointed out how back in November 1973 - seven years earlier - that you, your wife Linda, and Gracia Unger, then editor of the Calvert Tribune (TX) had observed military helicopters that may have been "escorting a UFO" over the Calvert region, that originated from Gray Air force Base too, and how this was documented in Saga's 1976 UFO Annual magazine, an article written by ufologist Timothy Beckley. Calvert, in 1973, was then a small town of slightly over 2,000, and was hit by a massive UFO wave. The article had many stories.

You were quoted by Beckley thusly: "As the UFOs bobbed around overhead, we came aware of aircraft and helicopter activity to the north. At one point, one of our military planes circled directly above the UFOs, but kept a respectable - and safe - distance. Checking with officials at Gray Air Force Base – the closest military installation from where they could have originated - it was admitted that there had been a routine reconnaissance mission in progress that night. However, the officer I spoke with emphatically denied any knowledge of 'flying saucers.' To my way of thinking, there is no way on earth,' Blann exclaimed, raising his voice, 'that their pilots could have missed seeing the UFOs unless they were totally blind!'"

As the article mentions there was more than one UFO present, I have to ask if there was one in particular that seemed to be "escorted"? To the best of your recollection how many helicopters and airplanes were present, as well as UFOs, and what were they all doing?

TRB: In answer to your question if there was one in particular that seemed to be escorted, and how many helicopters and airplanes were present, and what were they all doing? If my memory serves me correctly after so many years, the UFO sighting was around 9:00 pm in the month of November, 1973. I remember it was cold that night, and the four of us (Linda and me, Gracia Unger and her husband Jack) had driven out into the countryside to a bridge over the Brazos River.

There had been UFO reports in and around the Calvert, Texas area by numerous people, especially ranchers and farmers, and Gracia had been recording these reports at her newspaper office. We pulled the car over to the side of the road and waited near the bridge. This gave us a good view toward the woods to the North and the Brazos River that winded from the North toward the South. We must have been there for nearly an hour, scanning the star filled sky, while sipping on hot coffee to keep us warm. Then suddenly we saw two, faint yellow tinged lights moving in our direction from the North as if following the Brazos River. As the yellowish lights got closer, one dropped down to a lower altitude, and we began to hear the sound of helicopters. There were three Chinook helicopters that took up a position above and to the back of these UFOs. It appeared both UFOs were being escorted by these helicopters. Then we also noticed two jets at a higher altitude coming from the Northwest that circled above the area. We could not believe what we were seeing. I immediately started taking photos with my 35mm camera, realizing that I probably would not get anything on film (400 ASA) because it was too dark, the movement of the UFOs and helicopters, plus my shaking with excitement and being cold.

The UFO that was at a lower altitude moved over the bridge area where we were standing. It appeared to be an oval type shape, but also wide, and glowed with a faint yellowish-orange light. I think Gracia described it as looking like a “brick with the ends rounded off.” It appeared to be a little larger than the Chinooks. As it moved over the bridge, it followed the river and then hovered over the river at a distance of about a football field or more. Suddenly, it went into the river and become completely submerged. The other UFO with helicopters had disappeared over the treeline to the Southwest. It was all so surreal. Gracia's description of the craft seemed to differ from what I had observed in that she saw some red, white and blue lights right before it submerged into the water. I didn't see this. Most of the film negatives turned out blank with a few of the frames being blurry with light streaks.

When I checked with Gray Field they told me that they had helicopters out on a recon-type mission, but there were no “flying saucers.” I never asked them about “flying saucers.” I must point out that Gray Air Force Base was redesignated Robert Gray Army Airfield in 1963. During the Cold War this base was one of the Air Force's storage and assembly bases for nuclear weapons. It is interesting that many early UFO reports occurred around our atomic energy installations and nuclear weapon storage areas. What is really interesting about UFOs and this base is that when I was on the Ed Busch program called “America Overnight” on WFAA discussing my UFO investigations in 1981, an individual called into the program and stated that he had been stationed at Robert Gray Army Airfield as a helicopter pilot in 1975. He initially asked me if I was familiar with animal mutilations on a military reservation in Central Texas at Fort Hood. This would be the Summer of 1975. I told him that I was familiar with animal mutilations in Central Texas that I had investigated in 1975. He then said, “Ok, this might add a little bit of validity of what you were saying in the Summer of 1975 (discussing UFOs on the radio program), I was stationed with an aviation unit there at Fort Hood and I was working for RS-2 which is intelligence. And I don't know it was maybe ten o'clock and I was driving a friend of mine on highway 440 and we had seen what we call a flying saucer, right, and it was accompanied by Army helicopters. At first, we had to do a double take. I was with my partner, and I spent a lot of time flying helicopters so I know what one looks like at night and if it's not and the large object there is no way it could have been.”

