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Encounters with the Unknown

Before Kenneth Arnold and Roswell, there was Margaret Rogers!

By Brent Raynes

Back in 1971, I engaged in brief correspondence with a lady in Charlotte, Michigan, who identified herself as Rev. Irene Farrier and who had allegedly been given ancient wisdom and insights about superior beings who lived within subterranean realms of the earth itself. Her teacher had been a certain Margaret Rogers, who supposedly met these beings herself. I had read about this Margaret Rogers in The Aquarian Revelations by Brad Steiger and The Under-People by Eric Norman, and noted that there was a contact address for this Rev. Farrier to obtain more information.

So I wrote to her and she shared some interesting things, including stories of some very early UFO encounters and interesting paranormal aspects.

On July 11, 1971, Rev. Farrier wrote:
There seems to be a seeking for new teaching among those who write to me, and I have received many of late, letters begging for a new light… Mrs. Rogers (Maggie) had it to give and I studied with her for three years.

I believe the Old race in the caverns gave these lessons to her, for they were not of the Earth’s surface. She taught me what the Old ones had taught her and it is a grand thing to live by, in these days of un-enlightenment and uncertainty. The UFOs, to my mind, are the clincher of Biblical history and cavern lore.

To answer your first question: Yes indeed, I have had many, as you would say, strange experiences, since I first came to know Maggie, and this many years ago. She lived in San Antonio and I lived in Michigan, many miles apart at the time she wrote and said, “I will come to your home this evening.” This was the day of my daughter’s wedding, and I could not be at home, but I planned to come back to my house at the time she said. This I did, but turned on No lights in the house. Nothing happened that I could see, but I felt a presence there other than myself. Later, came a long letter from Maggie, and she described in detail every article and picture in the home. I had no pictures of the house or no way of telling her of it.…But I knew she had been there in astral travel, and I believed in her. She taught me things that have made my life real, and I am sure they were from the Nephli or Sky People, who are still in the caverns today.

Mrs. Rogers is dead. She died some years ago, but her teachings live on in myself. In 1946 she wrote to me that I must watch the skies, for the ships would come to me. They did and were seen by my mother and neighbors. They were over our yard for several nights. After that, my husband and I saw many, many of them from Canada to Florida. Twelve years ago, my husband waited for a ship to come down and he was so badly burned by it that he died. We thought from the results of it, as he was not old, but all the organs of his body were, the doctor said, over a hundred years old. I did not know much of Maggie’s life, except what was written in her book. When I knew her she did not smoke or drink, had recovered years before from any habits that would make her unfit to give to the world the greatest benefits they could ever have….

She was the only one in 1946, that I know of, who could call all the shots on the U.F.O.’s, and I believe she was the greatest, and proud to have been her pupil.

Would like to hear from you soon. We have also had a visit from the Three Men in Black.

Naturally I wrote back, and soon I received a second letter dated July 30, 1971, in which she wrote:

My husband and I became very interested in the flying saucers many, many years ago. I believe he and I were aware of the UFOs long before the world was aroused. We together looked for them and found them in several different places. He was careless about thirteen years ago and let a large saucer come down very close to his car which he had stepped out of and exposed the upper part of his body to the intense heat of the UFO. He watched it until it took off and then feeling rather ill he returned home.

The burns did not respond to home treatment, so later he went to our family doctor (who, by the way, killed himself three years ago). Eventually the blisters got better, but Mr. Farrier was a changed man. His health failed. His mind was confused. From a good driver of state cars he had to retire and I had to do all driving. His body failed and failed and this same doctor was the one who told me there was no hope. Just my family and I were aware of all that had happened.

I cannot go into the Three Men in Black events because it happened to my daughter and myself and she does not want me to go into this. She feels it is too dangerous.

Yes, Mrs. Rogers was a wonderful woman. Her experiences are those I really believe in and like to live by. Her lessons were from the Nephli and I love them.

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