When Ed Busch asked him what did it look like? He said, “It was the oblong, disc-like thing, reddish lights, ok. So the next day when I got back to base (Robert Gray Army Airfield), I have a friend that worked in the Air Traffic Control there at Army Airfield so I asked her if anything had happened.

You know, well, they didn't know anything. And I was good friends with quite a few pilots. I asked them. No one knew nothing and I thought that was really strange, because if something had happened you would get it through the grapevine. Mum was the word if anybody knew anything about it, but they don't believe anybody knew anything about it. But for the longest time I doubted my sanity.”

I then said that I was told by another person whose father worked on the base about something similar and asked the caller if he was familiar with the Red Eye Radar units - 57th Signal Battalion there. He then said, “I (was a) gunner myself.” I said this person told me that there was this disc-shaped craft sitting on the ground there with Army trucks loading some things in the craft itself before it took off.

Ed Busch then said, “So you saw something like this, sir, right?” He then said, “Yeah, cause mum was the word, you know.” Ed Busch then said, “What happened to you when you started asking questions? Did they say you didn't really see that or they ignored you or what?” He said, “I didn't have the reputation for being crazy, not until then (Ed Busch laughs). Most people that I asked they said no they haven't heard anything, because I was serious and I wasn't joking around. They said, I wouldn't ask anymore about it, because you might not have your job here anymore. That's when I stopped digging into it.”

BR: Are there any other incidents that suggest disc-like craft being seen on or near military bases?

TRB: The answer is yes, and the situation involves more than just UFOs being spotted near our nuclear installations such as being discussed today. One excellent example of this is the 1980 Paul Bennewitz case at the Manzano site by Kirtland AFB. In 1980, I was investigating the animal mutilation incidents in various states as well as in the Canadian provinces and there were a number of reports coming from New Mexico. There were also a few UFO reports too which seemed to coincide with some of the animal mutilation incidents over the years. At the time I was working with Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Police officer, and other law enforcement officials and had found out about the activities of Paul Bennewitz during this time period. I briefly mentioned this to another investigator, Chris Lambright, at the time. It wasn't until a few years later that Lambright and I flew over to Albuquerque, NM to interview Paul Bennewitz and find out what was really going on. Lambright then began an extensive investigation into the Bennewitz case while we both were checking into some of the evidence provided by Bennewitz. In the meantime, I had my hands full with other investigations and was traveling extensively and could not just concentrate on this one case. After a number of years investigating the case, Lambright wrote a book titled “X Descending.”

Lambright summarizes the Bennewitz case by saying: “Paul Bennewitz was a businessman, and owner of Thunder Scientific Corporation, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the late 1970’s, he became interested in the growing accounts of mysterious animal deaths and sightings of strange flying vehicles in the area of northern New Mexico. Eventually, he met NM State Police officer, Gabe Valdez, who patrolled in the area of Archuleta Mesa and Dulce, and this led Paul to make several excursions of his own into those areas during the last half of 1979. However, at the end of 1979, possibly mid-December, an unusual occurrence caused him to focus his attention on the area directly south of his home in Albuquerque, an area referred to as the Manzano Base Weapons Storage Area.

“Soon, over a period of several nights, Paul Bennewitz saw and filmed strange elliptical vehicles entering and leaving the grounds of the weapons storage area. Growing concerned that the base security personnel may not be aware of these intrusions, in January of 1980 he contacted the Air Force Security Police and told them what he had seen and filmed. The result, however, was that Paul himself became the target of an effort by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) to destroy his credibility, personified by AFOSI agent, Richard Doty. Over the next decade, the name of Paul Bennewitz would become associated with a variety of outlandish claims, from aliens in underground bases, to computer-based contact with aliens. Several major names in Ufology have also been associated with the subterfuge directed at Paul, all of which led to a decline in his mental and physical health. He passed away in 2003.”

It may be noted here that some have even stated that what Bennewitz saw and filmed at this base was “camouflaged helicopters” made to appear like UFOs.

One can find out more about this case by going to: https://www.xdeskpublishing.com/

Home - X Desk Publishing

BR: Any other interesting reports that you could share?

TRB: TRB: On October 4, 1955, U.S. Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr. (D-Ga.), chairman of the Armed Services Committee, was traveling on a Soviet train with two aides in the Transcaucasus region of Russia when he spotted two disc-shaped UFOs taking off from a spot near the train tracks. He called his military aide Lt. Col. Hathaway and interpreter Ruben Efron to the window to witness this first disc taking off, but Efron only caught a glimpse of it. The first disc rose to an altitude of 6,000 feet, where its speed increased sharply as it headed North. The second flying disc was seen performing the same actions about one minute later. All three saw the second disc as it lifted up slowly from the ground with a pinkish-white glow moving slowly around the perimeter of the disc in a clockwise direction. The disc passed silently over the train. There was no noticeable exhaust glow or trail seen coming from the disc, except for a sparking effect on liftoff.”

Once Senator Russell, Jr. had left Russia, he immediately reported this to the CIA. The FBI was also informed of this event. His group never publicly revealed this sighting, but years later (1957) information reached Tom Towers of the “Aviation News” for the Los Angeles, CA Examiner. The Examiner printed the contents of a letter from Senator Russell to Towers which was in response to a request for information about the UFO sightings seen in Europe. Towers wanted to be given permission to break the story. The Senator stated that he had discussed this matter with the appropriate agencies and was told “they are of the opinion that this would not be wise to publicize this matter at this time.” Senator Russell said, “I regret very much that I am unable to be of assistance to you.”

Another report that came to my attention in 1981 was told to me by an active Navy Reserve Captain and Commercial pilot concerning a disc-like vehicle seen in a hangar at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. At the time of this initial report, he was a young Navy pilot with the rank of Lieutenant that belonged to a group of pilots called the D-flight Bluebirds with Top Secret clearances working under the Kennedy Administration.

I met the Navy Lieutenant (name on file) at a handball court in Dallas, Texas in December 1981. We sat at a table near the handball courts. The conversation was taped with his permission with two other individuals present.

The following is part of that taped conversation:

Blann: Go ahead, sir, and tell me a little about your professional background and your association with the military at that point in time.

Navy Lieutenant (NL): Ok, in the Spring of 1963, we HURREVAC from Myrtle Beach to Wright Patt AFB, and at the time I was a Navy Lieutenant doing a US Air Force exchange tour. One Navy Lieutenant with a wing group flying F-100s. At Wright Patterson we were all out jogging, I was one of six members in a flight, and we called ourselves the D-flight Bluebirds. We were looking for handball courts, because at that time is what I required my people to do being as how I wrote their evaluations. And we were out jogging, we were in our uniforms or our fatigues, our flight uniforms. And we had run by a couple of hangars, and generally at that time the military would buy portable handball courts like you have at the university and put them up inside a gymnasium or hangar. So when I saw a hangar that looked similar to what they put these portable handball courts in, I ran into it. We ran through two swinging doors that led to a large area and in this area were guards with submachine guns. To be exact there were eight guards dressed in the military greens at that time, this was General Sweeney's “green weenies” they called them.

Blann: (laughing)

NL: They had those fatigues on. And there was a roped off area with a disc sitting on two engine stands. And the first thing I noticed about the disc is that it had no rivets, completely clean. And one guard rushed up to us, and we had on our little tags which were Top Secret because we were Nuclear Weapons Delivery pilots. I think we were a class five out of nine classes of Top Secret, but anyway with what we had we were allowed in most any Top Secret area, except this one. The guard said, “I don't think you are suppose to be in here, sir.” I said, we were looking for the athletic facilities for this station, can you direct us to the club where handball courts or whatever. And he gave us directions and we departed.

Blann: What did it look like, the size, etc?

NL: Thirty feet in diameter, sitting on two engine stands, the engine stands were J79 engine stands which are big. They are very big. And there was a distance of four to five feet from the ground to the object. The object was very simple just two plates like that (taking his hands and showing cupped hands together). And the engine stands were built up and they had some kind of plywood so it was sitting flush so it wouldn't teeter, but we were in there no longer than 20 seconds. A few days later, well we just said one of those wierd experiments, because Wright Patt was at that time the US Air Force test pilot and experiment station. We had asked a few questions aboard the station, but back in those days at that time we were twenty-eight to twenty-nine, who cared. Four days later back at Myrtle Beach, I was called in by the Commanding General who was Brigadier General Gilbert Meyers. A one-star General who later went to Vietnam and t

ook charge over there. And he just called me in and I knew what it was for, I had no doubt in my mind because I had no traffic violations and I didn't scare anybody in the air. When I got in there, he just said, “Lieutenant ___________, I understand that you broke one of our security at Wright Patterson.” I said, yes sir. He said, “What did you see?” I said, I didn't see anything. He said, “You have the right answers, Lieutenant.” I said, is that all sir? He said, “that's all.” So, that was the end of that.

NL: So, I have over 6,000 single engine jet hours military. I have never seen one in the air, and I have thirteen years in addition to my military flying as a Commercial Airline pilot. But I can state that I have seen one sitting on two jet engine stands.

It is a well-known fact that Senator Barry Goldwater tried to gain access to an area called the “Blue Room” at Wright Patterson AFB in the early 60's where it is alleged that a disc or UFO material was stored. Senator Goldwater stated, “I think that the government does know, I can't back that up. I think that at Wright Patterson field, if you could get into certain places you would find out what the Air Force and government knows about UFOs. Reportedly a spaceship landed, it was all hushed up and quieted and nobody never... I've never heard about much of it. I called Curtis LeMay, and I said General I know we have a room at Wright Patterson where you put all the secret stuff. Can I go in there? I've never heard him get mad, but he got madder than hell at me. He cussed me out and said, don't ever ask me that question again!”


Over the years, a number of researchers have asked Senator Goldwater about this, and he responded with letters to them about this matter. In one letter, Senator Goldwater stated, “About ten or twelve years ago (letter written in 1975) I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright Patterson AFB where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied this request. It is still classified above Top Secret. I have, however, heard that there is a plan underway to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future. I'm just as anxious to see this material as you are, and I hope we will not have to wait too much longer.”

In Jacques Vallee's “Forbidden Science Journal, Vol. 2” (page 294) Vallee stated:

“Belmont. Sunday 13 April 1975

“Hynek has gone to see Donald Rumsfeld at the White House. Everybody was gloomy there because Nixon had just made a rather poor speech. Allen described the work of the Center (CUFOS), putting it at the disposal of the government. He “had a responsibility before the scientific community,” and didn't want to waste his time tracking down false reports, he insisted. Therefore, he had the need to know if there was a secret study somewhere. Rumsfeld replied abruptly: 'You do NOT have a need to know.'

Now Allen wonders if the man was reacting purely as a bureaucrat, or if he really knew something.” Donald Rumsfeld at the time of the meeting with Allen was Chief of Staff before Ford raised him to Secretary of Defense in October of that year (1975). During these early years, I met various dignitaries to discuss the UFO phenomenon. I was Deputy Director of the International UFO Bureau, Inc. when we contacted Governor Carter in 1973 about his UFO sighting in Leary, Georgia in 1969. He submitted a written UFO report to our organization which is now in the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. It was also in these early days with the IUFOB, Inc. that Ivan T. Sanderson, former British Naval Intelligence officer, came into contact with me in which we discussed Unidentified Submersed Objects (USO) which is once again being revived today as “Transmedium objects” capable of moving in the atmosphere and underneath rivers, lakes and oceans. Sanderson wrote a book before he passed away titled “Invisible Residents –The Reality of Underwater UFOs” in 1970.

I met with Prime Minister Gaston Thorn, past President of the United Nations General Assembly, at the AM Pate Ranch in 1978. It had been arranged that there would be a private meeting between him and me where we would discuss the UFO subject. In that one-hour meeting, we discussed the nature of the UFO phenomenon and its possible implications for humanity. This was the same year that Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Jacques Vallee and others met with Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim at the United Nations.

My wife and I was invited to two meetings (one being a dinner engagement) in which Dr. Edward Teller was a guest when he was the Chief scientist on President Reagan's “Star Wars” program. It was at this meeting that another scientist indicated that “our government has what many would report as a UFO.” The statememt in and of itself is true, because anything (even exotic-looking aircraft) could be classified as a UFO until it is identified. Today, the acronym has been changed to UAP –Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. At this dinner engagement, Dr. Teller avoided the journalists who wanted to talk to him about the “Star Wars” program by talking to my wife about classical music for over an hour. It was through Dr. J. R. Maxfield in Dallas, TX that I would come to know this brilliant scientist.

What does all of the above tell us? It tells us that there is a real phenomenon and serious questions need to be addressed and more scientific data needs to be obtained. Now as to whether some of these reports told to me are factual is questionable, but there is no doubt something is being kept secret about the UFO phenomenon.

After spending over half a century involved in research and field investigations into the UFO phenomenon, I can honestly say there is no one theory (secret advanced technology, extraterrestrial, interdimensional, ultraterrestrial, demonic/angelic, etc.) that can explain everything about this subject matter. There are some things (Bigfoot, animal mutilations, poltergeist phenomena, etc.) that appear to overlap or have an association with the UFO phenomenon in some cases, but we do not have enough good scientific data to support that contention. I will be the first to admit that there are “high strangeness” reports associated with this subject which cannot be so readily explained even from a scientific standpoint at present. We are in uncharted territory when dealing with these types of reports, and until we have more scientific data then maybe we will be able to come up with some definitive answers.

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